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A retired man pursuing real estate photography for the love of it - that’s the best way to describe Bill Reeves. Having found his passion for photography early on, this career option came naturally to him as he loved working as a real estate agent. Having worked in the pre-technology era, he doesn’t shy away from using technologies in real estate such as virtual staging, virtual tours, drone services, etc. Dive in to learn about his perspectives on real estate photography.

Pursuing Real Estate Photography After Retirement

Here’s why Bill Reeves, a former accounting executive chose to pursue real estate photography and how he is navigating the industry.

For the people who don’t know you, tell us a little bit about yourself & how you got into real estate photography.

My passion for photography goes back many, many years. My love of real estate came about when I worked as an agent for C21. After retiring from corporate life, blending photography and real estate seemed a natural direction for me to take.

What’s a typical work week like?

I'm retired. I photograph homes for the love of it rather than the money. As such my client base is kept small and my workload light.

How do you prepare for a shoot?

View the home online in advance of the shoot for any peculiar requirements. The day before the shoot I make sure all batteries are charged or charging. On the day of the shoot, I verify my camera setting and pack my main gear and backups of everything critical.

What is your main gear?

Sony a7rIV with a Sony 16-35 lens.

How do you edit your images? How important do you think is post-processing in the process? What do you think about outsourcing photo editing?

My editing process begins with Luminar HDR. I then take the HDR output into Lightroom, where 95% of my editing is done. Occasionally I'll take an image into Photoshop, usually for the software's prowess at selections.

Can you share a few secrets to your success?

Customer service. Realtors have a limitless supply of photographers to choose from. I keep my business small, so I am able to work with their schedule. I seldom do more than one shoot a day so I generally have same-day delivery. I consider my business successful because it meets my limited needs. Others doing this full-time would require more.

What do you do in your free time? How do you hone your craft?

Life-long learner. YouTube, Creative Live, are my main sources of how-to info and inspiration.

What is the biggest challenge you face in the industry?

Cell phone photography in a market where stick drawings could sell a home.

What are your thoughts on virtual staging, virtual tours, and other incumbent technologies in real estate?

You can embrace technology or get run over by it. I'm blown away by some of the results I've seen using staging and decluttering.

Your advice for aspiring photographers.

First and foremost, be good at what you do. Don't price yourself too high or too low. If this is how you intend to make your living, hustle constantly. Stick with it. It takes time. Have a plan to sustain yourself until your business catches on. And throughout this process, deliver customer service that's better than the competition.

Bill stays true to the statement - profession led by passion. We are sure his words will inspire real estate photography enthusiasts.

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