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8 Best Real Estate Podcasts To Up Your Real Estate Game (2021)

Ann Alex
June 11, 2021
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Being a real estate agent means your days are packed and you are constantly on the move. It is important to stay updated with industry news, investment opportunities, business tricks, and trends to keep on top of your game. This is where real estate podcasts come to your rescue. With over 31 million downloads in 2020, podcasts have taken over American infotainment. We have handpicked and grouped the top 8 podcasts in 2021 you should listen to that are concise, informative, inspirational, and well-produced.

Categories of Real Estate Podcasts

Commercial Real Estate Podcasts:

2. America’s Commercial Real Estate Show

Host: Michal Bull

Listen on: Website, Apple Podcasts, Youtube

What is it about: America’s Commercial Real Estate show, a weekly commercial real estate podcast about the commercial real estate industry in the United States. Bull does a great job exchanging information and ideas with analysts and economists and shares forecasts and strategies. Talking points vary from the impact of the Biden administration on the industry to analyzing real estate degrees.

Why we recommend it: If you are connected to commercial real estate in any way, be it investing, ownership, or property rentals, this show can keep you updated on the market trends and speculations.

Matt, a real estate agent, cannot stop gushing about this podcast. “Empowering, insightful and informative! Michal was a great host! He had the ability to ask targeted questions to expose extremely valuable content for listeners. For anyone passionate about commercial real estate, this is for sure the podcast.” ~ Apple Podcasts

2. Real Estate Realities With The RebelBroker


Host: Robert Whitelaw

Listen on: Website, Apple Podcasts

What is it about: Robert, aka ‘The Rebelbroker’, gives insights into buying, selling, investing, and entrepreneurship in real estate. He guides you through building wealth and achieving your goals through real estate. His monthly episodes give a rounded view of the industry and range from 20-30 mins.

Why we recommend it: Having been a realtor since 1988, Robert knows the industry inside out. So get ready to receive an insider’s perspective about the real estate world. He has rubbed shoulders with professionals from various sectors and knows success strategies - what works and what does not. 

“Robert, host of the Real Estate Realities podcast, highlightshighlight all aspects of real estate, investing and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!” ~ Clarisse Gomez

On Apple Podcasts

Podcasts for Real Estate Industry Updates and News

3. Real Estate News: Real Estate Investing Podcast


Host: Kathy Fettke

Listen on: Website, Apple Podcasts

What is it about: This show is a holy grail for investors who need to be constantly updated about the real estate market to reap the best out of situations. Kathy will keep you informed on how to handle deadly market crashes and overnight wealth-building opportunities. The show informs listeners about news on regulations, laws, and the economic situation. Episode topics include industry trends, IRA investing, turn-key housing standards, and the best rental markets.

Why we recommend it: Kathy brings you the latest report from trade organizations like the National Association of Realtors, Zillow, Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, and Redfin. The podcast will help you grow your wealth through expert opinions, investing strategies, and trade secrets.

“As a US investor I find Kathy Fetke's podcasts very informative, thought provoking, provocative, impartial and on point. Kathy keeps abreast of all the latest real estate trends happening right across the USA which is refreshing which saves me so much time in research.” ~ Devoted Aussie on Apple Podcasts

4. Housing News by HousingWire

Host: Clayton Collins

Listen on: Housingwire, Audible

What is it about: Housing news deals with real estate topics such as mortgage, fintech, home loans, housing supply, and the rental market. Hosted by Clayton Collins and produced by Alcynna Lloyd, this podcast is your go-to news source for everything real estate. Season 1-6 is now streaming on

Why we recommend itt: Every week, a new guest joins the real estate podcast to provide their professional knowledge and insights into the industry. Tune in to listen to real estate professionals analyze the latest news in housing, real estate, and mortgage.

“So insightful and relevant. Industry must

It’s rare that I take the time to, not only rate, but write about a podcast or article. This is a homerun. Relevant, real conversations with leaders on topics that matter to the industry and the economy.” ~ Edistired on Apple Podcasts

Real Estate Investing Podcast

5. BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast

Host: Brandan Turner, Joshua Dorkin, and David Greene

Listen on: Website, Spotify

What is it about: With 47 million views on Youtube, BiggerPockets is different from the other real estate podcasts due to its laid-back delivery and the dazzling trio who hosts it. The show provides actionable advice every week that is tried and tested by real estate entrepreneurs and investors.

Why we recommend it: BiggerPockets feels like grabbing a glass of beer and chatting about success, failures, inspirations, and life lessons with real estate agents and investors. In their own words, “The show won’t tell you how to ‘get rich quick’ or sell you a course, boot camp, or guru system; instead, the BiggerPockets Podcast will give you real strategies that work for real people.”

“A must-have podcast for anyone looking to succeed in life. This podcast has absolutely changed my life. Every single guest on this show is amazing. I found so many great authors on here, and Brandon and David’s stories are inspirational on their own.” ~ Lax_Master23 on PodParadise

6. Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Host: Joe Fairless

Listen on: Website, Apple Podcasts

What is it about: Like the name, Joe provides the best real estate advice ever DAILY through the podcast. Having started purchasing $35,000 single-family homes, he has gone to control over $610,000,000 worth of sizeable apartment communities. Join Joe as he interacts with builders, investors, renters, and flippers who deliver their best advice ever without mincing words.

Why we recommend it: Every Friday, tune in for a special episode where Joe shares a leaf out of his personal development and real estate journey.

“Amazing Podcast! If you're looking to learn about real estate investing, I highly recommend this show as they give great advice!”, says Sarah Friess on Apple Podcasts.

Podcasts for Real Estate Business Growth

7. Real Estate Rockstars

Host: Pat Hiban

Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Stitcher

What is it about: Pat Hiban gives a foundation for building a real estate business through this popular real estate podcast. The industry’s top performers let you in on the secret of closing more sales and earning thicker commissions. Without fillers and fluff, this tri-weekly podcast asks the right questions and provides practical answers to them.

Why we recommend it: The show boasts of a stellar guest list of upcoming brokers and veteran agents, including Robert Kiyosaki and Ryan Serhant. They share their best real estate practices, unfiltered.

“This is one of the few real estate related podcasts I still listen to. They not only provide great content for agents but also real estate investors and business owners. You will not be disappointed!” ~ Jordan Moorhead on PodParadise.

8. The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience


Host: Tom Ferry

Listen on: Spotify, Podbean

What is it about: Tom Ferry is the founder of Ferry International, a real estate coaching and training company. Ranked the #1 Real Estate Educator by Swanepoel Power 200, his podcast gives professionals free, weekly real estate advice that helps people discover their untapped potential. With a 4.8 rating on iTunes, this is a must-hear podcast for everyone aspiring to grow their real estate business.

Why we recommend it: With over 30,000 hours of coaching experience, the Tom Ferry podcast experience will provide you the knowledge, assistance, and tools required to achieve your true potential. Featuring stellar real estate professionals, this podcast is a real estate school by itself.

“Balanced and Real. Tom is refreshing in that is able to simplify the steps to greatness into real, achievable and measurable steps. He has a balanced approach keeping family and personal health on par with work success. Truly refreshing and inspiring.” ~ 4BLT on PodParadise.

The above ones are the best real estate podcasts. They top the charts, are highly subscribed to, and recommended by real estate professionals. They provide the best commercial, investment, and business advice and are flexible to be listened to on the go. So the next time you have a few minutes to spare, pop in your earphones and take a listen.

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