Single Property Videos

Stunning property video that revolutionize your real estate marketing game


What are Real Estate Property Video?

Think of real estate property video as a video resume that gives an overview of the property while introducing the listing in the best possible light, highlighting its features and benefits. To create real estate video listings, we stitch together beautiful images of the property and build a narrative with room-by-room walkthroughs to help buyers visualize the property as their home.
The video will also feature essential information such as address, area in square feet, listing price and agent information, saying more in less time.

Why do I need Property Videos?

Property videos increase the chances of the listing reaching more prospective buyers and increasing their interest. Yes, listing videos help sell houses.
Increases engagement on social media
Grabs the attention of buyers
Increase the chances of being found in search
Videos are the future of marketing

Unbeatable best price

Professional-quality property video at a price unheard of in the industry!
Professional Property Video


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*Additional charges apply: $5 for every 5 images uploaded after initial 30 images
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    Turnaround time: 24-48 hours
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How do I book my Property Video?

Take property photos
Click high resolution photos from any device or camera.
Upload the photos
Upload your photos by filling the order form.
Get your video
We take it from there and send you a link to your property video in 24-48 hours.

Who is it for?

This type of video is created for commercial properties such as shops, offices and buildings. It is aimed at giving prospective buyers a view of the amenities in order to increase curiosity and help them gauge usability.
This type of property video goes beyond more features and is created for home listings. It details the benefits of a home to help the prospective buyers visualize themselves living there.
Created to highlight the unique and desirable aspects of the luxury listing, videos are a must to attract a premium clientele who would like to see every facet of the property up close and through aerial views.

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What our customers are saying...

Trusted by 25,000+ professionals, 150,000+ photos  served.
Kathren Hatayama
Realtor, Los Angeles
I appreciate that you have good designers. When I submit a vacant space they know how to stage it so it looks complete. I've used other companies where even after it's "virtually staged" the space looks bland. I like how your team accessorizes for a completed staged look.
Ana Orellana
Sales Associate, Century 21 Union Realty Co.
I love it for vacant homes/condos since the first thing that buyers look at are the pictures on bright MLS. You do a wonderful job in making rooms really “pop” and stand out so that the purchaser can really picture how to place their furniture.  I highly recommend your service!
Coldwell Banker
Styldod is a fantastic partner to have by your side! Effective, impactful and OUTSTANDING customer service and communication. Pricing is superior to other service providers and their commitment to their clients is second to none. Thank you to the Styldod team for all you do!
Darin Cruzen
Broker, RE/MAX Metro Realty.
The team was very responsive and I had a quick turn-around on the staging pictures. I thought they were done very well and looked real. Hard to tell that they were virtually staged. I will definitely be using Styldod again. Thank you!
Lisa Johnson
Parks Realty
I’m going to start sending projects your way for every listing I get. I look forward to working together. I’m dropping box brownie for sure
Amir Fouad
CRS - Broker

Questions about Single Property Video

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What if I want to make changes?
How long does it take to process my order?
What happens if my images are of low resolution or smaller size?
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Why Use Single Property Video in Your Real Estate Listing

In 2015, the phrase "pivot to video" was trending, and it was probably one of the dreaded phrases in the media world, marking the evolution of video marketing. But, the video revolution has had a positive impact on the real estate world.  
In today's time and age, if you're wondering whether you should use property video in your real estate listing, then you are sitting on a time bomb, waiting for your competition to eat you up. Real estate listings with videos receive 403% more inquiries than those without videos. If this statistic isn’t a big enough reason to care about property videos, then read on to find out why listing video is worth the effort.

Video marketing works at all parts of the sales funnel.

Listing videos show off the properties you represent stylishly. This representation is effective in impressing the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel leads.
  • Top of the funnel: Property video listing generates valuable page views. Pages embedded with videos get 157% more organic search results than the ones without it.
  • Middle and bottom of the funnel: A compelling video gives a last nudge to the buyers and pushes them to take the desired action – it could be making a call or sending an email.
In a nutshell, property listings with video generate more than four times more leads.

Property videos are very effective marketing tools. Real estate professionals say it helps them.

Studies show that a listing with a 3D tour more compels 90% of buyers.
  • Agents: Book more meetings via email or social media, save time, and drive deals forward faster.
  • Brokers: Save time, train agents, and build your business image.
  • Architects: Show the property the way it was meant to be shown.
  • Builders: Increase property demand, and sell it faster.
  • Sell side agents: Highlight the property in the best possible light.
  • Buy side agents: Use video testimonials to attract leads.

7 High-level Reasons to Use Property Video for Real Estate Listing

If you want to penetrate the dynamic market and capture and hold potential clients' attention, you must incorporate property video into your listing. Hopefully, these reasons are compelling enough to invest in real estate video marketing:
A 24 Hour Open House
A listing with a property video allows potential buyers to preview the property anytime from anywhere in the world. Moreover, at the push of a play button, the video gives all the information more quickly to the viewers than by reading the text property description on the listing. Read more