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How a Single Property Website Makes Your Listing More Promising and Desired

According to NAR, millennials are currently the largest group of house buyers. And 98% of older millennials start their house hunt online. Therefore, listing homes online should be the first thing to do as soon as real estate agents get a project.

But among hundreds of other homes on third-party listing websites that only showcase a few pictures and a short description of your property, your listing may get lost or may not get the attention it deserves. This is the reason real estate agents today are leveraging single property websites to sell homes effectively. 

What is a Single Property Website?

Just as it sounds, a single property website is dedicated to a single home or property and consists of everything, including high-quality pictures of the house, specifications, map, address, etc. It acts as a one-stop shop for a home on the real estate market and gives details of everything buyers want to know about the property. 

What Does a Single Property Website Include?

A single property listing website includes:

  1. An Easy-to-Share Unique URL - This is a feature that’s critical for top-notch marketing. As a real estate agent, you have to go beyond real estate email marketing. Also, you may not be able to share all the attractive details of homes on property listing websites. But with a dedicated website for each listing, you can share photographs and house details through a single link and get the leads directly in your inbox.
  2. High-Quality Photos/Videos - Posting pictures of a home on a third-party listing can deteriorate the quality of your photos and videos. Also, you may be able to share only limited details, which may not be enough to get the kind of offers you are expecting. But with a single property website, you can showcase all the features of a home in amazing quality. You can add:
    • Virtually Staged Photos - Unstaged homes fail to capture the attention of buyers because, in many cases, they may not look attractive enough to be an ideal home for somebody. But with single property website services, you can have furniture added virtually to the high-quality photos of your listing and showcase its potential. You can also have a photo gallery designed strategically for the website to allow potential buyers to view photos of each room or area with ease.
    • Google Map/Street View - Not just the interiors, you can also showcase the street view on your real estate single property website. It would give potential buyers a fair idea of the neighborhood since it is an important factor in making real estate decisions. Further, you can add a Google map which would make it easier for buyers to navigate to the listing.
    • Floor plan - Floor plans are accurate and a powerful marketing tool since they showcase the property layout and help with better visualization of homes. They are great for understanding how the different elements of a house are interconnected, which makes mentally moving in possible for potential buyers. This increases the odds of your listing getting sold at the right price.
    • House Videos - On third-party listing websites, you may not be able to add a video. And even if you do, it may not capture the interest of potential buyers since they have hundreds of other homes to check out. But with a single property website, you can add detailed listing videos of each room or section of the home and showcase the details that are often missed in pictures.
    • 360 Virtual Tour - 360 virtual tours work wonders since they allow buyers to interact with the property as if they are actually present there. They can navigate to different rooms with different navigation arrows and get a feel of standing inside the property.
  3. A Clear and Visible Call to Action - Third-party listing websites also lack a clear call to action. And sometimes, when there are so many options to browse through, buyers avoid the hassle of finding you and asking how to go about viewing the house and making an offer. But with a clearly defined call to action on your single property listing website, you can encourage buyers to talk to you, schedule a visit, make an offer, etc.
  4. Contact Information and Branding - A single property website allows you to display your contact information so that buyers can directly get in touch with you. You can also add your logo, a brief about your work, and other USPs to position yourself better in the real-estate market.

Contact Styldod for a Top-Notch Single Property Website for Just $30 

Benefits of a Single Property Website


There are several benefits of single property websites for realtors and buyers. Let’s understand them in detail. 

  1. It Improves Buyer Experience – Your buyers shouldn’t have to wonder what the rest of the house is like or what the neighborhood is like when there are only a few pictures in the listing. With a real estate single property website, you can add pictures of your virtually staged property, its videos, a 360 virtual tour, its address, Google maps, etc., all at a single place so that buyers’ experience is smooth and easy. 
  1. It is Easily Discoverable – SEO is a powerful tool that helps your listing appear at the top whenever someone searches for something similar. All you need is the right keywords. On the other hand, a potential buyer may never stumble upon your listing if it is one of the thousands of homes listed on a third-party listing platform. 
  1. It Helps Make Powerful First Impressions – With everything from listing pictures to property details to virtual tours at one place, a single property website makes a great first impression of the house you’re looking to sell. On top of that, potential buyers would have one look at the dedicated listing website and be impressed by the way you operate, making you a reliable real estate agent. 
  1. It Helps Buyers Focus Only on Your Listing – Third-party listing websites are full of distractions. But with a single property website, your potential buyers would spend enough time going through pictures, videos, and specifications, which is very important when you want someone to be interested in the listing. 
  1. It Gives Your Property an Edge – There may be other similar offerings in the market, but with a website, you can give your listing an edge. With all the details, including the neighborhood and detailed specifications, your property will be a far more accessible option for potential buyers. Moreover, if they get everything they are looking for on a single website, there’s a very low chance that they would go to all the trouble to extract details of another property. 
  1. It Communicates Your Professionalism – A single look at your website, and potential buyers would know that they are dealing with a professional and reliable real estate agent. With your logo, contact details, and links to social profiles added to your listing websites, you can market yourself and create a brand name that people can easily identify, even among the crowds. 

Though having a single property website created for each of your listings may look like a lot of work, it is worth the effort. It gets your property the attention it should get and helps you sell it at a profitable price. 

Moreover, Styldod can take care of everything so that you don’t have to break your back over each website. And the best part? We create a single property website for just $30 so that it is a totally inexpensive affair for you. 

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Rahul Agrawal

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Styldod

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