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Ways to Sell Your House Fast in Chicago | Styldod

The Chicago real estate market is shaping up and is considered to be one of United States' prime markets. The amazing city of Chicago is a prominent place to live for individuals who enjoy the lifestyle of an urban hub. It's got everything –meticulous architecture, well-planned residential communities, luxury apartment complexes, refurbished high-end loft spaces, out-of-the-world dining places, great shopping, fabulous night life, high-note sports scene – you name it, and Chicago offers it. All of this makes Chicago a great place to live, and that makes the real estate market super competitive. 

There are always people looking for new places to call home in the city looking for a change. There are also people moving to Chicago who are looking for places to sell. Stunning and remarkable real estate photography has become a mandate if you want to sell your property faster and for a higher price. You must also consider staging the property in a way that highlights the best features. 

Virtual staging to sell homes in Chicago is also very popular among the class of buyers you're looking at as it helps the buyer get a feel for the property without having to make time for a physical tour. Virtual tours and 360 tours are also a big hit amongst buyers these days. 

How to Sell Your House Fast in Chicago

Here's what you need to keep in mind to prepare to sell a house in Chicago:

Get ready

Getting your home ready for sale is the first step. Depending on your home's current condition, you must plan how you want to prepare it for listing. Emotional detachment is equally essential when selling your Chicago home. It is recommended to de-personalize every room at the earliest.

Do essential repairs

Making necessary repairs in the house is another crucial aspect of preparing to sell your home in Chicago. Consider new paint and floorings, plumbing, doors, along with other minor repairs. Sometimes, making minor repairs will attract buyers and make a great first impression.

Declutter and de-personalize every room

Before showcasing your house and taking listing pictures or even before every open house, make sure you clean and declutter your home. A cluttered and dirty home is complex to see and does not attract buyers. Decluttering means removing kitchen top appliances, excess furniture, and junk laying around the house.

Choose a reliable agent

Not all real estate agents are appropriate for selling all types of houses.

Some focus particularly on apartments, while others may concentrate on luxurious properties. You need the right agent as per your requirement and the type of house you wish to sell. While choosing an agent, understand how they market your home and list your place at the right price.

Evaluating and setting a fair price

Setting a fair listing price is one of the most important factors for selling your home faster. Setting a price too high will repulse potential buyers. Since buyers and real estate agents have access to comparable homes, they have a fair idea about the pricing bracket. It is best to take the agent's advice while putting a price on your home.

Take virtual staging into consideration

Recently, realtors in Chicago have found a cost-effective solution to this problem: Virtual Staging. Virtual staging gives listings a digital touch. Hiring a professional virtual staging service will ensure that your house looks desirable to potential buyers. Staging rooms to their best will reflect in listing photos and videos. A well-staged home will show up amongst potential buyers.

Promote your home

While your real estate agent is already doing his part of marketing your home to potential buyers, you can do your bit to sell the house. Create a buzz on your social media accounts amongst your family, friends and spread the word. You never know who may know someone looking for a house. Making a 360 virtual tour of the house and enhance photos of the listing can do wonders while showcasing your home.

If you decide to take the plunge and sell your house, don't hesitate to reach out to Styldod in Chicago. Styldod provides the best virtual staging and photo editing experience you can find. Contact us now.

Rahul Agrawal

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Styldod

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