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Real Estate Photography

Best Real Estate Photographer in Atlanta: Why You Need Them

Why should you use real estate photography in Atlanta?

Despite the unemployment and uncertainty caused during the pandemic, the Atlanta real estate market stayed firm and performed exceptionally well in 2020. Home prices skyrocketed in 2020 and are continuing to do so in 2021. This has given birth to intense competition, which gives rise to the need for a great listing. 

But, what will make a listing great?

A great listing must comprise top-notch photography of the property to grab the attention of your potential buyer. According to a statistic, a home with only one photo spends around 70 days in the market, while a home with 20 photos spends an average of about 32 days in the market. Now, that’s a statistic you do not want to mess with. 

Bottomline - your listing needs to be perfectly garnished with great quality photos to set a good first impression.

If you’re a real estate agent in Atlanta, you know how steep the competition is, and so you need to best when it comes to getting a professional real estate photographer for your listing in Atlanta. 

So, here’s what you need - we have compiled a list of the ten best real estate photographers in Atlanta who will get your job done right!

List of the best real estate photographers in Atlanta

1. TruPlace

TruPlace creates an online gallery of the property’s photos hosted on a unique URL to serve the purpose of precise analytics tracking. They deliver quality photographs and videos of different properties, like real estate units, corporate housing facilities, retirement homes, and vacation rentals. Apart from photography and videography, they also provide services like virtual tours and virtual staging.

Phone: 301-972-3201

Address: 20680 Seneca Meadows Pkwy,

Suite 210 Germantown,

Maryland 20876

2. Brad Bell Photography

Brad Bell Photography is a real estate and travel photography studio located in Atlanta. The studio is a member of the Printing Industry Association of Georgia. Their services include architectural and real estate photography, product and catalog photography, corporate headshots, travel and location photography, and more.

3. Apto Foto

Apto Foto is an Atlanta-based photo studio founded by James Harris. Along with photography, videography, and drone footage that showcases a property’s exterior and interiors, he also does headshots and group shots for real estate agents.

Phone: 770-842-0477

4. Daniel Green Architectural + Interiors Photography

Daniel Green Architectural + Interiors Photography provides the service of real estate photography in Atlanta for various clients so they can use the photographs in their portfolios, marketing collaterals, and social media. He holds expertise in collaborating with top-notch architects, interior designers, homebuilders, and marketing professionals.

5. Flying Fotos

Flying Fotos is a real estate photography studio in Atlanta that specializes in aerial photography. They offer real estate photography services that include oblique aerials, vertical aerials, custom graphics, commercial and industrial photography, wide-format printing, backing and lamination, digital files, and stock photography.

Phone: 770-449-6771

Address: 3790 Holcomb Bridge Road

Suite 204

Atlanta, GA 30092

6. FlyWorx LLC

FlyWorx LLC is an aerial drone photography studio in Atlanta and has its office located in Vancouver. They cater to industries like cinematography for film and TV, real estate, and industrial inspections.

Phone: 844-359-9679

Address: 1 Glenlake Pkwy

NE Ste 650,

Atlanta, GA 30328, United States

7. Jmaurophoto

JMAUROPHOTO is a real estate photographer in the Atlanta metro area that focuses on delivering high-quality architectural photography, virtual staging, videography, drone photography, and 360-degree virtual tours of residential and commercial real estate.

Phone: 770-330-8640

Address: 1059 Treadstone Lane

Suite 100

Powder Springs, GA 30127, United States

8. David Cannon Photography

Situated in Atlanta, David Cannon Photography specializes in producing high-quality photographs for architects, designers, builders, and artisans.

Phone: 770-656-7230

9. Valerie Ryan Photography

Based out of Roswell, Georgia, Valerie is a real estate, interior, and architectural photographer. She photographs interiors and exteriors of residential and commercial properties.

Phone: 770-317-0000

Address: Roswell, Georgia 30075

United States

10. Garey Gomez Photography

Garey Gomez Photography is a business based in Atlanta that offers premium architectural interior design photography. He serves architects, designers, real estate agents, and commercial businesses by providing high-quality images to enhance their brand.

Phone: 404-941-4646

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How will Styldod help you?

Many real estate photographers have vast resources, stock images, and other elements that aid them in delivering a massive volume of work within 24 hours. Once they provide you with the photographs, you can turn them over to Styldod, where we will help you edit and enhance them.

Here is the list of services that we provide:

  1. Virtual Staging
  2. Object Removal
  3. Image Enhancement
  4. Day to Dusk
  5. Occupied to Vacant
  6. Video Editing
  7. 360 Degree Virtual Tour

We are experts in real estate photo editing and provide you with the best results. Come, partner with us, and position your listing in Atlanta by delivering the best real estate virtual experience to your potential buyers.

Rahul Agrawal

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Styldod

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