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Virtual Staging

Styldod vs Stuccco: Features and Price Comparison in 2024

Christie M
May 26, 2022

Technology has made its way into every field possible. Even the real estate industry has seen its saturation! But before this happened, buyers had to begin their real estate search through print advertisements, then travel and tour properties, and invest their majority of time looking for the perfect property.

Fortunately, the traditional ways are long forgotten. Today, online platforms have made it much easier for buyers to browse through properties from their smartphones, computers, or tablets!

Virtual staging has successfully emerged as the most cost-effective solution for home staging. It’s a great alternative to traditional staging; however, it can also be an addition to conventional staging of vacant homes.

If you’re searching for the best virtual staging companies, you’ll get overwhelmed with the available options. The competition is uprising as these companies compete on prices, discounts, high-quality designs, and turnaround time.

However, Styldod and Stuccco are two companies that provide virtual staging. Let’s look at what each one has to offer!

Styldod vs Stuccco: Virtual Staging Solutions

The table below contains features offered by Styldod and Stuccco:

Features Styldod Stuccco
Price $16/image $29/image
Turnaround Time 12-24 hours 12-24 hours
Customer Service 24x7 available 24x7 available
Revisions Free unlimited revisions Only two free revisions offered, after that $15.00 per revision
Customer Satisfaction 100% money back guarantee, if not satisfied Conditional money back within 60 days only
Free Trial Free trial is available No free trial
Best for Virtual Staging Online Interior Design
Design Styles 8 design styles 6 design styles

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Features Offered by Styldod and Stuccco

Let’s look at the various features offered by Styldod and Stuccco:

  1. Great Value for Money

    The major takeaway from the comparison table is that Styldod has quality services offered to you within an affordable price range! We have the best payment deals available for bulk orders and an unbelievable price range without compromising the work quality. Keeping client satisfaction in mind, you get unlimited revisions and a free trial!

  2. Industry Experience

    Our best-in-class services and products are delivered at extremely affordable prices for every real estate and photography professional! Trusted by over 10,000 real estate agents and realtors all over the USA and from agencies like Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, and ReMax, we have an industry-best Net Promoter Score (NPS) – the gold standard for measuring customer loyalty.

  3. Service Portfolio

    While Stuccco is a master of online interior designing, we, on the other hand, excel at virtual staging. From virtual staging, we’ve expanded our portfolio with various services to become an essential component in your real estate marketing kit.

    Our services include:
  4. Turnaround time

    Quick turnaround time changes the game in this fast-paced world. From shooting to publishing, faster results make all the difference! And since fast is what appeals, your real estate listings and opportunities shouldn’t wait longer.

    Turnaround time
    Styldod 12-24 hours for most projects
    Stuccco 12-24 hours for most projects

  5. Customer Service

    Today chatbots, emails, and live correspondence are ruling the way we provide services to our customers. With the help of this convenience, clients can get quick answers to their questions.

    Styldod and Stuccco both have a 24x7 customer support on standby for your concerns and inquiries.

Why Choose Styldod?

  • Our design-tech startup has provided automated interior design and 3D modelling solutions to more than 10,000 real estate agents and realtors all over the USA for virtually staging their listings.
  • Top-notch agencies like Coldwell Banker, Keller Williams, ReMax, Berkshire Hathway, Sotheby's International Realty, Century21 put their trust in us!
  • We offer affordable real estate virtual staging, photo editing, and 3D rendering services.
  • The first image will always be on us!
  • Apart from virtual staging, we offer a variety of services.
Services Offered Styldod (starting from) Stuccco (starting from)
Virtual Staging $16 $29
Commercial Virtual Staging $24 $29
Matterport Virtual Staging $25 X
Photo Editing-Image enhancement $1.50 $1.50
Photo Editing-Object Removal $8 $10
Photo Editing- Day to Dusk $4 $39
Floor Plans $9 X
3D Render $250 X
360 Virtual Tour $1.50 X
Virtual Renovation $5 X
Single Property Website $30/annum X
Single Property Video $20/video X
Real estate Video Editing @20/video X

With our virtual services for the real estate industry, we will help you showcase your listings in the best light possible to help you sell them faster and at a higher price!

Contact us NOW!

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Christie M

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