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Virtual staging
If your property images are professionally clicked, have no clutter then, we recommend going for Virtual Staging Service. This will transform an empty room into a beautifully staged room. Delivery time 1-2 business days.
(* We will not clear clutter and adjust the image angle.)
$ 8/ image
Virtual remodeling
If your images have too much clutter and the property is still occupied, we recommend going for Virtual Remodeling Service. We will generate your property in 3D and make it look like your listing. Delivery time 2-3 business days. 
( * Since we recreate rooms in 3D there may be minor architectural detail mismatch.)
$ 15/ image
( Required* : One room and minimum 2 images are mandatory to place an order. )
( Optional :  For "Open living dining" minimum 4 images are required.)
( Optional :  For "Open living dining kitchen" minimum 5 images are required. )
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( Pay flat $8/image )
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(Share one or many links of your property listing, if it's already online. For example from MLS, zillow, estately, etc.)
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(Optional. Since we re-create each room in 3D, a floorplan is a great help)
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