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The lights are on. Your green lawn looks lovely. The scene is set for the real estate photo shoot. Suddenly a strong wind blows, shedding half of the leaves from your maple tree. What do you do in such an instance on a strict schedule? Object removal can be a lifesaver at times like these. This real estate photo editing service is a blessing for agents who do not have the time or resources to make their listing spotless manually before going online.

What is Object Removal?

Object removal is a technique widely used in real estate photo editing, where designers wipe off objects in the image that obstruct its purpose. For example, you want to showcase a home that is up for sale in the best possible manner, exhibiting its space and design without any hindrance. However, the room is filled with unwanted furniture and accessories. In that case, you can confidently click the picture as it is and remove all unnecessary items in post-production through the object removal service.

Benefits of Object Removal

  • Object removal makes the space appealing to buyers, giving them a chance to visualize their future home in detail.
  • Removing unwanted objects will give the viewer a clear idea of the space, design, and scope and make the room appear larger.
  • The service clears the room and prepares it for virtual staging, where the room can be decorated tastefully.

Instances to Use Object Removal

Here are 3 proven instances where you can use object removal to beautify your home.

1. Unwanted Furniture and Accessories from Home Interiors

Not everyone can click pictures of empty rooms before putting the house up for sale. If you are selling your residence, you might have some unwanted objects lying around. At times like these, real estate photo editing can be a lifesaver. The object removal service can remove the following cluttering items from your pictures:

  • Unnecessary Furniture
  • Lamps
  • Wall Arts
  • Indoor Plants
  • Crockery & Cutlery
  • Toys
  • Wall imperfections that will be covered up before the sale

2. Distractions From Home Exteriors

Homebuyers dream of spending warm summer afternoons with family on the green lawns while soaking in the sun. So, it is essential to live upto their expectations while listing images. When shooting home exteriors, if unprecedented obstacles, bad weather, and stray animals come in, you can remove these in post-production. Real estate photo editing will take care of:

  • Trash and trash cans
  • Animals & Birds
  • Fallen Leaves
  • Power Lines
  • Gardening Tools
  • Cars
  • Dead plants & small bushes

3. Miscellaneous Items

While clicking real estate pictures, you might miss trivial objects that will affect the overall aesthetic of your images, such as a reflection on the glass or signboards. Object removal can wipe the following stuff to make your pictures squeaky clean:

  • ‘For Sale’ signboards
  • Neighborhood billboards
  • Reflections on windows & mirrors
  • Bright light from the glass
  • Mailbox

Object removal is a popular service in real estate photo editing because it’s way easier than picking up each unwanted piece and tidying up the whole house manually. At Styldod, we remove upto 6 objects per photo and deliver the project in 48 business hours, with an option for unlimited revisions . We finish the job for a mere $8 per photo with a 100% money back guarantee!

Interested in our object removal service? Start your free trial now!

Styldod is a design-tech company that aims to simplify real estate marketing and help agents present homes in their most favorable light online by reimagining and automating the listing photography process. Having begun as a virtual staging company, today, Styldod has affordable and best-in-class products and services for every facet of real estate marketing and photography. Styldod’s suite of services include virtual staging, image enhancements, floor plans, virtual renovation, 3D renders, 360 degree virtual tours, and Matterport virtual staging, to name a few. We're trusted by over 10,000 realtors from all over the US and from companies like ReMax, Coldwell Banker, Keller Williams. Know more about us at https://www.styldod.com.

Ann Alex

Ann is a thriller-loving Economics major who chose to follow her passion for writing and became a Content Writer at Styldod. A big Jeffrey Archer fan, Ann loves books, films, and everything else that gets her creative juices flowing.

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