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Virtual Staging

Selling Dated Homes and New Constructions Using Virtual Renovation

All real estate agents are familiar with the challenge of selling an unfinished property and new constructions because they do not quite paint the picture of a home. An outdated or non-renovated listing often fails to capture the attention of potential buyers since they cannot imagine what it would look like with updated décor. That’s why showcasing a real-estate listing with an ugly kitchen, old peeling paint, unfinished construction, etc., can be a deal-breaker even before people visit it. 

This challenge has led to a progressive increase in real estate agents using virtual renovation before listing and selling homes. Let’s understand it in detail. 

What is virtual renovation, and how does it work?

Virtual renovation is a feature that allows virtually renovating a non-renovated home or listing using computer graphics. It gives dated homes and new constructions a facelift they need to be ready for a great bargain. For example, many homes that are well cared for but haven’t been attended to in a while may need to get updated in terms of decor as per the new trends. With inexpensive virtual house renovation, they can communicate the potential of a listing and make sure to get a fitting and profitable offer. 

Virtual renovation can sometimes be confused with virtual staging. But it does a lot more than that. While virtual staging takes care of virtually staging a home with furniture, the virtual renovation includes everything from digitally adding furniture to changing walls, flooring, exterior, design elements, etc.

virtual home renovation

Why you need virtual renovation for your listings

Virtual house renovation has several benefits, whether you choose to sell a house/condominium or choose to keep the place for yourself. Let’s understand how. 

  1. Virtual House Renovation Makes Listings Competitive.

There is hardly anyone today who does not view homes online and makes hundreds of visits before buying one. People now prefer to go through house listings online and shortlist only the ones they like the best. It wouldn’t even be 10 seconds before they scroll away from a non-renovated or new construction to a competitive listing that looks more like an ideal home. 

Virtual house renovation is just what you need as a real estate agent or house owner to make sure your listing makes the cut. With attractive virtual renovation online through an experienced agency, you can add charm to your listing by digitally changing the wallpaper, adding modern furniture, installing the latest design elements, etc. Virtual changes like these showcase the potential of your listing, making it a desired choice in a competitive market. 

  1. It Prepares Your Listing for Different Viewings.

If you know your target audience, you can customize your listing as per their taste using virtual house renovation. For example, if you are looking to sell to a younger generation, you can virtually redecorate your listing to look more modern and trendy. If your target audience is high-end home buyers, you can virtually add luxurious elements to your listing, such as a Jacuzzi or an outdoor kitchen. Similarly, you can customize virtual renovation as per who you are showing the property to and capture the attention of buyers with just what they want. 

  1. It Helps in Home Remodeling.

Virtual renovation isn’t just great for real estate agents, but it also helps owners plan remodeling for their houses. It gives an insight into the many possibilities or ways of renovating a home, which helps them see what different elements would look like even before they are in place. This foresight helps them make just the right renovation decisions, which can save cost and time of going over parts that did not turn out quite well. 

What can you expect when you choose virtual renovation for your home?

  • You can visualize what a home would look like before investing in the actual renovation. 
  • You can advertise and market your listings directly to your audience and capture their attention through top-notch aesthetic pictures of homes. 
  • You can communicate to potential buyers that the space is excellent to be transformed just the way they want.  
  • You can increase the charm of your listing and get more profitable offers and deals. 

We, at Styldod, have helped many clients transform their listings and increase their worth in the market through brilliant virtual changes, such as a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, ceiling change, floor replacement, wallpaper change, exterior facelift, etc. 

If you are looking to sell your property, try Styldod’s Virtual Renovation Service and showcase your listings’ real potential. 

Rahul Agrawal

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Styldod

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