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Twitter Marketing

Top 5 Twitter Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents & Realtors

Christie M
March 21, 2021

As a realtor, you have probably made sense of Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. But are you struggling with Twitter? If yes, you are in the right place. With 330 million active users, it is the place to target millennial home buyers. Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter is a tricky nut to crack. But if done right, it can be great for SEO and connecting with your audience. Read on to learn how to get to the bottom of Twitter.

Twitter Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents & Brokers

Here are a few useful tips to include in your social media marketing plan.

1. Content is King

When it comes to Twitter, content is king. Mastering the art of 280 characters and producing attractive visuals is the right way to grow on the platform. Making a content calendar will help with consistency. Your stunning images and videos will stand apart in a feed filled with people’s thoughts and opinions as Tweets with images get 150% more retweets, 18% more clicks, and 89% more likes!

2. Go Local

Establishing local connections is essential on Twitter. Reach out to fellow realtors and brokers in your area, tag them and start conversing. This will help you make new friends in your industry and also more followers on Twitter. Tweet about the annual fair, school plays, graduation, and other local events, and people interested in these topics will catch up to you. Asking questions and conducting polls & surveys will also create engagement and make you come across as a trusted realtor in your locality.

3. Hashtag all the way

It’s no secret that Twitter runs on hashtags. Tweets with hashtags garner 2X more engagement than ones without them. Make sure you choose frequently used tags so that there are higher chances of people discovering you. Using tools like RiteTag will give you helpful insights like what hashtags are trending during the hour, how many clicks per hashtag, and so on.

4. Share Content

Twitter is not the place for aggressive selling. It should be used for establishing connections and promoting yourself as a trusted realtor in your area. Ideally, you should post only 20% of content about yourself, and the other 80% should be about other businesses and services. Share industry news, helpful tips for fellow realtors and homebuyers, and keep liking, commenting, and retweeting blog articles. When you promote others on Twitter, they will also encourage you in return, thereby ensuring the growth of the real estate community on the whole.

5. Moment Marketing

Moment marketing is big on Twitter. Be it a tv show, sporting event, or awards night; if it’s trending on Twitter, you have to grab and make the best of the moment. Identify where the conversation is happening and reply with a witty/ heartfelt message, including visuals and a few hashtags to join the discussion. Keeping your eyes and ears open will help you spot the right high-visibility event. The right timing will amplify your impressions, engagements, and followers on Twitter. 

The recent Zillow sketch on Saturday Night Live was a big hit, and many brands identified the moment’s scope to make the best of it. The tweet garnered 2.3 million views and almost 10k retweets. Check out how Styldod rose to the occasion and made a spoof of the viral video - Styldod Parody: SNL Zillow Skit.

The secret to mastering Twitter is reaching out to your audience, giving them personal attention through tweets, and getting your message straight across 280 characters.

Let us know your tips to crack Twitter. Also, go through our previous article in this series - Social Media 101 for Beginners In the Real Estate Agents & Realtors.

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Christie M

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