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September 30, 2020

Styldod’s Guide to Getting Ready this Fall Season

Rahul Agrawal
About Author

Summer’s done: vacation is over, the kids are back in school and the cool fall breeze has set in. The smells of pumpkin-spiced lattes, fireplaces, and autumn leaves waft in the air. Bright orange everywhere you see and the feeling of togetherness all around, fall is the perfect setting for every agent to get their listings ready.

Why is staging important?

Real estate is way past its recovery stage and currently booming, especially given the scenario. As temperatures drop and the work from home culture growing, most people are retreating further indoors. By staging a cozy and warm atmosphere for buyers, your listings are sure to be more appealing. Creating a welcoming environment for your buyers could go a long way.

Styldod Virtual Staging

Most agents forget the importance of staging, giving buyers an opportunity to envision their home exactly the way they dreamt it, also giving the listing a fresher look. So, with a dash of color and a bit of light to bring out the season, fall could be your ideal time to sell a home.

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind while staging for the season.

Create the perfect fall curb appeal:

Making a lasting first impression is important for an agent and the first place to start would be the front yard. Keeping the entrance clean, neat, and tidy is a given rule despite the season. However, adding a little something extra to make the walk up to the front door inviting could be what you need to grab a buyer’s attention. It could be anything flowers, serial lights, a nice doormat, or even a pumpkin or two!

Stage your listing in keeping with the season:

Summer is over so its time to reel in the summer décor. While summer is all about cooling down, the fall season is all about a warm and comforting environment be it inside the house or outside. Remove anything that says summer from chairs to air coolers and umbrellas. Get ready to bring in autumnal décor.

Pull out anything that screams warm and cozy:

While staging a house, keep in mind the experience, you’re trying to design for the buyer, is essential. The idea is to show the buyer why this property is perfect for them, play on emotions and memories. Nothing relates to fall more than families gathering around a fireplace playing board games while sipping on hot cocoa or warm cider. The smell of cinnamon and burning wood just wafting in the air.

The most important areas in the house will be areas where the family can come together like the living room or dining area. Adding warm lighting and candles as well as using shades of yellow, orange, and red in the décor will help bring in the feel of a cozy environment. Remember the idea is to make the house look so inviting the buyer won’t want to leave!

Time to get pumpkin ready:

Don’t be afraid to get creative! Choose the right theme and build on from there. Style your house with plants, candles, or serial lights and pumpkins. You can even throw in a few extra cushions on the dull couch and add a snug rug near the fireplace to create a space to showcase the true spirit of the fall season.

Its been a long couple of months through this pandemic and the end is still afar. However, its time to move past the slow months of spring and the recovery of summer to welcome the sales of fall! With buyers entering the market use the seasonal changes to your advantage and fight through these trying times.

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