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Virtual staging is the process of digitally decorating the interiors/ exterior of a home with the help of computer technology. It makes homes look realistically staged and appealing to clients, thereby boosting home prices and facilitating quicker sales. According to a 2018 home survey, it has helped 68% of homes sell for 9% more money. Virtual staging is hassle-free, faster, and economical when compared to traditional home staging. Clients can choose from a variety of interior design styles, including traditional, contemporary, and coastal. With Redfin reporting that two-thirds of the homebuyers in the United States in 2020 made bids unseen, the demand for virtual staging is on the rise, now more than ever.

  1. What is the least number of images required to place an order?

There is no minimum number of images required to place a virtual staging order with us. Although, we offer better deals for bulk orders. We charge $23/ image for orders with less than 7 images and $16/ image for over 8 images.

  1. How to choose images for staging?

The more professional the photos, the more natural they will look after staging. However, if you have concerns regarding the angles and other technical aspects of images, kindly contact our experts at stage@styldod.com.

  1. What is the preferred image resolution for staging?

Images with over 2k pixels or more produce the best results. We would request you to upload several photos of the same room so that our designers can pick the best out of the lot. However, if your images do not meet the requirements, please reach out to us at stage@styldod.com.

  1. What is the preferred image format for staging?

Images in PNG or JPEG format produce the best results. However, if your images do not meet the requirements, please reach out to us at stage@styldod.com.

  1. What additional services can I opt for with Virtual Staging?

While placing the order, you will come across the following additional services:

  • Basic Image editing: Basic image editing is image enhancement where the image brightness, sharpness, and color balance are altered and reflections are removed.
  • Clutter removal: Clutter removal will make the photo cleaner and take away all distractions caused by clutter.
  • Occupied to vacant: Our occupied to vacant service will remove all evidence of the previous occupancy and make the home look empty.
  • Image modification: Through image modification, we can make architectural changes to your home.

Other additional services include rapid delivery, the creation of single property websites and property videos.

  1. Is Virtual Staging possible for cluttered apartments? / My apartment has furniture, can you remove it and then stage it as per my designs?

Yes, we can do that. While placing the order, opt for the additional service “clutter removal” or “occupied to vacant.” Once emptied, we can stage the property as per your design ideas and suggestions.

We offer a portfolio of popular interior design styles, including Contemporary, Coastal, Glam, Scandinavian, Modern, Traditional, Industrial, and Farmhouse. However, if you want the property to be staged as per your design ideas, add notes regarding specific requests while placing the order, or, once the order is placed, send a mail to stage@styldod.com, attaching your order id and design references.

  1. What is the difference between clutter removal and occupied to vacant?

Clutter removal removes distracting and unwanted items from your images, whereas occupied to vacant completely strips your home of all furnishings to make it as good as new.

  1. Is it necessary to send an email after placing the order?

After placing an order on the website, you may send an email to stage@styldod.com only if you have any suggestions or changes. Our team will get in touch with you if they have any doubts regarding the order. The same email address can be used if you have any queries before placing the order too.

  1. Do I require professional pictures for virtual staging?

Our experts find it easier to work with professional photos as they produce the best results. However, iPhone images with over 2k pixels are welcome too. Send your pictures to stage@styldod.com let our team guide you.

  1. Do you offer real estate photography?

No, we don’t. Instead, we give you the freedom of choosing a professional photographer of your choice.

  1. Is floor plan essential for virtual staging?

It is not necessary, but it would be helpful if our designers can access the floor plan.

  1. What is the turnaround time for virtual staging?

Most of the time we deliver the staged images within 24 hours. However, depending on the number of images and order volume, the turnaround time may take up to 48 hours.

  1. What is the turnaround time with rapid delivery for virtual staging?

With rapid delivery, we guarantee to deliver your images in under 24 hours. To avail of the service, choose “rapid delivery” from additional services.

  1. What are the charges for rapid delivery?

For rapid delivery, we charge an additional $12 above the standard virtual staging price.

