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3D Renders

3D Architectural Rendering – All You Need to Know | Styldod

If you are a designer or an architect, you know how important it is to explain your ideas to your clients clearly because most often than not, they may not even know what they want! However, it can be a challenge when you have to explain complicated design ideas verbally. This is where 3D rendering can help you. With the help of photorealistic 3D renderings, you can easily convey your design vision to your client. 

The evolving 3D modelling and virtual reality technologies are fueling the demand for efficient 3D rendering solutions. More and more businesses are adopting 3D renderings to translate their products better and gain an edge in the competitive market. 

In 2019, the 3D rendering market size exceeded USD 2 billion. Between 2020 and 2026, it is estimated to witness a growth of over 20% CAGR.  

What is 3D Architectural Rendering?

3D architectural rendering is the process of designing three-dimensional images to visualize the proposed architectural concepts and designs or to explain them better. 3D rendering employs the use of 3D software that computes all inputs to create two-dimensional photo-realistic images. These 3D renderings can vary from basic shapes to highly detailed 3D models. 

Types of 3D Architectural Rendering

Some of the common applications of 3D rendering include: 

  1. 3D Interior Renderings

Interior renderings are 3D images that are realistic way to look inside a building or a house’s layout and interior design. They provide a truly immersive experience, making them useful tools at every stage of the process, right from pitching the idea to marketing the real estate property or plan. 

  1. 3D Exterior Renderings

3D exterior renderings have a vantage point outside of a real estate property. It involves creating compelling three-dimensional imagery of exterior design for residential as well as commercial properties. Exterior 3D architectural renderings are ideal for architects and builders for selling their new construction project ideas to prospective clients. Exterior 3D renderings can be simple 3D models, or they can include realistic design elements such as foliage, fences, streets, and people.        

  1. Aerial Renderings

Aerial rendering shows the real estate structure or building from above and outside of it. Generally, aerial renderings include the surrounding environment more as it is used to visualize how a new structure blends in with the surrounding buildings. Aerial rendering also helps architects decide on the landscape features and the right orientation of the building.  

  1. Virtual Tours

3D architectural renderings are perfect for architects and real estate agents as they allow prospects to experience what it is to be inside the property without actually visiting it. These immersive virtual tours let the clients see the space and visualize the layout, features, and overall feel. 3D rendering in virtual tours also helps avoid the risk of making construction mistakes that can cost a tremendous amount of time, money, and effort to fix. 

Why do People Use 3D Architectural Visualization?

Architecture and the design environment consist of many stakeholders, including architects, non-specialists, engineers, and planners. Each of them has different objectives, different perspectives, and different needs and wants in mind. This can be challenging for any architectural project to be a success; it needs shared understanding. 3D rendering techniques can help with this. With the help of powerful 3D rendering, architects and designers can: 

  • Gain a clearer understanding of both the “qualitative and quantitative nature” of the spaces they are designing
  • Quickly transition between concept and concrete
  • Manipulate designs in real-time
  • Make refinements
  • Explore different options
  • Create multiple versions of the same designs
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How Can 3D Architectural Rendering Boost Your Business?

  • Attract clients online 

An under construction or not yet constructed project doesn’t really showcase an architect’s skills. Using 3D rendering, you can create the best marketing materials that can be promoted online and on social media platforms. When you use various 3D renders such as virtual tours, interior, and exterior 3D rendering and use these promotional materials online, you attract clients and stand out among the competitors.

  • Make powerful advertisements 

Email and print advertising help engage customers who are interested but not willing to commit. When you promote your architectural services by leveraging 3D rendering, your prospects will be motivated to look at your powerful visual advertisement. 

  • Facilitate the construction accuracy

Photo-realistic 3D architectural visualization helps minimize miscommunication, thus allowing things to go smoothly without any errors. This increases the speed of project realization. As a result, clients and vendors would get impressed with the promptness and accuracy of work they would recommend to their acquaintances. 

  • Keep your client engaged

Using 3D architectural visualization, you can engage your prospects and increase your client base by sending out newsletters via email regularly. This is a cost-effective way to introduce yourself to a broader audience and provide necessary information to your potential clients.

  • Stay updated with technology 

3D architectural visualization is the latest technology that the stakeholders in architecture and design can use to get ahead of the competition. Through innovative presentations using 3D rendering, you not only capture your clients’ interest but also manage their expectations – your clients do not have to wait until the project is completed to know what it’s going to look like once it’s done.

Your architectural storytelling needs photo-realistic 3D rendering to immerse your potential clients into your real estate project. Styldod offers the smoothest and most efficient 3D architectural rendering available. Perfect to the last detail. Try Styldod now!

Rahul Agrawal

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Styldod

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