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Did you know that real estate listings with video receive 403% more inquiries than their video-less counterparts? True fact, according to Biteable. As a real estate agent, video editing is a must-know skill if you would like to up your real estate marketing game. Thanks to technology, video editing is democratized today and we all have access to free video apps that simplify the process at our fingertips. To make your life easier, we have compiled a list of 5 video editing apps with their pros and cons that real estate agents must know about.

Video Editing Apps For Real Estate Agents

We have chosen the following apps according to their popularity, ease of use, and distinct features, as well as compatibility of devices. Go ahead, check the list and select the app that best suits your purpose. While you're at it, check out the 8 video editing tips to create stunning real estate videos.

1. Promo

Promo is a fantastic video editing app that allows you to easily create real estate videos in minutes. It helps create videos for various platforms including Instagram, Facebook, etc. To create a real estate video on Promo, simply select video/ photos, add your logo, and add text and stickers if required.


  • Promo has an extensive library of video templates, stock videos, and photos that is a goldmine to real estate video editors.
  • The video app’s customer support is unmatched and its instant support with chat helps in fixing minor problems quickly.


  • Promo’s premium plan can feel pricey starting at $9/month.
  • It demands a significant amount of time and dedication to understand the system and learn to use it.

2. InShot

InShot is easily one of the first video editing apps that comes into everyone’s minds when we say video editing. It has found its audience amongst the plethora of video apps in the market because it is perfect for creating short movies and sharing with friends on social media.


  • Inshot is simple to use because of its polished interface.
  • It has a number of features and tools including stickers, filters, and transitions, including frame freezing.
  • There is enough to enjoy in the app without paying a penny, and the premium plan starts at a mere $2.99. It also has a one-off subscription feature that will come in handy if you use the app regularly.


  • Imported videos on InShot come with watermarks unless you have the premium plan.
  • The app doesn’t allow one to zoom and pan across images.
  • InShot’s export process is dated and complicated.
Source: Poynter

3. Magisto

Magisto extends beyond being just a video editing app. It can be classified as a video marketing platform with an omni channel distribution facility to use the created videos on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp, etc.


  • Magisto uses artificial intelligence to detect faces, track motion, speech, and objects to analyze uploaded videos.
  • It also automatically combines footage, audio, and text to create videos.


  • Magisto’s editing tools are a bit limited. It does not allow you to save your work-in-progress projects to its cloud.
  • The app’s AI limits the artistic choice of the editor and takes the overall aesthetics of the video into its own hands.

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4. Biteable

As a real estate agent, Biteable is the perfect video editing app to create short clippings that will go up on your social media. The app significantly shortens the time needed to create videos, helping users create professional ones and also allows one to add music that perfectly syncs in with the video.


  • Biteable’s animation is top-notch to create cartoons, commercials, advertisements, and presentations using customizable templates.
  • It allows businesses to use personalized watermarks and built-in clips to create HD visuals.
  • The video app allows multiple users in your real estate team to collaborate across projects using a centralized dashboard.


  • The app’s trial version comes with a watermark and their paid plans start at $19.
  • Biteable does not have an option for square format Instagram videos.

5. Canva

Canva is a popular name when it comes to photo editing tools. Its free video maker is great and allows you to create professional videos with absolutely no experience in video editing.


  • Canva’s library is packed with thousands of templates, animated graphics, stock videos, and music for videos.
  • It allows videos to be downloaded without watermarks.
  • Canva allows your videos to be shared with others using the app


  • Canva has some handy features under paid subscription, such as resizing the project you are working on to a different dimension but this is missing from the free version.
  • The video app lacks an autosave option. So if you forget to save your work as a copy, it will alter the original version.

Comparison of Video Editing Apps

Here is the comparison of the top apps to help you choose the best one for your purpose.

While choosing your video editing app, ensure it fits your budget and learning curve, supports various video formats, has helpful editing tools, and offers good customer support. We wish you luck in creating stellar real estate videos to grow your business using the above video apps. If you are still on the fence about including videos in your real estate marketing plan, read this blog to know why you need a video in your real estate marketing plan. And, if you want to take control of the post-processing process with professional softwares, here's our compilation of the best video editing softwares along with a comparison of their pros and cons.

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