  1. How do I place an order for virtual staging? / I am unable to place an order?

To place an order:

  • Click on ‘Place an Order.’
  • Enter your contact details.
  • Choose one furnishing style from our variety of options. E.g., Scandinavian.
  • Upload photos of your property.
  • Add details about your photos and choose additional services, such as basic image editing, clutter removal, occupied to vacant, image modification, rapid delivery, single property website, and property video if required.
  • Make the payment and place your order.
  1. Do you do business outside the US?

Yes, of course! We are a design-tech company aimed at helping real estate agents beautify their listings. Our services are semi-automated, which results in quick turnarounds and great prices. You can book an order with us at www.styldod.com from anywhere across the globe.

  1. How are the virtually staged images sent back to me?

We will send the virtually staged images to your registered email address given while placing the order.

  1. How many edits are allowed in virtual staging?

At Styldod, customer satisfaction is the top priority, so we do unlimited revisions until you are happy.

  1. What is the turnaround time for edits in order?

We usually deliver edits in under 48 hours; however, the delivery time may differ based on the number of images and edits required.

  1. Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, if the client is not happy with the results even after several rounds of iterations, we will refund the full amount.

  1. What is the Styldod Partnership Program?

Styldod’s partnership program is open to real estate brokerages, photography, home staging companies, and others who place bulk orders. The program offers a full suite of virtual real estate services, including virtual staging, virtual tours, and property websites. In addition, our partners receive exclusive discounts, prioritized delivery, and free marketing content. Visit www.styldod.com/partnership#get-in-touch-ptship to become a partner.

  1. What is Matterport staging?/ Does Styldod offer Matterport staging?/ What is the price for Matterport staging?

Matterport staging is a 3D walkthrough created using Matterport scanned data that creates an immersive and realistic view of the property. Matterport staging gives viewers the feel of seeing the house in person and helps view every nook and corner of the listing. As a result, they help homes sell quicker by piquing client interest.

Yes, we offer Matterport virtual staging at an introductory price of $25 per hotspot. Click here to learn more www.styldod.com/matterport-virtual-staging.

  1. What is the difference between virtual staging and Matterport virtual staging?

Virtual staging is digital home staging with 2D images. When you choose virtual staging for homes, your pictures will be delivered to you after editing as per your needs. Whereas, Matterport staging involves the creation of 360-degree panorama virtual tours by stitching together images. These are 3D walkthroughs that give the viewer an immersive experience.

  1. Can I see some of Styldod’s works before placing an order?

Of course, please check out our works at www.styldod.com/gallery. You can also avail a free trial to try out our virtual staging, image enhancement, and object removal services and determine the quality of Styldod over our competitors.

Also, here's a testimonial by our customer Kathren Hatayama who speaks about her virtual staging experience at Styldod and how it helped her market her listing better.

  1. How do I pay for my orders?

You can pay for your virtual staging orders through debit/ credit cards or PayPal.

  1. Do we get to keep the virtually staged photos forever?

Once delivered, the images are yours to keep for life. They are not bound by any copyright laws.

  1. Can I get a real-time consultation with a Staging specialist?

Yes, our staging specialists are available for consultation between 9:30 EST to 18:30 EST on +1 929 438 6381. You can also contact our team at stage@styldod.com.
While traditional home staging takes weeks to complete and costs thousands of dollars, virtual staging compresses the process and delivers results in 24 hours, at just $16.

Styldod’s suite of services includes virtual home staging, commercial virtual staging, Matterport virtual staging, virtual renovations, photo editing, virtual tours, architectural planning, property videos, and websites.

Styldod is a design tech company that aims to simplify real estate marketing and help agents present homes in their most favorable light online by reimagining and automating the listing photography process. Having begun as a virtual staging company, today, Styldod has affordable and best-in-class products and services for every facet of real estate marketing and photography. Styldod’s suite of services include virtual staging, image enhancements, floor plans, virtual renovation, 3D renders, 360 degree virtual tours, and Matterport virtual staging, to name a few. We're trusted by over 10,000 realtors from all over the US and from agencies like ReMax, Coldwell Banker, Keller Williams. Know more about us at https://www.styldod.com.

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