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Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Hashtags: Unlock Your Marketing Potential

Social media isn't just a means to connect anymore. It has become a valuable tool that allows you to level up your marketing game and expand your business by increasing your social presence and brand visibility. And behind this success, hashtags play a significant role.

Using hashtags for your real estate content shared on your social media not only allows you to reach more audiences but also helps you stay in the game for the long run by lengthening the lifespan of your post. In today's guide, we'll share the importance of real estate hashtags and how to use them on each social media platform.

What are Real Estate Hashtags?

Hashtags are the filing system of the social media world. Think of them as the magical keys to getting your content to reach millions of other platform users.

Anything you type after the "#" symbol without space will be considered a hashtag. A social media platform will use this hashtag to group together content similar to yours and then recommend it to users interacting with such content. Using the best hashtags for real estate can enhance your brand visibility as more social media users can access your content and discover your business. Real estate hashtags are directly focused on conveying everything about the industry. People are more likely to search these hashtags specific to the industry when looking for listings or searching for real estate agents to help them sell/buy a house.

On the surface level, it may seem easy to add all trending hashtags, but it's not as simple as it may seem. Using trending real estate hashtags requires proper research because there are possibilities that using popular hashtags may make your post disappear from the heap of other similar posts. For this reason, you may want to use lesser-known hashtags, which bring the plausibility of not attracting enough users and losing out on potential customers. So, using hashtags for real estate is not easy, and if it's not easy, why use them?

Why Should You Use Hashtags for Real Estate?

As mentioned before, using hashtags for your real estate posts can help increase your visibility and attract more potential customers. But there are other reasons why you should use the best real estate hashtags, which will soon convince you never to leave your next social media post void of these magical keys!

1. Boosts Brand Awareness

Hashtags can be the perfect tool to increase your discoverability, making it possible for your content to reach a wider audience that goes beyond your followers. This helps you reach a wider audience that may be interested in engaging with your business and services. Further, using hashtags for real estate content helps boost your business's exposure as it enables you to reach a specific audience.

For example, if you have a luxury listing in California, and you want to get it out on your social media account but only want to reach a specific set of customers that are interested in a luxury home, then you can use hashtags such as #LuxuryHomes, #CaliforniaRealEstate, or something related to it. People looking for luxury homes in the area may be surfing through these hashtags, ultimately reaching out to you.

By using a strategic hashtag approach for your real estate business, you'll see an increase in your engagement rate and growth in your business over time.

2. Tracks Your Competition

Apart from having in-depth knowledge of your next business move, you should also track your competitors to keep an eye out for what they are up to. Using hashtags is great for this approach.

Tracking your competitors can help you establish your brand. Taking the help of real estate hashtags can help you achieve the goal of taking notes of what your competitors use and do on their social media channels. You can search for your competitor on any social media platform and look at their hashtag strategy. For example, take notes of what kind of hashtags they use on what type of posts. This will help you gain an idea of what hashtags and what types of posts work on the channel.

Some of the common lists of questions to keep handy when researching your competitors are:

  • How many hashtags do they include in one post?
  • How often do they post on their social media account?
  • How many general and industry-specific real estate hashtags are they using?
  • What social media trends are they following?

3. Helps in Advertising Your Business

The next best possible reason to use hashtags for your real estate content is to begin advertising your services to the audience.

You can use directly relevant hashtags such as #HomeSearch or #NewListings to create awareness of your new listings. This helps reach a set of audiences specific to your target and who have wider chances of becoming your potential customers. You can even use indirectly relevant hashtags related to architecture or interior design, like #MarbleDecor, to attract customers looking for that specific aspect in a post.

With indirect hashtags, you won’t attract your direct audience, but you'll be able to reach more audiences looking to design their homes. This increases brand visibility and your chances of appealing to a broader audience and attracting more followers.

How to Use Real Estate Hashtags

Depending on the social media platform, several algorithms followed by each social media site allow for different conditions in using hashtags for your real estate content. For example, Instagram doesn't like promoting content that has the same hashtags on every post. So, you might want to keep different sets of hashtags ready to beat the algorithm.

The next thing to consider is placing hashtags for your real estate posts. Now, there are different methods on how to place a hashtag, regardless of the social media platform. First, you can place hashtags in between the caption. Second, you can place them after the caption. And third, you can place hashtags in the comments of the post to avoid cluttering the aesthetic appeal of the visuals. Regardless of where you place your hashtags, they will not affect the algorithm.

