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How To Do Rentals as a Real Estate Agent: The Ultimate Guide

When folks hear "real estate agent," they often picture someone handling property transactions. However, being a real estate agent isn't confined to just buying or selling. You can dive into various aspects of real estate, including the rental scene. You might initially think that investing time and skills in rental properties isn't a valuable use of your abilities, but that's a misconception. Rentals consistently provide a steady income for agents, and lately, many have exclusively shifted their focus to this area. In this blog, we'll explore how delving into rentals can truly take your career forward Let's dig in.

The Role of Real Estate Agents in Rental Properties

The important contribution of real estate agents to rental properties cannot be overstated. They bring their expertise to the table, acting as the vital link between landlords and potential renters. When meeting with landlords, these agents discuss important factors like the desired rent, the qualities sought in an ideal tenant, and any specific details about the property that applicants should be aware of.

Moreover, real estate agents take charge of property showings and act as intermediaries during the lease-signing phase. In many cases, they even assist landlords in drafting leases to ensure that all important details are covered. Their hands-on involvement ensures a smooth and comprehensive rental process for both parties involved.

How Do Real Estate Agents Get Paid for Rentals on the Market?

1. Tenant Pays Agent

In certain cities, it's common for tenants to cover the real estate agent's fee, either as a percentage of the first month's rent or a fixed amount. Though less widespread, this payment model serves agents aiming for quicker commissions or those in the early stages of building a client base.

Here's the usual process:

• The tenant compensates the real estate agent for assisting in property selection.

• The fee is negotiable, often ranging from one to two months' rent.

• Payment occurs upfront or is deducted from the tenant's security deposit upon move-in.

For agents, this setup offers the advantage of faster access to funds, enabling them to seize opportunities on new deals sooner.

2. Percentage of Annual Lease

Real estate agents often earn a commission based on a percentage of the annual rent charged by the landlord. For instance, some may charge 10% of the total lease amount for their role in facilitating the rental.

3. One Month's Rent

Another straightforward payment method for realtors is to charge a flat fee equivalent to one month's rent for their services. This approach is often simpler than calculating a percentage of the total rent for the entire year, as outlined in the lease agreement.

4. Handling Property Management

Beyond the initial tenant negotiation, real estate professionals often continue working with landlords by taking on property management responsibilities. This ongoing involvement can open up another income stream for agents.

For this ongoing property management, many agents charge a percentage of the monthly rent, typically around 15% each month. For instance, if the monthly rent amounts to $4000, the agent might receive $600 monthly, given the agreed-upon management commission is 15% of the monthly rent. Furthermore, the agent might discuss an extra fee for lease renewals if they successfully extend the tenant's current lease.

Best Practices for Rental Real Estate Agents

1. Guide Your Clients

Many people might not have a clear idea of what they need until they seek your assistance. Dealing with homeowners who are undecided about selling or renting is not uncommon. As a real estate professional, your role involves enlightening your clients about the current market and offering advice to help them determine the best course of action.

This also applies to renters. Some may feel hesitant about renting due to outdated beliefs that buying is the only way to go. Your expertise can help them overcome such limiting views and recognize the benefits of long-term rentals. Utilize your market knowledge to provide insights and steer them in the right direction.

2.Focus on Rentals

Once you're on the path to attracting rental clients, make sure to market yourself as a rental agent. The good news is, becoming a rental agent doesn't require any extra tests. Your real estate license already includes all aspects of real estate, from buying and selling to renting. You have the flexibility to represent renters, homeowners, or both—although many agents prefer working directly with homeowners to ensure a smooth commission process when the time comes.

3.Tap into Your Professional Connections

Wondering where to find top-notch tenants for your rental property? As a licensed real estate professional, you have access to exclusive resources that the general public might not know about. One key asset is the Multiple Listing Services (MLS) in your area. Posting your rental listings there can attract more serious renters compared to traditional platforms like Facebook or Craigslist. It's a smart move that can significantly benefit your homeowner client.

Don't forget about your expansive professional network. Utilize it to discover potential renters. A simple email blast or social media post about your rental property, with a request for your network to share, can go a long way.

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4.Take Charge of the Entire Rental Process

While some agents focus solely on tenant placement, offering a broader range of services can lead to consistent profits from the same property. A lot of homeowners are ready to invest in a real estate agent who can also serve as a property manager. As a property manager, your responsibilities would include rent collection, handling maintenance requests, and ensuring the property is well-maintained on behalf of the owner. This role also involves managing all documentation, such as leases, insurance, maintenance records, and more.

If you decide to take on the role of a property manager, you can typically charge a fee ranging from 10% to 15% of the monthly rent for your services. The specific rate depends on your market and the extent of your responsibilities. While this fee might seem modest compared to the buying and selling of homes, consider that it involves considerably less effort. You may only need to dedicate a few hours a month to a property but can earn hundreds of dollars in return.

How to Find Rental Leads as a Real Estate Agent?

Real estate agents have various methods for discovering rental leads, such as:

• Listing their properties with a local brokerage.

• Connecting with landlords within their personal network.

• Utilizing online platforms like Craigslist, Facebook groups, or Facebook Marketplace for real estate rental services.

• Sending direct mailers to absentee real estate owners nearby.

• Utilizing bulletin boards in local community centers and businesses for postings.

• Establishing connections with local leasing companies and property management firms.

These practices can significantly enhance a real estate agent's ability to find rental opportunities.

How to be Successful with Rental Listings?

Before diving in, real estate agents need to ensure they have all the necessary documents and a complete understanding of how rentals function.

1.  Researching the Rental Real Estate Market

Knowing the appropriate rental rates in your area is key to avoiding competition from other agents and maximizing potential rental income.

2. Negotiating Rental Deals

As a rental agent, your commission isn't fixed. You have room for negotiation, allowing you to discuss commission rates directly with the homeowner. While many agents typically settle on a commission equivalent to one month's rent for simplicity, there's flexibility. For instance, when dealing with corporate clients managing multiple properties, offering a discounted rate can position you as their go-to expert for all rental matters. This includes handling everything from listing and marketing to screening potential tenants. It's important to note that most agents don't receive an additional fee if the tenant chooses to renew their lease.

3. Getting the Word Out About Your Rental Property

Not everyone has the time or expertise needed to effectively market their property, and that's where an agent comes in. Agents should be well-versed in the latest and greatest strategies and platforms for promoting rental properties. Their knowledge should extend to top-notch marketing practices and tips for navigating the world of real estate on social media.

4. Course in Property Management

If you're an agent aiming for rental listings success, consider taking a course in property management. This can be a valuable investment, providing you with insights into the intricacies of the process and enhancing your overall proficiency in the field.

5. Understanding Lease Agreements

For agents, it's important to make sure landlords understand their duties and those of prospective tenants when creating a lease agreement.

Both parties in rental agreements need to ensure that all responsibilities are clearly defined, along with the expected methods of fulfillment.

Closing Thoughts

So, there you have it – the rental scene isn't just a side gig for real estate agents; it's a gold mine of opportunities. From getting creative with payments to becoming the property management hero, there's a lot more to the rental game than meets the eye. So, go ahead, dive in, and let the rental adventure begin!

Rahul Agrawal

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Styldod

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