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Real Estate Photography

The Best Real Estate Photographers in Miami | Styldod

Florida is one of the best real estate markets in the US, and in Florida, Miami’s one of the hottest places for real estate. In fact, the real estate market in Miami was listed as #12 in the US for residential and commercial real estate investing prospects by the PwC and is the 3rd Florida market on the list, after Orlando and Tampa.

Miami is well known as the flagship of Florida and has a robust real estate market, due to its beautiful white sandy beaches, luxurious lifestyle, lively cultures, tasty cuisines, and gorgeous weather. It is one of the most preferred cities in Florida to live in. The high levels of tourism, growing population, industry-friendly tax codes, picturesque locations, etc. makes Miami a stable business economy and a great place to live. 

In such a highly competitive market as Miami, when you are out to sell your property, it's essential to stand out from the crowd, and that's precisely what top-notch real estate photos with virtual staging does for you. Virtual staging a property in Miami, photographed by professional real estate photographers perfectly captures the house's best elements, which make the listings attractive for potential buyers.

In this real estate market, quality listing photos are necessary to make an excellent first impression. Here is the list of real estate photographers in Miami that will help you to get started:

Best Real Estate Photographers in Miami

Miami Real Estate Images

Miami Real Estate Photographers is a full-service agency that provides real estate professionals with high-quality real estate photography services in the Miami, Florida area. 

Special Services: High-Quality HDR Photography, Aerial/Drone Photography, Aerial/Drone Photography, Virtual Tour

Phone: 954-592-5182

Website: https://miamirealestateimages.com/

Edouard Zak Photography

Edouard Zak Photography is a ground-to-air Photo/Video provider for residential and commercial real estate agents and private sellers. 

Special Services: HDR Photography, Drone Photography, Virtual Staging, Portraiture

Phone: 561-847-0380

Website: https://edzakphoto.com/


Photostetic is one of the leading real estate photography agencies in South Florida and is located in Miami. 

Special Services: HDR Photography, Drone Photography, Video Tours, Time-Lapses, Floor Plans, Virtual Staging

Phone: 305-741-3456

Website: https://photostetic.com/

Miami Aerial LLC

Miami Aerial offers nationwide professional still photography and film production from the air for print media and websites, marketing, advertising, and promotion.

Special Services: Aerial Photography, Aerial Panoramas, Aerial Video, Photography, Panoramas

Phone: 786-351-6111 

Website: http://www.miamiaerial.com/

Miami Real Estate Photographers

Miami Real Estate Photographers is a full-service agency that provides real estate professionals with high-quality real estate photography services in the Miami, Florida area. 

Special Services: Matterport 3D Showcases 360º Virtual Tours, Virtual Staging, Aerial Imagery, Property Websites, and additional services such as Image Retouch and Enhancements.

Phone: 305-300-3663

Website: https://miamirealestatephotographers.com/

MLS Real Estate Photography

MLS Real Estate Photography in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is committed to providing high-quality photography services at reasonable rates.

Special Services: Drone Photography, Videography, Matterport360 Virtual Tours, Twilight Photography, Interior and Exterior Photography Service

Phone: 305-632-4638

Website: https://mlsrealestatephotography.com/

Lifestyle Production Group

Lifestyle Production Group specializes in developing video and photo productions for luxury brands throughout Miami's metro area, New York City, and the Hamptons. 

Special Services: Developing still and motion images edited for various platforms, including the web and social media. 

Phone: 305-699-5741

Website: https://lifestyleproduction.com/

Miami Realty Photos

Miami Realty Photos is a trusted real estate photography and virtual tour provider that has been serving Miramar, Florida, and the greater Miami area for many years.

Special Services: Residential, Complementary Virtual Tours, Magazine-Style Photoshoot

Phone: 954-709-8823

Website: https://miamirealtyphotos.com/

iUSE Photography

iUse photography is our family-owned business venture based out of Miami. We serve areas throughout South East Florida, covering Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Martin County.

Special Services: High-Quality HDR Photos, Virtual Tour Videos, Digitally Created Or Real-Time Twilight Photos, Standard/Elaborate Virtual Staging, Drone Photography, 2D/3D Floor Plans, Lifestyle Photos, Helicopter Photos, Floor Plans

Phone: 1-888-414-5817

Website: https://www.iusephotography.com/


Swift-Pix offers same-day, affordable, top-quality services in Miami Dade, Broward County, Palm Beach, and Orlando.

Special Services: Ultra HD Interactive Virtual Tour, Aerial Videography, Vivid Photography.

Phone: 305-922-6989

Website: http://swift-pix.com/

Alex Tarajano Photography

Alex Tarajano Photography is a photography studio in Key Biscayne, Florida, that provides high-quality in-studio and on-location photography services at reasonable rates. 

Special Services: Real Estate Photography, Commercial Photography, Aerial Photography, Property Video Tours, Time-Lapse, Digital Image Retouching. 

Phone: 305-209-3686

Website: http://www.alextphoto.com/

Once your property photos are shot, next comes the virtual staging and enhancement process, and this is where Styldod can help.

How can Styldod be helpful to you?

Styldod virtually stages your real estate listing photos to take your marketing to the next level. All the photo editing services that Styldod provides are hassle-free and inexpensive. Real Estate photo editing services offered by Styldod:

  1. Virtual Staging
  2. Object Removal
  3. Image enhancement
  4. Day to dusk
  5. Occupied to vacant

Styldod provides the most satisfactory photo editing experience you can find. Contact us now and we can help you market your real estate listings in Miami in the best way possible.

Rahul Agrawal

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Styldod

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