Now that you are aware of how to use real estate hashtags on social media platforms, it's time to learn the best tricks for using hashtags for real estate on different social media platforms:

1. Instagram

As one of the most-used social media platforms, Instagram enjoys popularity as it’s a preferred platform for Millennials. If you are targeting millennials who are ready to buy a property of their own, then using Instagram is your best bet.

  • Best used for: Generating content ideas and connecting with new potential customers through appealing visuals and using proper hashtag strategy.
  • How many hashtags: if you really want to go the extra mile with your real estate hashtags, then Instagram is the right platform to experiment with this. You can use almost 30 hashtags in one post, so as a business owner, it’s a great opportunity as you get to experiment with different hashtags – only if they're relevant.

Best Hashtags to use on Instagram





#homeforsale[state or major city]






2. Pinterest

After Instagram, Pinterest is your next social media platform that focuses on your content's visual aesthetics. And although there's a wide audience on this app, users of Pinterest are mainly drawn to DIYs, crafts, home décor, recipes, wellness, and fashion. So, cracking this app will require you to take a different, indirect audience route.

You can create boards on home décor, and the latest interior design trends, and the visitors of these boards are more likely in search of a new home to apply these ideas to!

  • Best used for: Searching for potential customers indirectly.
  • How many hashtags: A good usage of 10 to 15 real estate hashtags per post is enough for Pinterest.

Best Hashtags to use on Pinterest











3. LinkedIn

Although LinkedIn is mainly used for connecting with professionals from your industry, mostly leveling up your networking game and hiring talented individuals, you can still market your business on this B2B platform. You can use it for sharing videos and photos of your sold listings and showing your industry knowledge by sharing blogs, data, thoughts, and case studies.

  • Best used for: Joining real estate groups, connecting with other real estate professionals to come up with referral plans, and sharing your thoughts and articles to establish leadership.
  • How many hashtags: Stick to no more than five to seven relevant hashtags for your real estate posts to avoid looking too spammy.

Best Hashtags to use on Linkedin











4. Facebook

One of the oldest social media platforms, Facebook, has been in the game for the longest. With the various options to open a business page and group, you can do so much with this age-old social media channel for expanding your real estate business.

  • Best used for: Finding potential customers and conducting competitor research.
  • How many hashtags: Since hashtags aren't a big concept on Facebook, even including one relevant real estate hashtag is enough to get sufficient engagement.

Best Hashtags to use for Facebook











5. Twitter

Least used for real estate listing purposes, Twitter has a mixed audience who mainly uses this platform for keeping up with celebrities, industry leaders, memes, and events around the world. This platform can be considered the timeliest platform as people turn in on the app for the latest announcements every minute, but there's a limitation. You can only tweet up to 280, including hashtags. But if you are a paid subscriber of Twitter (proud blue tick flaunter), then you can tweet up to 4,000 characters.

  • Best used for: Following the latest real estate trends and news and sharing updates regarding your business, like new listings.
  • How many hashtags: Due to the character limit, sticking to one or two hashtags is enough.

Best Hashtag to use for Twitter



#Bostonrealestate - (add the name of your location before real estate)








Generic Hashtags

Hashtags for Listings





















Hashtags for Buyers












Hashtags for Real Estate Humor











How to Choose the Right Real Estate Hashtags?

When it comes to selecting the perfect hashtags for real estate, there's a golden rule: ensure the hashtags align with the content you're sharing. Using irrelevant hashtags can erode trust in your expertise and the services you provide to clients.

Where to Find New Hashtags for Real Estate Posts?

There's no hard and fast rule as to how long a hashtag will last. The one trending at number one right now won’t be ranking even in the top 20 a year later. So, it's also important to keep updating your set of hashtags from time to time. Here are some tools to help you generate relevant hashtags for your real estate content:

  • Hashtagify
  • Hashtag Expert
  • WhattheTrend
  • Sked Social
  • Trendsmap
  • Hashtags.org

Along with these tools and platforms, you can search your competitor and see their hashtags. Study which ones benefit them and add them to your real estate hashtag inventory.

Strengthen Your Marketing Game with the Right Real Estate Hashtags!

Including hashtags in your real estate content for your social media can help you stay on top of your social game, keeping your content fresh to consume. Start creating different sets of hashtags for every platform and even content category to master the marketing game.

Rahul Agrawal

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Styldod

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