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Is it possible to map, monitor, and manage real estate data in a matter of seconds? Have you ever considered if a nanosensor or 3D scanner may do all these for you? From scanning sites to delivering 3D information on dwellings — but perhaps in the future, a sensor will do it for you!

What can lidar sensors do for you in a 3D world?

With the introduction of LiDAR sensors on your Apple devices, you can imagine a future where you can easily capture the 3D world and the data around you! And that too with precision and accuracy!

Within nano-second speeds, LiDAR sensors are able to generate a 3D model with more accuracy and also capture 3D information than a simple camera does. According to a study, the iPad Pro is most commonly utilized by businesses with more than 1000 employees and more than $1 billion in sales. This shows that there is a greater possibility that this can greatly benefit different industries, including real estate enterprises and the real estate industry as a whole.

While until now, as agents, you could only send your clients some basic floor plans, now with LiDAR sensors, it might be possible for you to scan a site and expect it to convert it to floor plans and add images and videos to specific spots automatically in the near future. All you might need to do is capture and let it get processed into a 3D model, then render the 3D model on software or the web and share it.

LiDAR sensors might also allow you to share the virtual tours, the panoramas, measurements, dimensions, and the 3D information of the houses with your clients by scanning them and allowing your customers to have a comprehensive visual reference of the property from all angles. In addition, agents who have a creative mindset, without even hiring a designer, can now capture spaces and display various types of home concepts and themes through LiDAR.

 Thus, this AI technology can be the most cost-effective for real estate enterprises! Additionally, it will take less than a few seconds to work instead of humans making this happen! This also comes with greater accuracy and medium fidelity. 

Sanchita Saha

Sanchita is a writer with a curious mind. A Sociology graduate, she uses her constructive ideas combined with her experiences to write content that is credible and worth reading.

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