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Greet and Grow: The Strategy Behind Sending Happy New Year Real Estate Emails

Once the holiday rush calms down, lots of folks kick off the new year by setting goals and getting a clean start. It's a prime time to grab their attention, especially if your past clients are thinking about buying a new home in the coming year.

Real estate emails have a decent open rate of 32.3%, making them a solid marketing move. Take advantage of the chance, get into your clients' thoughts as they plan new goals for the year, and shoot them a "Happy New Year" real estate message.

When Should You Send Your Happy New Year Real Estate Email?

The holiday season is a prime time for savvy home shoppers, as sellers are often extra keen to make a deal in winter. Whether you shoot out your "Happy New Year" real estate email just before the year ends or right after, it can boost real estate sales during this festive time.

If you're after buyers ready to move in the next few months, fire off your email before New Year’s Day. Tempt them with seasonal deals. But if your goal is to snag buyers with a longer timeline, wait until after the holiday hustle to avoid getting lost in the flood of holiday promo emails.

Tips for Drafting the Perfect Email for This New Year

1. Personalize Your Messages

Make your holiday real estate email stand out by tailoring it to your audience. Divide your email list into different segments, like past clients, potential sellers, interested buyers, and lenders. Compose unique New Year's messages for each segment to increase engagement.

For recent buyers (within the past year), send a warm email wishing them a happy first New Year in their new home. Let them know you're available for any questions or concerns. For clients who bought their homes longer ago, share a neighborhood guide with new businesses and upcoming events or suggest DIY projects for the coming year. These messages keep you on their radar without pressuring them to make a new purchase.

For potential buyers, highlight potential winter savings and showcase some homes from your inventory. As for potential lenders, send a message summarizing the year and touching on possible market trends in the upcoming year. Customizing your emails ensures that your audience receives content that resonates with their specific interests.

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Greet Now

2. Keep it Short

Nobody wants a long email. Keep it short but impactful. Don't overload your readers. Instead, drop a link to your website for more info. Wish them a happy holiday with a personal touch and let them know you're there for their real estate needs in the coming year. It shows you respect their time.

3. Connect Emails with Social Media

If you're active on social media, send a "Happy New Year" real estate email that builds on one of your popular posts. This ties your email list to your social media, getting you those valuable clicks.

4. Make your subject lines stand out

Personalized subject lines are key to getting your emails noticed. Keep them short and highlight how the reader will gain from your info. To nail good email subject lines:

• Avoid anything spammy

• Get a bit creative

• Provide value to the reader

• Spark a sense of urgency

• Give a hint about what's inside the email

You could try a simple, thoughtful subject line like, “Happy New Year in your new home.” Or, to add urgency, go with something like “Going Fast!” and throw in a preheader with more details like, “Grab these winter home prices before the snow melts!”

Ideas to Use in Your Happy New Year Email

1. Share Highlights of User Activity

People love hearing interesting stats and fun facts, especially about themselves. Sending a personalized email with your subscribers' yearly figures and milestones can be really engaging. Take a cue from Spotify's "wrapped" feature in music and apply it to Real Estate. Let users know about their activity and how they connected with you and your platform.

2. Talk About Resolutions

Resolutions are promises people make to themselves for the New Year. These could be goals like "Watch the Top 100 movies" or simple reminders like "Spend more time with family." Brands can play a part in their customers' personal growth plans with creative email campaigns. This type of holiday email works well for health, fitness, well-being, and cosmetic brands. Even other companies can adopt the resolution theme in their own way. For instance, a real estate brand could send an email about "Home resolutions," including content on cleaning up, upgrading, and renovating homes.

3. Show Some Gratitude

A simple "thank you" can mean a lot. Even though personally thanking every customer is tough, you can use email tricks to make it feel personal. Add their name and some data to the message—it'll feel extra special. If the CEO or big shots can drop a line, that's a bonus.

4. Share Future Predictions

People love a good prediction. This theme fits well with any brand. Just keep it balanced—no need to go overboard with confidence or negativity.

5. Just Say Happy New Year

Lastly, a straightforward choice that might seem basic. But in its simplicity, this idea holds its own charm. A straightforward New Year's email can stand out amidst all the promotions and marketing stuff.

Closing Thoughts

As you gear up to celebrate your achievements in 2023, take a moment to create genuine "Happy New Year" emails for your real estate contacts. If you haven't organized your mailing list yet, begin by categorizing it into smaller groups with similar contacts.

Once you've segmented your list, write messages that are tailored to each group. These personalized emails are a great way to nurture your client relationships. Keeping those connections strong also makes it more likely for clients to recommend you to others looking to buy a home in the coming year. So, after organizing your list, pick a template and start putting together thoughtful New Year's messages to send out to your contacts.

Rahul Agrawal

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Styldod

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