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Virtual Staging

Understanding Virtual Staging for Commercial Properties

When you are in the commercial real estate market trying to sell or lease a commercial property, you know how important property photos are in helping you seal the deal. A ground breaking technology that takes these commercial real estate photos to an entirely new level of representation without much effort is commercial virtual staging.

What is Commercial Virtual Staging?

Commercial virtual staging is the process of transforming photos of empty commercial spaces into realistic images of beautifully furnished commercial spaces by adding photo-realistic virtual furniture and decorations. This helps impress the clients and increase the likelihood of a property showing.

Commercial virtual staging helps potential buyers visualize the property and imagine how it would look once they purchase or lease it. Although virtual staging solutions for residential and commercial properties are the same, they differ greatly in their purpose.

Virtually staged office

The Role of Virtual Staging in Transforming a Commercial Space into a Modern Office or Stylish Retail Location.

Customized to meet the taste and preference of the client: Virtual staging helps show the full potential of a vacant commercial property. You can virtually stage the space according to the preference of your potential client. So when the buyer looks at the virtually staged commercial real estate photos, they immediately get an idea of how they can take advantage of the space.

Help sell or lease commercial space faster: When you virtually stage the property image, you show your clients how versatile the property is. Commercial virtual staging is a perfect way to demonstrate the possible uses for a property. It also shows the prospects of a vacant commercial space when designed in various styles.

A profitable addition to your listing: Prospective clients can barely understand how commercial spaces can be used by looking at the photos or floor plans of empty commercial property in the listing. But, when virtually staged photos are added to the listings, they attract new viewers and help them better understand the space's potential.

Don’t let a dull, empty photo be your hero shot in your commercial listing. Styldod can virtually stage the empty commercial space into a sophisticated office to attract potential clients and show them how they can use the space. Try us now!

The Commercial Virtual Staging Process

The commercial virtual staging process can be broken down into the following steps:

  1. Thoroughly clean and declutter the commercial space.
  2. Click quality photos of the empty commercial space. If you are going to DIY, our guide on real estate photography can help.
  3. Send the photos to Styldod.
  4. Our team of talented designers will virtually stage the commercial space according to your requirements to bring out its full potential.

Why Outsource Commercial Virtual Staging Service to Styldod?

When you outsource commercial virtual staging service to Styldod, you get the following benefits:

Quick Turnaround

We understand the urgency of a commercial listing. We work round the clock to deliver most of your orders within 24 hours and some projects within 48 hours.

Better Listing Appeal

Most prospective clients begin their commercial property search online. This means you have only a few seconds to grab their attention. Virtually staged property photos make your listing attractive and impress your clients.


Traditional staging is expensive and can cost you thousands. You can enjoy the same benefits at a fraction of the cost with our virtual staging services. We charge only $24 per image, and this includes fast turnaround and unlimited revisions.

Variety of Design Options

You get to select from a variety of styles and designs that suit the commercial space you are marketing. With our commercial virtual staging services, you can demonstrate how the property can be used and what it will look like when it is designed in a particular style.

Get a Competitive Edge

When you flaunt a revolutionary technology in your commercial listing, you not only attract new prospects but also gain a competitive edge. Your prospects begin to trust you as a reputed company, and that helps you build your brand.

Sell or Lease Properties Faster and for Higher Price

A commercial property virtually staged with furniture shows potential clients the versatility of the space. This helps the clients make the decision faster while ensuring that you get the top price for your listing.

Multiply the number of qualified leads by several times and sell or lease the commercial property faster and for a higher price. Contact us now!

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Rahul Agrawal

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Styldod

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