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Kimberly Bowden is an award-winning producer with over a decade's worth of real estate experience. In addition to this achievement, she is one of Tampa Bay's most respected realtors. With a specialized certification in Corporate Relocation, Kimberly has developed in-depth market knowledge that encompasses the entire Tampa Bay area. We recently had a chance to pick her brains on her real estate career path, learnings, and advice to new agents and beginners. Read on to get tips from Kimberly Bowden for succeeding in the competitive real estate industry.

Kimberly’s Real Estate Agent Career Path

Kimberly’s tactics and strategies are used for advertising her clients' properties using an extensive online presence across many platforms, giving her clients maximum exposure for the highest price in the shortest amount of time. Here’s the full interview:

For the people who don’t know you, who is Kimberly Bowden? Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into real estate.

I left a secure government job and started in real estate in 2010 - at the bottom of the real estate market. The crash had made it a tough time for us to be in any privately owned business - let alone in real estate. So I started to help people out from their foreclosure or upside-down mortgage status. The mindset of helping people is still with me - now it has just shifted to other ways. My background of volunteering gave me the perspective to get through those times. I now keep that same mindset as I follow the real estate agent career path of helping others both in my business practices and giving back to the community in numerous ways. I currently serve on the Board of Directors for our area to help positively influence our society. I have also been a "Big Sister," volunteered with the Children’s Cancer Center, served meals to the homeless, and have been on the production team for my local church.

I guess you could say I took a massive leap of faith, leaving my secure job to make a move into real estate in such a transitional period. But it paid off as now I enjoy life on the water in beautiful Florida sunshine ( I am previously from Pennsylvania), enjoying jet skiing, kayaking, boating, and working on my pilot license for a helicopter.

What drives you in this profession?

There is so much emotion tied behind what we do. I love that I am helping people move to another chapter in their lives. Your home is such a massive part of your everyday life. And whether a client needs to downsize, needs a bigger home for their growing family, is buying a home as a new couple for the first time, or buying their dream home they have worked most of their lives for or selling the home their children grew up in.  There is always an emotional side to the process.

If you were to go back to the beginning of your real estate career, what would you do differently knowing what you do today?

Since I started in 2010 - and it was at the bottom of the real estate Market - I wish I would have advised everyone ( myself included) to have faith in the future and purchase as much real estate as possible.

What do you think are the top 3 skills an agent needs to have?

I think the top skills to follow in a real estate agent career path, in my opinion, are:

1. Flexibility - your schedule can and will change by the hour

2. Perseverance - Occasionally, deals will fall apart - sometimes one you have worked on for a long time. Hang in there - there is another opportunity to help someone.

How much does marketing matter in building a real estate practice? What are your go-to marketing tools?

Marketing is a crucial key of our business - with so much competition in the industry, awareness is the only way to make your brand known.

How do you stay on top of mind with your existing and former client base? Any engagement tactics you can share?

Everyone does the holiday cards and emails - this year, I would like to start having client appreciation parties and send out anniversary cards from when they made their purchase.

Who’s your favorite kind of client? Do you instinctively know who is worth spending your time on?

Motivated clients who are loyal and appreciate your hard work are my favorite. They are the ones that enjoy someone who has worked hard for them and usually become friends with them after closing.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced in this business? How did you overcome it?

The first few years of my real estate agent career path, I honestly wondered if I had made a terrible mistake. Everything was a short sale, and it was uncertain whether it would close for many months. People were reluctant to buy - sellers had to go through a million channels with their lenders to release the upside-down mortgages.

There was tension in the industry, and the overall attitude from everyone - buyers, sellers, agents, lenders were far from excited and positive but very harmful. It was my first and only experience with the business - so I had nothing to compare. Plus, I had already left my previous position - so the only option was to keep my head up and move forward. And I am happy I did!
What are your thoughts on virtual showings, virtual staging, and other incumbent technologies in real estate?

Virtual staging is a game-changer- many people have no vision of what a property can become with the right finishing touches.

How has COVID-19 impacted real estate and the way you do your business?

Surprisingly COVID 19 had a very positive impact on real estate in Tampa, and we have become the number 1 real estate market in the country for several reasons. First, since COVID, people can work remotely and flock to Florida for the beautiful weather and business opportunities.

Real estate isn’t a 9-5 job. How do you balance your personal and professional life?

I try to carve out time every day for myself and my partner. Fortunately, he is also a business owner, and much of the time we spend together, we are working while we are enjoying each other’s company.

What advice would you give aspiring/ upcoming agents?

Don't get discouraged by the hard times - and don't get too comfortable when things are going easy. Put some money aside as It is a fluctuating business. And always remember that this is a significant financial and emotional decision for your clients.

An ambitious professional, Kimberly Bowden is sure to earn fame in the industry. We hope her real estate tips and insights help you make a successful real estate agent journey in the industry.

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