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Virtual Staging

Styldod vs Virtual Staging Solutions: Virtual Staging Comparison 2024

As real estate continues to develop with the help of various technologies and tools, the popularity of virtual staging proceeds to grow.

Improving the visual appeal of your listing images and videos is essential for grabbing the attention of your potential leads and selling a property at top dollar. And you can achieve this with the help of virtual staging! While people are still trying to wrap their heads around this new concept, real estate marketing companies are rapidly increasing their existence. And among this competitive market, it becomes too overwhelming for a real estate professional to filter the best ones.

Today, from the crowd of best virtual staging companies, let's compare Styldod and Virtual Staging Solutions to see what they offer.

Comparing Styldod and Virtual Staging Solutions: Prices and Features

Features Styldod Virtual Staging Solutions (VSS)
Price $16/image $75/image
Turnaround Time 12-24 hours 24 hours
Customer Service 24x7 available 9 am - 5 pm on weekdays
Revisions Free unlimited revisions 2 revision rounds
Customer Satisfaction 100% money-back guarantee, if not satisfied 100% money-back guarantee, if not satisfied
Free trial Free trial is available No free trial

Features and Offerings: Styldod vs VSS

Let's see in detail what both of the virtual staging services have to offer:

  • Pricing

    Styldod gives the most virtually realistic virtual staging service you could ask for at only $16 per image if you order above eight images and $23 for less than eight images. With VSS, you can have your image virtually staged for $75 in their Basic plan and $99 per image for their Plus plan.

    Key Takeaway: When it comes to affordability for a top-quality result, Styldod has a clear upper hand over VSS.

  • Variety of Options

    You are provided unlimited revisions with top-quality results at an affordable price range. Styldod's eight design styles help you stay updated with the most popular home styles in the market. Our virtual staging service is your true value-for-money option. You get everything from rapid delivery and 24/7 customer support to unlimited free revisions and more for an affordable price starting from $16 per image.

    On the other hand, VSS is an expensive virtual staging service provider in the industry. They provide two revisions, and you would have to choose the pro plan for customizing the floorings and furniture style. Before the process, you can choose the furniture style, if you are not satisfied with the results, you can revise it (even in their basic plan), but the revised version will be charged as a new image.

    Key Takeaway: If you are looking for multiple options in furniture styles with an affordable price tag, Styldod can be your best pick!

  • Turnaround Time

    A quick turnaround time is crucial in the real estate industry. This fast-paced market works round the clock, and completing a project on time is extremely important for selling a property and getting it off the market. Turnaround time is applicable not only to building a property but to everything related to the real estate industry. And this includes fast virtual staging services as well.

    Styldod keeps turnaround time at utmost priority and gives you your virtually staged images back in 24 hours. Moreover, it also has an additional facility of super rapid deliveries for people who want images within 12 hours with minimal costs!

    In contrast, VSS has a turnaround time of 1-2 days.

    Key Takeaway: With a turnaround time of 1 to 2 days, VSS fails to catch up with Styldod's rapid delivery.

  • Customer Service

    Styldod's customer support is available 24x7, even on weekends! Moreover, we also have a chatbot that serves you around the clock and offers to listen to your complaints. While VSS's customer service is only available on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm.

    Key Takeaway: Styldod has a team of customer support professionals who strive to achieve customer satisfaction with uninterrupted client service.

  • Online Reviews

    When you want to work with an online service, it is evident that you would first approach their review section to understand what others have to say. Furthermore, you wouldn't just rely on their website but also filter out their social media and possibly the internet to know how everyone is reacting to their service. Hence, online reviews are essential.

    You can find reviews of Styldod on Google, Capterra, and social media platforms such as Facebook. Even on our website, you can get video reviews from our clients talking about our top-notch services.

    VSS's biggest drawback is the lack of online testimonials. Usually, customer reviews are available on a business's website, but this is not the case with Virtual Staging Solutions. Even their Facebook review section is disabled.

    Key Takeaway: Being present in the online world and having customer reviews on display, Styldod wins the point over here

Why Choose Styldod?

Styldod stands tall in the market as one of the most affordable and high-quality staging service. Allow us to give you three right reasons why you should choose us as your real estate marketing partner:

  1. High-Quality Services at an Affordable Price

    We cover every facet of real estate marketing and photography. Having served over 10,000 agents and leading agencies across the United States, we possess the industry-best Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 78. The NPS is a gold standard to measure customer loyalty. And over 10,000 realtors in the States and agencies like Keller Williams, ReMax, and Coldwell Banker trust us for their real estate marketing solutions!

    Check Their Reviews

    The best part about Styldod's virtual real estate marketing services is that we are extremely affordable to fit your budget. With $16 as the starting price for each image, the quality Styldod provides is unmatchable.

  2. Wide Range of Real Estate Marketing Services

    Along with virtual staging, Styldod also offers a range of other real estate marketing services like Virtual Renovation, Floor Plans, 3D Render, and 360° Virtual Tour that go hand-in-hand. Even our free AI tools can help you enhance your listing images, build your personal brand, and boost your marketing strategies. They include:

    • Image Enhancement: Our AI-powered free Image Enhancement tool allows you to improve the quality of any property/listing image with just one click. So, adjust colors, reduce noise, sharpen image details, and everything else to upscale the quality of your listing images.
    • Object Removal: Clear your listing images from unwanted objects with the help of our Object Removal AI! Restore your real estate photos perfectly and attract more leads with a clean and polished property look.
    • Real Estate Video Maker: Promote your listings with our AI-powered instant and free Real Estate Video Maker tool. Make quick, attractive videos for your open house, listing, or personal branding, and share them on your social media for FREE – pay $3 only when you want to download them!
  3. Real Estate-Focused Staging Company

    Styldod is specifically made to cater to the real estate industry. We carry expertise in virtual staging services in the real estate market. Hence, our team is filled with real estate experts who are experienced in the field and can deliver exceptional real estate videos and images.

Service Comparison

Let's take a look at the complete comparison of the services we provide:

Services Offered Styldod (Starting from) VSS (Starting from)
Virtual Staging $16 $75
Commercial Virtual Staging $24 X
Matterport Virtual Staging $25 X
Photo Editing-Image enhancement $1.50 X
Photo Editing-Object Removal $8 $25
Photo Editing- Day to Dusk $4 X
Floor Plans $9-$24(2D and 3D floor plans) $99 (only 3d floor plan)
3D Architectural Rendering $250 $399
360 Virtual Tour $1.50 X
Virtual Renovation $5 $85
Single Property Website $30/annum X
Single Property Video $20/Video X
Real Estate Video Editing $20/Video X

Rahul Agrawal

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Styldod

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