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Real Estate Photography

The Most Recommended Real Estate Photographers in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the Entertainment Capital of the world, and all for the right reasons. It is an internationally famous city with endless entertainment opportunities including gambling, nightlife, shopping, adventure, and dining – which has led to a significant population growth.

The strong population growth means that the demand in the Las Vegas real estate market will continue rising in 2021 and the coming years, which is good news for local and out of state real estate investors, as well as real estate agents. With the growing demand, the competition is also growing and real estate agents will now have to step up their game and showcase their listings in the best light possible.

Stunning and remarkable real estate photography has become a mandate if you want to sell your property faster and for a higher price. In this buyer's market, quality listing photos are necessary to make an excellent first impression. These photos help buyers make a decision faster and great photos help them picture the property better, understand what the listing has to offer and help them imagine a life in the property.

There are two parts to great listing photos – to-quality images take by ace real estate photographers, that are virtually staged and enhanced.

List of top real estate photographers you can hire in Las Vegas

1. Wild Dog Digital

Wild Dog Digital is a Las Vegas business that provides real estate photography and videography.

Special Services: Daylight Still Photos, Virtual Tour, Watermark, Twilight Photos, 360-Degree Panorama, Narrated Videography

Phone: 702-826-8708

Website: https://www.wilddogdigital.com/

2. Pro 3D Tours

Pro 3D Tours are image and design specialists in LA who offers same-day service, video editing, and branding.

Special Services: High-Definition 3D Tours, Three-Dimensional Photographic, Still 4K Images, Detailed Floorplans, Video Drone Services

Phone: 702-805-3030

Website: https://pro3dtours.com/

3. Neon Sun Photography

Neon Sun Photography are service photographers specializing in high quality residential and commercial real estate photography

Special Services: Aerial Drone Photography, Architectural Photography, And 360º Panoramic Virtual Tours

Phone: 702-335-5335

Website: https://neonsunphotography.com/

4. Real Estate Photography By Michael Kojoori

Real Estate Photography by Michael Kojoori is a Henderson business that provides real estate photography.

Special Services: Web Tours, Panoramic Photography, Virtual Tours, Slideshows, MLS Photographs, Website Publication

Phone: 714-225-6040

Website: http://kojooriphotography.com/

5. Phototica

Phototica focuses on delivering high-quality real estate photography services at affordable prices.

Special Services: HDR Real Estate Photography, Matterport 3D Virtual Tours, Aerial Drone Photos and Videos, Social Media Walkthroughs, 360° Panorama Photos

Phone: 702-706-8895

Website: https://phototica.com/

6. 360 Tours Las Vegas

360 Tours Las Vegas is a photography business that serves clients in and around Las Vegas

Special Services: Real Estate Photography and Videography, Flash Photography, HDR Processing, 3D Virtual Tours

Phone: 702-472-2394

Website: http://fremontstudio.com/

7. Area52 Photography

Area52 photography services and offer provide professional consistency and reliability to turn your project, product, or property into a compelling visual story

Special Services: Cinematic Videography, Licenced drone photography

Phone:  702-265-6605

Website: https://www.area52photography.com/

8. Glass Houzz Media

Glass Houzz Media is a Las Vegas business that provides real estate photography and videography.

Special Services:  Object Removal, Virtual Staging, Floor Plans, Promotional Flyers, Videography, And 3D Real Estate Photography.

Phone: 938-800-8542

Website: https://glasshouzz.com/

9. Luxury Homes Photography

Luxury Homes Photography is a Las Vegas business that serves Nevada and other states.

Special Services:  Architecture - Real Estate Specialist, Videography, Photography, High Dynamic Range Imaging.

Phone: 415-903-5791

Website: http://www.luxuryhomesphotography.com/

10. Henri Sagalow Photography

Henri Sagalow is a photographer in Las Vegas, Nevada, with more than 30 years of experience working with commercial clients.

Special Services: Architectural Photography, Filming Events, Commercials, and Conventions.

Phone: 702-256-3157

Website: https://sagalow.com/

All these professional photographers have all the required resources, stock images, and other readymade elements to deliver a massive volume of work within a turnaround of 24 hours. When the photos come in the post-production phase, photo editing services like Styldod help them provide a colossal work volume in a tight timeline.

Due to the pandemic, virtual staging has gained traction among real estate agents around the county due to maintaining social distancing. Virtual staging is a comparatively cheaper and affordable option for staging the homes in Las Vegas for sale. If you’re looking for virtual staging services in las Vegas, Styldod can help!

How does Styldod help?

Styldod virtually stages your real estate listing photos to take your marketing effort to the next level. All the photo editing services that Styldod provides are hassle-free and inexpensive.

• Cost-effective

• Unlimited revisions

• Guaranteed satisfaction

• 100% money-back guaranteed

• Usually delivered within 48 hours

• PayPal secure checkout

• Faster customer support response

Real Estate photo editing services provided by Styldod include:

1.     Virtual Staging

2.     Object Removal

3.     Image enhancement

4.     Day to dusk

5.     Occupied to vacant

Get in touch with us once you have your property photos, and we can set you up with images staged with your choice of interiors or help you enhance you property photos with our other services as well.

Rahul Agrawal

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Styldod

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