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per image
Bulk Order
  • If you order 8 or more images
  • Turnaround time: 24-48 hours
  • Unlimited Free Revisions
  • Rapid Delivery: Within 24 hours
    (additional cost of $6 per image)
  • Super Rapid Delivery: Within 12 hours
    (additional cost of $12 per image)
  • 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied
  • Stripe/Paypal secure checkout
  • 24/7 customer support


per image
  • If you order less than 8 images
  • Turnaround time: 24-48 hours
  • Unlimited Free Revisions
  • Rapid Delivery: Within 24 hours
    (additional cost of $6 per image)
  • Super Rapid Delivery: Within 12 hours
    (additional cost of $12 per image)
  • 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied
  • Stripe/Paypal secure checkout
  • 24/7 customer support

Design Styles

Check out the most popular design styles to suit your listing. Click on view examples to see samples and learn more about each style.

How Does It Work?

Choose a style
Different homes need different styling: choose from multiple options to find the best fit for your listing.
Upload photos
Whether adding professional photos or images you took yourself, use the easy upload feature to submit.
Get them delivered!
Within 24-48 hours, your images will arrive in both your inbox and your Styldod dashboard.

Real Estate Virtual Staging Experts

Can you choose the best photos for Virtual Staging?
Do I need to have empty photos to virtually stage a home?
Is providing a floor plan essential?
Can you choose the best photos for Virtual Staging?
Sure thing! Send us the photos at stage@styldod.com, and we’ll let you know which ones to upload for staging.
Do I need to have empty photos for Virtual Staging?
It is recommended to have empty photos for virtual staging to match design style for better appeal.

No worries, if the property photos are not empty. We offer “Occupied to Vacant” and “Object Removal'' services to declutter the photos and thus Virtually Stage them. You can opt for these services while checking out.
Is providing a floor plan essential?
Having a floor plan is helpful but not essential.

Free Consultation - Connect to Our Expert

Get the best advice from our top Real Estate Virtual Staging Service Experts.
Trusted by 10,000+ professionals, 50,000+ photos served.
Kathren Hatayama
Realtor, Los Angeles
Kathren Hatayama
Realtor, Los Angeles
Kathren Hatayama
Realtor, Los Angeles
Kathren Hatayama
Realtor, Los Angeles
I appreciate that you have good designers. When I submit a vacant space they know how to stage it so it looks complete. I've used other companies where even after it's "virtually staged" the space looks bland. I like how your team accessorizes for a completed staged look.
Ana Orellana
Sales Associate, Century 21 Union Realty Co.
I love it for vacant homes/condos since the first thing that buyers look at are the pictures on bright MLS. You do a wonderful job in making rooms really “pop” and stand out so that the purchaser can really picture how to place their furniture.  I highly recommend your service!
Coldwell Banker
Styldod is a fantastic partner to have by your side! Effective, impactful and OUTSTANDING customer service and communication. Pricing is superior to other service providers and their commitment to their clients is second to none. Thank you to the Styldod team for all you do!
Darin Cruzen
Broker, RE/MAX Metro Realty.
The team was very responsive and I had a quick turn-around on the staging pictures. I thought they were done very well and looked real. Hard to tell that they were virtually staged. I will definitely be using Styldod again. Thank you!
Lisa Johnson
Parks Realty
I’m going to start sending projects your way for every listing I get. I look forward to working together. I’m dropping box brownie for sure
Amir Fouad
CRS - Broker

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Questions About Virtual Staging

Why is virtual staging important?
How much does Styldod virtual staging service cost?
Do you stage home exteriors?
Can I choose the design style?
What if I want to make a change?
How long does it take to process my order?
How do I get started and place an order?
What happens if I upload a photo that has a low resolution or small size?
Does virtual staging work?
Where to use the virtually staged photos?
What size do my photos need to be?
What if the photos I send have some furnishings and décor in them already?
Do you offer photography?
Is providing a floor plan essential?
Once I provide you with the photographs how are they sent back to me?
How long do we get to use the virtual photos or are they ours to keep for the life of our listing?
Do you provide a free trial?
Which countries do you provide virtual house staging services in?
What does virtual home staging look like?
What does it mean to stage a house virtually?
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Photography Tips to Virtually Stage a Home

Whether your property is vacant or occupied, good photographs are important assets to make your overall virtual room staging experience successful. Make sure to take photos that truly represent the soul of your property. Here are a few things you can do:
Build your
brand's value
Clean and declutter
the room
Turn on all the lights in the
Click photos in horizontal landscape mode
Don't use too wide of a camera lens
Capture as much of the room as possible
Shoot during daytime
Be mindful of the angles of the camera
Go Virtual and Save thousands

Why Choose Virtual Home Staging Over Traditional Home Staging?

Staging a property traditionally with real furniture, accessories, renovations, and repairs is often expensive and can cost thousands of dollars in the range of $2000 and $5000. Virtual property staging costs a fraction of that, somewhere in the range of $19 and $149 per room. It is also a much quicker process. Additionally, by virtually staging a home, you have the option of showcasing any space in different interior design styles instead of a single way. Read more
Sell Property Faster for Higher Sale Price

Does Virtual Staging Help You Sell Property Faster?

90% of the property or home buyers first look online when buying a property, which means your listing must stand out – virtual property staging is what you need to make an outstanding impression. Moreover, according to the Real Estate Staging Association, homes that are staged before going on the market sell 73% faster, on average, than their non-staged counterparts.

Which Company Offers Better Virtual Staging Service: Styldod Vs Boxbrownie

Styldod is overall the best virtual staging service provider. We did our research and compared features of the digital staging service offered by Styldod, BoxBrownie, Stuccco & Virtual Staging Solutions on four crucial points: Value for money; Specialization; Turnaround Time, and Customer Service. Styldod easily outperformed on these points to emerge at the top amongst the best real estate virtual staging companies, offering the best-in-class services.

With its low-cost staging service offering of just $16 per image; authority in the real estate domain; quick turnaround of 24 hrs, and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, Styldod offers exactly what it promises – a highly-skilled, experienced team of interior designers that uses the latest tools and technologies to deliver top-quality work at a quick turnaround time while ensuring affordable pricing and guaranteed satisfaction. Read more