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Virtual Staging

6 Tips To Select the Right Furniture Style for Your Virtual Furniture Staging

As a real estate agent, you know the importance of showing the full potential of the listing to your prospective buyers. The first impression is often the most impactful, and picking the correct option out of the several room placement ideas available is a crucial decision. But instead of fitting furniture in a room, virtual solutions can be employed to make the room staging process simpler and easier.

There are several benefits of virtual furniture staging, that can help you cross the final obstacles and make that perfect sale! However, there are several aspects and factors to keep in mind when picking out ideas. In this article, we shall be highlighting some helpful tips for choosing virtual furniture staging ideas and how to pick the correct furniture styles that make your listing more appealing to buyers.

Tips for Choosing Furniture in Virtual Staging

1. Identify Your Target Audience and Style

When you understand who your potential buyers are, you can automatically pick designs and aesthetics that appeal the most to them. When you identify your target demographic and their tastes and preferences, you can choose the correct virtual furniture placement ideas that will be synonymous with their tastes. Furthermore, you should also consider the surroundings of the listing and finalize a theme and style accordingly.

2. Choose a Unified Design Theme

A cohesive design theme ties together all the elements of a room, including the furniture style, colors, patterns, and textures. It ensures that the space looks polished and well-thought-out. Consider the overall aesthetic you wish to harness, and try to choose furniture and a color palette that helps highlight that. Don't be afraid to play with different textures, patterns, and materials, as long as they tie the space together. Everything doesn't need to match exactly; it just needs to make sense visually and have a steady flow.

3. Use Color and Texture for Appeal

Colors and textures help to invoke emotions and give added depth to your space. When choosing colors, try to consider what kind of feeling you wish to invoke. Use warmer colors to give a cozier vibe and use cooler tones to make the space seem larger and more minimalistic. Furthermore, texture is another element that can enhance the visual appeal of a space. It adds tactile interest and creates a sense of depth in the space. You can use differing textures to make a bold statement or to add an extra layer of coziness to your room. Use these elements tastefully in a way that compliments your design choices.

4. Invest in Quality Pieces

Investing in quality pieces of furniture is a needful expense when it comes to virtual home staging. It adds value to your space, enhances the overall aesthetic, and combines functionality with comfort for your potential buyers. Don’t give in to the temptation of investing in cheaper furniture, as it isn't long-lasting. When buyers see pieces of furniture that are long-lasting and of higher quality, it mentally makes them the listing as more appealing, well-maintained, and of higher value. Furniture that is of high quality will make the customers understand you have taken the time to curate a space just for them and is one of a kind. This transforms any space into a home that is ready to move in!

5. Match Materials & Textures

Never be afraid to experiment! You can mix and match with textures, patterns, and materials to achieve a unique style for your listing using virtual furniture staging. This gives you the benefit of experimenting at virtually no cost, after which you can get on with designing. Additionally, you can try to create a new ambiance that will make the buyers see the listing as a unique undiscovered gem.

6. Don’t Forget the Art

Art helps to add character and style to your room placement ideas. Art can be the focal point of a room, or you can use it to draw attention away from other less-than-ideal features of the space. Additionally, art can help tie the aesthetic of the room together. Use art that is complementary to the color scheme of the space, or is bold and eye-catching.

Choosing The Right Virtual Furniture Staging Style

As we have now understood some important tips about attracting potential buyers, let us now look at some popular aesthetics, themes, and styles of virtual furniture staging. You can choose the aesthetic that matches your room placement ideas and the overall theme of your listing. Some famous furniture staging styles are listed below.


Traditional furniture placement ideas are comfortable and classic. It is because you will find that the edges of the furniture in traditional styles are soft, smooth, and have gentle curves. Fabrics come in different patterns like floral, plain, and striped, and the furniture is usually upholstered. The colors of this type of style are always warm and cozy, like deep reds, green, browns, etc.


A modern style is simple, chic, and has strong clean lines. Room placement ideas with a modern style of furniture look great in every home as they enhance the basic structural elements. In a modern style, you will find monochromatic colors, raw leather, metal, wood, and horizontal lines. Most of the furniture items will also be low in height. Modern styles often can get confused with contemporary styles of design, but they are quite different.


A contemporary style includes minimalistic furniture that focuses on aesthetics rather than functionality and usefulness. It goes best in houses that have exposed structural elements, like exposed concrete beams, which makes it somewhat similar to a modern style of design.  This style goes best in houses with stainless steel or chrome surfaces, minimalistic designs, and glossy wood and laminate finishes. The style involves clean lines and looks uncluttered. In contemporary design, you will find geometric shapes, bold colors, visible and strong lines, and heavy use of neutrals, blacks, and whites.


A transitional style is a cross between modern and traditional styles of design. This style is very easy to adapt to every home. Traditional furniture is usually boosted and updated, so it looks more transitional. Transitional furniture includes wood finishes, simple lines, upholstery fabrics, and neutral colors. It will make the room look more approachable, less formal, and more comfort-centric but clean.


Luxury virtual furniture staging exudes elegance, sophistication, and opulence. This style incorporates high-end furniture, lavish decor, and rich, heavy textures to create a sense of grandeur and wealth. This style appeals to affluent buyers who appreciate the finer things in life and desire a luxurious living environment, which is reflected in the materials, decor, and finishes of this style.


Scandinavian design styles emphasize simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. This style of design features light color palettes, natural materials, natural lighting, and clean lines, creating a serene and airy atmosphere. This style appeals to those buyers who are seeking a calm and open living space, emphasizing natural light, big entryways and windows, and a connection to natural elements.


Bohemian furniture placement ideas revolve around celebrating free-spirited and eclectic design. This design style combines bold patterns, vibrant colors, and a mix of unique vintage and artisanal pieces, creating a cozy and artistic atmosphere, with a one-of-a-kind appeal. It is more personal and non-commercial. This style appeals to individuals who want a relaxed living space and have a creative streak.

Mix and match

Mix and match different styles will give the property a charming and unique look. It means combining different aesthetics into one space, creating a unique atmosphere that is exclusive to the home you are staging. For example, you can try combining minimalistic and modern elements with a more bohemian style of furniture for a brand-new style approach!

Room placement ideas are available in abundance, but choosing the right one can make the difference between making a sale and losing a buyer. Virtual furniture staging is a great alternative to actual staging, and it is cheaper! You can use virtual furniture placement to get your desired aesthetic, at a fraction of the price and effort, all by hiring a professional virtual staging company like Styldod! So, take advantage of the #1 virtual staging company in the USA and achieve your ideal style for your listing.

Shital Gohil

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Styldod

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