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Virtual Renovation Services at best prices

Our virtual renovations come at varying costs based on the service you require. We help you put yourself in the shoes of the builder or your designer and see what works in the space you have. Whether it's minor detailing like the color of the walls or replacing the flooring entirely, having a vision before undergoing the actual changes is always the smart thing to do!

Change Wall Color

$5.00 per image
Give your property a fresh new look by changing the wall color or texture. This helps the buyers visualize that a beautiful renovated property is within their reach.

Change Floor

$5.00 per image
Not happy with the flooring in your property? Add new flooring or replace the texture or colors of the original floor, to show your property's renovation potential.

Change Ceiling

$5.00 per image
The perfect ceiling design can give a property an exclusive look. Here are a few beautiful ceiling ideas for you to draw inspiration from.

Add Fixtures (doors, windows, fireplace)

$8.00 per image
Give your property a new look by adding doors, windows, staircase, wardrobes, fireplace, light fittings, etc.

Virtual Kitchen Remodel

$15.00 per image
Nothing sells a home like a beautiful inviting kitchen. Our kitchen vision design experts can virtually transform a dated kitchen into a stunning remodeled kitchen.

Virtual Bathroom Remodel

$15.00 per image
A perfectly designed and functional bathroom plays a big role in helping a buyer visualize the property as their next home. Jazz it up virtually and see what works best in the available space.

Add Deck/Pool

$15.00 per image
Adding Deck/Pool service is a great way to win new clients by helping them visualize the completed designs.

Virtual Landscaping (add plants/foliage)

$8.00 per image
Showcase your property with beautiful landscaping. Our service gives you the confidence and clarity you need to get the outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of.

Design Styles

Check out the most popular design styles to suit your listing. Click on view examples to see samples and learn more about each style.

Why choose Virtual Renovation?

Wish to renovate your listing but not sure what the final outcome will look like? No problem, we got you covered! A virtual home renovation comes with the benefits of a renovation but without the physical hassle.
Increase buyer interest
Sell an unfinished property
Variety of design options
Better Listing Appeal

How does it work?

Choose a style
Different homes need different styling: choose from multiple options to find the best fit for your listing.
Upload photos
Whether adding professional photos or images you took yourself, use the easy upload feature to submit.
Get them delivered!
Within 24-48 hours, your images will arrive in both your inbox and your Styldod dashboard.

What our customers are saying

Trusted by 25,000+ professionals, 150,000+ photos  served.
Kathren Hatayama
Realtor, Los Angeles
I appreciate that you have good designers. When I submit a vacant space they know how to stage it so it looks complete. I've used other companies where even after it's "virtually staged" the space looks bland. I like how your team accessorizes for a completed staged look.
Ana Orellana
Sales Associate, Century 21 Union Realty Co.
I love it for vacant homes/condos since the first thing that buyers look at are the pictures on bright MLS. You do a wonderful job in making rooms really “pop” and stand out so that the purchaser can really picture how to place their furniture.  I highly recommend your service!
Coldwell Banker
Styldod is a fantastic partner to have by your side! Effective, impactful and OUTSTANDING customer service and communication. Pricing is superior to other service providers and their commitment to their clients is second to none. Thank you to the Styldod team for all you do!
Darin Cruzen
Broker, RE/MAX Metro Realty.
The team was very responsive and I had a quick turn-around on the staging pictures. I thought they were done very well and looked real. Hard to tell that they were virtually staged. I will definitely be using Styldod again. Thank you!
Lisa Johnson
Parks Realty
I’m going to start sending projects your way for every listing I get. I look forward to working together. I’m dropping box brownie for sure
Amir Fouad
CRS - Broker

Questions about Virtual Renovation

Why is virtual renovation important?
How much does Styldod virtual renovation cost?
What information do Styldod need to virtually renovate my property?
Do you virtually renovate home exteriors?
Can I choose the design style for virtual renovation?
What if I want to make a change?
How long does it take to process my order?
How do I get started and place an order?
What happens if I upload a photo that has a low resolution or small size?
What size do my photos need to be?
Are you going to physically renovate my property?
What types of properties do you work with?
What if the photos I send have some furnishing and decor already in them?
I need remodelling of only a few areas of my property. Can you do just those areas?
Do you offer photography?
Once I provide you the photographs, how are they sent back to me?
What is the difference between virtual renovation and virtual remodelling?

Still have doubts about Virtual Renovation?

Get the best advices and your doubts resolved from our top Virtual Renovation experts in no time.

Explore similar services

Most Popular Rooms for Remodeling: Kitchen and Bathroom

According to Inman, the most popular rooms for remodeling in a home are kitchen with 78% and bathroom with 81%. Jonathan Self, a realtor at Center Coast Realty, Chicago, says that if you are remodeling your home for resale, virtual bathroom remodel, and virtual kitchen renovation will give you the best return on your investment.
When a listing’s bathroom and kitchen need repairs or renovations, it is a risk-free, smooth and enjoyable process when you choose to virtually renovate the kitchen and bathroom. You get to play with so many different designs and styles without making any sort of commitment. This gives you the chance to figure out what works best for you. Moreover, virtually designing the kitchen or bathroom also helps you save money and time and attract buyers. Then, once the sale is final – the renovation can be included and done accordingly.

The Pandemic Effect – Home Renovation in Full Swing

The pandemic witnessed a rise in home repair and rehab projects. This can be attributed to two reasons. Firstly, homeowners are spending more time at home allowing them more time to supervise the home renovation work or simply do it themselves. Secondly, homeowners used this time to repair their homes before listing them, preparing them for skyrocketing home sales in late summer.

What should I expect from virtual renovation and remodeling services?

When you do a Virtual Renovation and Remodeling, you get to:
  • Communicate project changes immediately to your workers and improve efficiency in design coordination
  • Visualize your designs and look for design flaws before getting into the actual renovation
  • Virtual home remodeling is great for your marketing and advertising efforts
  • Show what the finished property that is renovated will look like
  • Grab the attention of your prospects by transforming the listing from drab to fab!

What are the advantages of virtual home renovation?

The five main reasons why you should choose Virtual Home Renovation are:
  • Virtual home remodeling makes your listing attractive and competitive
  • With digital remodeling services, any style or any design is possible without you making any sort of commitment until you find the style and design that works best for you
  • Virtual home remodeling is great for your marketing and advertising efforts
  • Virtual home renovation works for both interiors and exteriors, helping you and your clients see how it will look in real life
  • When you digitally remodel or renovate a property, it saves time and money

What are the Common Home Renovations Fixes?

Bathroom remodeling, Kitchen remodeling, Wall color, Cracked concrete, Floors and ceilings, Windows and doors, Roofing, Plumbing fixtures, Landscaping and irrigation, Fencing and walls.