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Real Estate Marketing

How Can You Show Clients a Property Listing that’s Under Construction?

The difference between sealing a deal on a real estate listing and losing it can be based on a simple matter – whether your clients can visualize themselves living there or not. And that's the catch — in creating an atmosphere that helps clients feel like the house you are showing them is the place where they will want to live forever. 

But how do you make clients see a property that might be perfect for them but might still be under construction? 

Thanks to the modern marvel of technology and creativity, you can impress your clients by showing them a digital deception of how their homes would look once constructed. 

Two Methods to Show Clients a Property Listing

Here's why 3D house floor plans are the way to go when it involves property promotion, especially when it comes to buildings that are yet to be constructed. The advantages of 3D floor plans involve:

  • Easy to understand

Black and white floor plans with technical details are great -- if you are a contractor or architect or someone who understands the technical jargon involved in them. 

  • Dimensions

Your clients will understand the property layout better. A black and white house floor plan on paper makes it difficult to imagine how different rooms and spaces will link to each other.  With a 3D floor plan, your clients will get a better idea of how the kitchen will be connected to the living room? Will a room have a balcony?

  • Sense of space

3D house floor plans also help the client understand how the room's features and dimensions will fit in with the furniture. A 3D house floor plan has items like furniture, beds, chairs in its layout so the client will get a better sense of what space will look like when they live in it. 

What will set your 3D floor plan apart is the firm that you choose for designing it. Styldod aces in combining creative genius with real estate expertise to help you showcase every detail of the home you are selling.  

360° Virtual Tours Using 3D Rendering

Good photographs of the property are a must when you want to zero in on a potential buyer. A 2019 study by the National Association of Realtors Research Group study showed that website features that buyers valued the most when it came to showing a property were photos (87%) and detailed information about the property (85%.) 

But what can you do when the property listing is still under construction?

Virtual tour and 3D renders combines the need for good photos and also gives clients details about the house, including space, dimensions, and how the property will look. 

A few more benefits of 360° virtual tours include:

  • Interactive design

Virtual tours are interactive — they'll allow the client to zoom in on details in each room, understand how the sun from the window lights up the room, and understand how the bathroom is connected in a room. 360° virtual tours also hold the viewer's attention for longer. 

  • They create a sense of ownership

Designing a virtual tour might take some time, but virtual tours help the clients tour the property independently, giving them a sense of autonomy and a chance to build a personal connection with the place. 

  • It's a permanent open house

A 360° virtual tour, once made, keeps listed properties on display around the clock, which means more potential buyers can have a look at it. 

If you're considering getting a virtual tour for your property listings, you need to consider the right company to design the tour. Styldod will help you magically turn your floor plan into an immersive 360° virtual tour for your clients.

Rahul Agrawal

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Styldod

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