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February 14, 2021

Valentine's Day Ideas To Make Your Real Estate Clients Feel Loved

Christie M
About Author

The season of love is here. As we approach yet another Valentine’s Day, the thought of being showered with gifts, chocolates, flowers, and love fill our minds. On the arrival of such an important day, realtors have the duty to make their lovely clients feel special along with their loved ones. To make the best use of this once-in-a-year marketing moment, we are listing 6 tips for you to execute in the coming week.

1. Plan content for the Valentine’s Week

Valentine’s day is not a one-day affair. It is a whole week of celebrations starting with rose day followed by propose day, chocolate day, teddy day, promise day, hug day, kiss day, and finally arriving at the big Valentine’s day. This gives realtors ample opportunity to create engaging content for their social media. Come up with creative material to post everyday. Decide on a color theme for the week and follow grid rules to achieve the aesthetics. Make use of other features like stories and reels too. 

2. Custom door hangers

Despite the soaring popularity of social media marketing, offline methods such as door hangers and flyers are still considered adequate. Customize door hangers to suit the valentine’s day theme. Use a tool like Canva to create attractive designs. Include a catchy quote (“Valentine's Day is the poet's holiday”) or valentine’s day trivia (Do you know which country does not celebrate Valentine’s day?) to catch the reader’s attention. 

3. Couple’s contests for the win

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s than by holding a couple’s contest? Ask your followers to send in their best couple photo/ date night ideas. Selecting the winners based on likes will bring you an abundance of page views and followers. It will also help you reach your target audience. By awarding the winners with vacation tickets/ date night voucher, you can strike a win-win deal.

4. Open house with a raffle prize

Realtors are always looking for a reason to host an open house. So why not organize one on Valentine’s day? There will always be couples on the lookout for a home. Inviting them over and picking out winners in a raffle will be a memorable experience in their married life. Partner with a local chocolatier/ travel agency to sponsor prizes, and you’ll be first in their minds when they think of a home purchase.

5. Show love through charity

This valentine’s day, show your love for people by donating to a cause you believe in. By delivering food to a nursing home or handmade cards to sick children, urge your clients to join you on this act of kindness. Apart from providing you with a sense of satisfaction, it will also strengthen your client relationships.

6. Email your warmest wishes

Finally, on the big day, pen down warm wishes to your lovely clients. Make them feel the love through email. Send them to your past and present clients, and remember to address them by name to add that personal touch. Don’t forget to use an attractive email template to create a lasting impression.

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