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Virtual Staging

How Home Staging in Houston Could Give You the Edge in the Real Estate Market

Imagine two houses in the same neighborhood up for sale in Houston. One is designed and staged by a professional virtual staging service, and the other is un staged.

Which listing has a better scope of being noticed, appreciated, and sold faster? What do you think? The planned and staged home will most certainly offer a superior and attractive viewing experience than the other for a prospective buyer.

Did you know that 77% of real estate agents claimed that staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home? Statistics consistently show that staged homes sell faster and for more than unstaged homes. 

Houston has been one of the most sought-after real estate markets in Texas. But the Houston housing market is changing amid the pandemic. Virtual staging allows real estate agents to showcase their property in various styles to help buyers visualize the property's interiors without physically visiting the property.

Remarkable real estate photography has become a mandate if you want to sell your property in Houston or anywhere, faster and for a higher price. And further, virtual staging has become a must to turn your property's ace photos into perfect spaces that a buyer can imagine living in.

Now, more people are getting acquainted with their next living space through virtual tours, including home buyers and sellers in the Houston area, thus popularising virtual home staging and other similar services.

Here are a few good reasons why virtual staging is essential for real estate agents in Houston

Staging helps your listing stand out

Nowadays, most home buying starts online. Potential buyers usually get an impression of the property through the kind of pictures posted in the listing. Pictures entice potential buyers to further come for a home tour and put an offer.

Virtual home staging services can give your Houston real estate property an edge by increasing the perceived value and making it feel more welcoming. It also creates an emotional connection that provides buyers with the confidence to put in an offer. 

It brings out a lifestyle that potential buyers can relate to

A professionally staged home in Houston appeals to the buyers' desire to make a deal and decide. When you walk your potential buyers through houses that are virtually staged with a beautiful design, functional furniture, and eye-pleasing pallets, they are drawn in by the desire to live in a designed home.

It often evokes an impulsive buying decision when the homes are displayed at their highest potential. With virtual staging, your options are limitless. You can pick the interior style that your prospects are most likely to connect with without having to break your budget.

Virtual staging helps you sell your property quicker

When considering whether or not to hire a professional to declutter and stage a home, the first thing many property owners want to know is whether or not a staged home sells quicker than one that's not. When your home gives potential buyers the best first impression, it's likely to market faster.

When touring houses for sale, many possible buyers like to imagine their belongings in the home. Based on the Real Estate Staging Association studies, families with these professional services spend approximately 73 percent less time for sale than non-staged homes.

Staging shows the breakdown of the highly sought after open concept floor plan

Everyone wants it, but many don't have the creative imagination to see it when the large free space is just an expanse of a large open space. Staging defines a space and shows how it can function. You can also create various options for your buyer to see the true potential of any space within the property in Houston that you want to sell.

This is so beneficial to potential buyers, and the reason why a lot of them will not make an immediate buying decision because they are not sure precisely what to do with such a large open space. Thus, displaying the full potential through virtual staging options is key.

Virtual staging in Houston is the most hassle-free and inexpensive solution to stage your home or any real estate property in Houston or elsewhere. Styldod offers virtual staging at just $16 per image and provides different interior style variations for clients to choose from (these are currently trending and versatile across building types).

Home staging in Houston is the most prominent way to help people picture themselves in their dream homes. Styldod is here to help you with professional virtual staging solutions that leave a lasting impression on potential buyers.

Reach out to us with the property photos to get them staged with your choice of interiors. We assure you to enhance your property photos with our other services as well.

Rahul Agrawal

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Styldod

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