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Scandinavian, glam, modern..the list of unique interior design styles just goes on. Home interior styles have evolved over the decades and continue to do so. So, it is easy to get muddled up between the plethora of styles out there. Read on if you are confused about how each style is different from the other and want to figure out what interior design style to incorporate into home staging. We have included home staging styles derived from various cultures and loved by real estate professionals worldwide.

Interior Design Styles Used in Home Staging

Check out the following interior design styles to find your unique personal home staging style.

1. Coastal Interior Design Style

Inspired by the iconic beaches in the US, the coastal interior design style is all things natural, light, and breezy. Blues, greens, and neutrals make up the beachy color palette that exudes vacation vibes. Also known as the Hamptons style, this home staging includes whites and beige to represent sand and pops of blues for the ocean and summer skies. Other decor items include wooden accessories, jute furniture, and indoor plants.

2. Contemporary Interior Design Style

Contemporary interior design styles keep evolving and are based on the here and now. This unique home staging style borrows from several periods, so it is timeless and classy. Contemporary design rides on neutral colors, simplicity, and sleekness. Materials like metal and glass are popular here because of their light-reflecting properties, and the furniture shows textured fabrics, clean lines, and exposed legs.

3. Farmhouse Interior Design Style

There’s something about Farmhouse interiors that make you feel relaxed and at home. Comprising rustic wooden finishes and exposed brickwork, Farmhouse exudes distressed touches and a breezy vibe. This interior design style allows you to mix black, silver, and gold metals along with a color palette consisting of neutrals and nature-inspired hues, including burgundy, mustard, and burnt orange.

4. Glam Interior Design Style

Glam style has been popular in California since the 1930s. Associated with Hollywood appeal, this home staging style dates back to the golden era of Hollywood. The glam interior design style is over the top and grand and uses high contrast color combinations such as bright green, hot pink paired with black and white. Mirrored furniture and opulent chandeliers contribute to the sophisticated nature of this design style.

5. Industrial Interior Design Style

Industrial interior design styles originate from the post-industrial revolution era when factories were shut down and people converted vacant industrial buildings into homes. ‘Raw’ and ‘unfinished’ are adjectives that suit this home staging style. Building materials like concrete, brick, and pipes are exposed in these homes exuding rustic vibes. Antique furniture and large artworks contribute to making these interior design styles stand out.

6. Mid-Century Modern Interior Design Style

Mid Century Modern interior design throws it back to the 1950s and 60s post-war America. Flow and functionality are core themes of this style, and many iconic furniture pieces such as the egg chair are its backbone. Rich woods including teak and walnut and hues of chartreuse and mustard yellow rule over the furniture. To encourage indoor-outdoor living, mid-century modern sliding doors and large windows give a glimpse into the nature outside.

7. Scandinavian Interior Design Style

If you’ve come across an all-white color palette in a home, chances are it’s Scandinavian home staging. So easy to recognize, this interior design style comprises form-pressed wood, organic design, and large mirrors. Scandinavian style brings the Danish concept of hygge to life through clean lines, layered fabrics, and cozy textiles. In addition, it replicates the spaciousness, minimal accessories, and natural lighting found in Nordic homes.

8. Traditional Interior Design Style

Drawing inspiration from European sensibilities, traditional interior design style includes classic details, expensive fabric, and dark wood home decor. Ornately detailed furniture, sumptuous upholstery like silk, linen, and velvet, and popular patterns such as stripes, florals, and plaids rule them. Traditional interior design styles are for those who love homes with depth and layers.

The above interior design styles are the basic ones used in home staging. The ability to differentiate one style from another will help you discover your personal interior style, thereby reflecting it in your real estate works. We at Styldod help you beautify your homes by virtually staging them using an interior design style of your choice. Here are some of our best works to inspire you.

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