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Real Estate Video Editing services at the best prices

The cost of real estate video editing services varies depending on the type of video to be edited. Our professional real estate video editors stitch your raw video footage into a spectacular video that works to be as a terrific marketing collateral.
Property Video Editing
Share your property video footages and allow us to stitch them together to create a high-quality real estate video that can help your clients virtually walk through the property.
$20 per video
Drone Video Editing
Send your raw aerial drone footage and let our drone video editors stitch them up and turn the video into a real estate marketing masterpiece.
$20 per video
Personal Branding Video Editing
Use our personal branding video editing services to introduce yourself and your listings to your prospects. Put a voice and a face with a name in your real estate videos, establish trust, and close deals faster.
CLIPS - Short Format Video Editing
We deliver real estate videos in a format that’s ideal for social media marketing. These social media-ready clips are best for expanding a listing’s marketing efforts without expanding its budget.
$5 per video

Why choose Real Estate Video Editing services?

In this day and age of short attention spans, if you want to stand out in the crowded real estate market, you might want to do things a little differently, like creating real estate videos to provide your clients an opportunity to have a realistic feel of the property.
Enhance the visibility of the listing in less time
Build a strong personal brand
Generate top-quality leads
Attract a young audience

What do we do in Real Estate Video Editing services?

  • Camera shake removal
    Royalty-free Music Track
    Logo watermarks
    Dynamic video transitions
    Video length optimization
    Quality improvisation
  • Add address and introduction
    Sync video music
    Color correction
    Add subtitles
    Video length reduction
    Video enhancements

How does it work?

Upload your raw video footage
Add comments and instructions for a better outcome
Get the final video delivered

What our customers are saying

Trusted by 25,000+ professionals, 150,000+ photos  served.
Kathren Hatayama
Realtor, Los Angeles
I appreciate that you have good designers. When I submit a vacant space they know how to stage it so it looks complete. I've used other companies where even after it's "virtually staged" the space looks bland. I like how your team accessorizes for a completed staged look.
Ana Orellana
Sales Associate, Century 21 Union Realty Co.
I love it for vacant homes/condos since the first thing that buyers look at are the pictures on bright MLS. You do a wonderful job in making rooms really “pop” and stand out so that the purchaser can really picture how to place their furniture.  I highly recommend your service!
Coldwell Banker
Styldod is a fantastic partner to have by your side! Effective, impactful and OUTSTANDING customer service and communication. Pricing is superior to other service providers and their commitment to their clients is second to none. Thank you to the Styldod team for all you do!
Darin Cruzen
Broker, RE/MAX Metro Realty.
The team was very responsive and I had a quick turn-around on the staging pictures. I thought they were done very well and looked real. Hard to tell that they were virtually staged. I will definitely be using Styldod again. Thank you!
Lisa Johnson
Parks Realty
I’m going to start sending projects your way for every listing I get. I look forward to working together. I’m dropping box brownie for sure
Amir Fouad
CRS - Broker

Questions about Real Estate Video Editing

How is a Real Estate Video Editing service useful?
How much does the Video editing service cost?
What kind of video format is required?
What information does Styldod need to create the final product?
Where do I reach out to resolve my queries?
What kind of properties do you work with?
What is the best way to share the video footage?

What is real estate video marketing?

Real estate video marketing is a valuable marketing asset that helps you boost sales and engagement by incorporating virtual tours, video ads, personal branding videos, social media videos, and client testimonial videos into your overall marketing strategy.

Do videos help sell real estate?

Yes. Real estate video is a powerful asset that can help you sell property faster and for top dollar. Statistics show that 73% of homeowners are more likely to list with a real estate agent who uses video marketing strategies. Also, according to the NAR, only 14% of agents use video to market homes, but 45% of homebuyers find video tours to be very useful, and more than half of them research specifically for videos of houses for sale.
So, videos attract sellers and buyers, boost listings, and increase sales when it comes to real estate.

Who should opt for real estate video editing services?

Real estate videos have become a necessity today. The real estate professionals who should use videos for marketing their listings include: 
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Real Estate Owners
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Realtors
If you are a homeowner looking to rent or sell your property, you’ll need a video to market your property. Shoot a video of your property, and send it to us. Our expert real estate video editors will turn your video into a professional-looking, spectacular video, ready to be used for all your marketing efforts.

What types of real estate videos can you make?

Real estate videos are a way to make your listings stand out from the crowd. Here are a few ideas for incorporating videos in your listings:
Property Listing Videos
If you are a homeowner looking to rent or sell your property, you’ll need a video to market your property. Shoot a video of your property, and send it to us. Our expert real estate video editors will turn your video into a professional-looking, spectacular video, ready to be used for all your marketing efforts.
Real Estate Listing Videos
Real estate listing video is similar to property listing video, but it has a different purpose. This is a collection of listing videos, which serves as a sales tool, driving new business.
Personal Branding Videos
A video about yourself gives your potential clients a better idea of who you are and whether you are the right person to work with. Using personal branding videos help you put a face and personality to your name.
Real Estate Testimonial Videos
These testimonial videos give your clients the opportunity to tell how wonderful you are to work with. Client testimonial videos are a great way to show potential clients your positive track record.
Neighborhood and Surroundings Videos
The neighborhood and surrounding areas of the property is a huge selling point. A video highlighting the amenities, schools, shopping malls, etc., can take your property listings up a notch.
Real Estate Tips Videos
A tips video is to educate your target audience. Some examples of real estate tips videos include tips for choosing the right real estate agent, tips on real estate photography, tips for staging a home for an open house, etc.
Guided Tour Videos
A guided tour makes it easier for potential clients to get a better idea of the property you are advertising. This encourages the prospects to get in touch with you and schedule an appointment for actual in-person viewing.