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Real Estate Photography

Handy Tips for Great Real Estate Photography with a Smartphone

A recent study revealed that the first point of contact for most consumers searching homes is via a mobile device. Real estate agents need to shoot, edit, and deliver content with that fact in mind. Smartphone technology has come a long way, especially when it comes to the good quality of cameras. Photographs in real estate contribute significantly to selling houses. 

If you are considering taking pictures of your property, you can use the camera on your smartphone. Use these handy tips:

Invest in a tripod:

Tripods are compact, portable, and best to avoid blurry images. A tripod lets you have compositional freedom and keeps the camera perfectly still, even on tricky surfaces.

Mobile Tripod

Always prefer wide-angle lens attachments:

Usually, most smartphones only allow you to take narrow images and often create distortions. Using a wide-angle camera lens lets you take more sweeping shots that make small spaces appear more prominent and give a better sense of depth.

wide angle lens for Mobile

Stage the property before the shoot:

Even if you are shooting pictures on your smartphone, attention to removing clutter and distractions for the space is essential.

Keep in mind the vertical lines:

Always use your smartphone, holding it horizontal. You may tilt it while capturing a staircase.

Horizontal Mobile Photography

Always shoot in Landscape:

Shooting in landscape mode is preferred as it gives more comprehensive photos. For wide-angle shots, the landscape mode is almost similar to the pictures you will get from a professional camera.

Watch for Angles:

Be mindful of the best angles according to the kind of property you shoot and the photographs you wish. The best height differs according to the room and the contents of the room.

Focus on lights:

Lighting is critical during real estate photography; make sure that there is ample natural light flowing through the property or there are enough lights in the corners, which will give perfect shots.

Keep the Flash off:

Keeping the flash off is recommended as it’s only capable of making a small part of the photo bright. Thus it is best to avoid it altogether.

Feature attractive furniture and decorations:

When taking pictures of any property, it is essential to showcase its most attractive feature. This can vary from an element, furniture, or a view. For example, you can highlight a vintage showpiece, elegant staircase, or a beautiful chandelier or if you don't want to get into all this hassle you can simply get your property virtually staged.

Never Zoom:

Zooming while capturing pictures reduces the photo's quality, making them look unprofessional. It is recommended to focus on the critical elements of the property or move closer to the subject.

Mobile Zoom

A Few Things to Keep in Mind when Shooting Property Exteriors with a Smartphone

  1. Don’t shoot directly under the bright sun unless necessary to cover the sun with the hand.
  2. Shooting during overcast days gives perfect pictures that require minimum editing.
  3. Always declutter and focus on elements while taking photographs.
  4. Try using Day to Dusk photo editing to make the property look luxurious and attract potential buyers.

The fundamental purpose of real estate photography is to sell the properties. To experience this and grow your business, try Styldod’s real estate photo editing & enhancement services for perfect real estate photos. Using these tips will result in clear, bright, and properly aligned pictures.

Rahul Agrawal

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Styldod

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