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Real Estate Marketing

5 Effective Real Estate Listing Tips to Sell Your Home Faster

Christie M
July 1, 2020

If you are a homeowner wanting to sell your home, you would have realized by now that selling a property is more than just putting up a ‘Property for Sale” sign outside your home. A lot goes into getting a satisfactory offer for the property. You need to declutter the house, beautify it for showings, list the property online, and market it well. If you break this exhaustive process into steps and approach each step smartly, you can sell your property faster and at a price as expected or even higher.

I’ve listed 5 strategies that can simplify the process of house selling and help you add value to your property listing, making it look so attractive that it immediately grabs the attention of your potential buyers.

Property For Sale

1. Hire a Real Estate Agent

Many home sellers want to sell the property on their own. But it’s never a bad idea to get some professional help. A real estate agent can help you make this process easier. Here’s how:

  • Their network and vast clientele can help you get good offers on your property.
  • They understand official documents better, thus ensuring that there are no errors in the paperwork and official documentation.
  • They may recommend service providers such as handyman, stager, painter, etc. who provide quality service at affordable prices.
  • They stay up to date when offers on the listing start to pour in.

With professional help, you can sell your property faster. So, look for a reliable real estate agent online or ask friends and family for referrals.

2. Hire a Professional Photographer

Many home buyers first look for properties online. So, you need to make sure that your online property listing gets the best first impression. Hire a professional to capture some high-resolution pictures. Photographers who are specialized in real estate photoshoots are the best for this job. They know exactly how to best showcase a home. They can make the property look more spacious and vibrant, thus increasing your chances of getting a good offer.

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3. Choose the Right Words

When interested buyers skim through hundreds of property listings, they may not be able to spare time to know what you have to offer. So, you must choose the right words to gain their interest. For example, if your USP is spaciousness, then you should highlight it in your listing. Refrain from making your listing sound boring with a plain ‘Condo available for sale.’ Instead, highlight the amenities or selling points that you think may attract potential buyers. Words like landscaped, spotless, upgraded, smart, basketball court, backyard, etc. have proven to sell properties for a price more than expected.

4. Price the Property Right

One important thing to understand when you’re looking to sell a property is that you can’t test the market; you either sell the property or don’t. While setting a price, ensure that you understand the market and gauge the actual value of your property. Before choosing the sale price, consider calculating appraisals based on comparable sales – prices at which similar properties have been sold in the last three months.

5. Go for Virtual Staging

Most buyers look for homes online so that they can shortlist the property without going through the hassle of visiting each property listed. And this is something you can use to your advantage. Instead of traditional staging, you can go for virtual home staging in which the furniture is staged virtually (in photographs) in an otherwise empty home. Here are some reasons you should opt for virtual staging services:

  • Virtual home staging costs way less than traditional staging since you don’t have to buy or rent furniture.
  • Virtual staging beautifies the spaces with professional online interior design.
  • It virtually fixes minor problems such as paint, broken doors, damaged moldings, etc. without any additional cost.
  • Virtual home staging companies also create virtual 3D tours of properties.
Before Virtual Staging
After Virtual Staging

If you’re looking for reliable virtual home staging, virtual furniture staging services, get in touch with Styldod. We’d love to help you sell your property with better ROI using virtual staging.

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Christie M

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