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Real Estate Marketing

How Do Real Estate Agents Get Listings?

Real estate listings are the bread and butter of any real estate agent's business. Without listings, agents would have no properties to sell and, consequently, no leads to generate. Therefore, real estate agents must have a consistent and robust pipeline of listings to maintain and grow their business.

However, with so much competition in the real estate industry, it can be challenging to attract new listings. In this blog, we will discuss the eight best ways to get real estate listings and even generate leads to help grow your business.

8 Best Ways to Get Real Estate Listings

  • 1. Identify Your Target Audience

    When you begin to think about how real estate agents get listings, identifying your target audience should be the first thing that should come to your mind. You would have noticed that not every successful real estate agent tries to serve every potential buyer on a house hunt. Most of the big names in the industry are serving in a certain niche.

    There are several reasons why identifying your target audience in the real estate industry is essential. One benefit of finding your niche audience is that it gives you a better field to understand their demographics and characteristics. This further assists you in focusing better on your marketing campaigns, as you'll be able to resonate with your audience. Further, you'll be able to seal more deals as the understanding of your client's preferred locations, property types, and features increases, and you will no longer be aiming in the dark.

    Here are some ways to help you identify your target audience in this crowded market:

      • Begin analyzing the market: Your local real estate market can help you understand what kind of real estate agents' listings are getting sold and get clear with the characteristics of your area (your audience's income and age).
      • Explore your knowledge: Learn more about what kind of deals you like to close and what properties you like selling. Once you determine that, start expanding your knowledge in that field.
  • 2. Start Networking

    The real estate business is all about building and maintaining connections since word-of-mouth marketing works best in this business. And the best part about networking and working on creating more contacts in the real estate industry is that you may not get an immediate job to sell or help your client buy a home, but you can gradually build a relationship with them. This will encourage them to recommend your name to any of their friends or family. Strengthening your connection with potential buyers and sellers will also help you by keeping you on top of their minds.

    Further, not just potential clients but networking with other real estate agents is also fruitful for your business. Why, you may ask? There are several reasons why you need to be friendly even with your competitors, and here are the reasons:

    • Build referrals: When you network with local and real estate agents in other countries or areas, you have a higher chance of getting referred by them to clients looking to relocate to areas outside the agent's expertise or geography.
    • Access off-market properties: By building connections with other agents, you can access properties that are off-market and not listed in any MLS. These are perfect if you're looking for unique properties for your clients.
    • Collaborate: Working with other real estate agents can broaden your chances of closing more deals and provide better services for your clients, helping you create a good name in the industry.
    • Develop a good reputation: Building relationships with an agent can help you establish a positive reputation in the local market as word-of-mouth referrals from an agent can help build trust with potential clients.
  • 3. Contact Everyone You Know

    One way to expand your real estate business or get started with it is by spreading the word across your family, friends, past clients, acquaintances, and neighbors. If you are wondering how to get listings as a real estate agent, reaching out to these individuals and letting them know about your services can be an effective strategy. You already have some influence and a bridge of trust with them; therefore, use this relationship to get more listings.

    Further, real estate is more of a personal business built on networking and referrals than any other form of advertising or marketing. People prefer to work with someone they have a personal connection with. Past clients, neighbors, family, and friends have already established a personal relationship with you, making it easier to develop that relationship and win the deal.

  • 4. Consider Different Forms of Marketing

    There isn't much stress drawn on the importance of marketing for every real estate professional. If you are serious about getting clients for your business, you must put yourself out there, both online and offline, to reach your target audience and seal deals more often. Marketing can help you achieve this.

    You can try two different approaches to marketing:

    • Traditional marketing

      You can incorporate several old-school marketing ways to reach the maximum audience and create brand visibility. Here are some traditional marketing ideas every real estate agent can adopt to get more listings:

      • Flyers: Real estate flyers are marketing materials showcasing a property for sale. They contain relevant information about the home, like location, photos, features, and price, and are an effective marketing tool for attracting potential clients.
      • Direct mail blasts: Another way to get real estate listings is through direct mail blasts, where you can send a mass mailing of promotional materials directly to your potential client's mailbox. This can include brochures, postcards, letters, or flyers.
      • Billboards: Reach as many people as you can with real estate billboards. These large outdoor advertising displays are located along busy roads or highways to promote your real estate business and attract a broad audience to your services.
      • Special events: Attending or hosting special events for real estate agents in your locality can help you expand your network and reach a wider audience of not just potential clients but also other real estate agents and professionals in the business.
      • Print placements: Print placements in printed publications such as magazines, newspapers, brochures, and more allows real estate agent to promote their business and help people discover them. You can take advantage of this by designing print ads in various formats like texts, images, and contact information.
    • Online Marketing

      Another way of promoting your business to get more real estate leads is by going the modern route of online marketing. Here's what you can do:

      • SEO-optimized website: Whether it is a single property website or your own business website, optimizing and making them SEO-friendly to rank on the search engine result pages and reach more audiences online.
      • Paid promotion on Facebook and Instagram: Utilize paid advertising facilities on social media platforms and create online ads to increase your visibility so your potential clients can become aware of your services.
      • Social media for organic reach: Apart from paid advertisements, you can use social media to organically reach your potential clients by building a community. Post content regularly and interact with your audience to get noticed. The best part about organic social media marketing is that you can establish yourself as an industry expert by sharing your expertise and knowledge to attract clients.
      • E-newsletters: Another way to get people to notice you is by adding them to your email list. Creating regular newsletters and sending them to your signed-up list will help keep your name on top of their mind.
      • Verify your Google Business and get reviews: A Google Business Profile appears on the right-hand side of your search engine when you search for a business. You need to add your contact information, hours of operation, recent listings, and more. This helps you gain a strong impression, and adding reviews will help build a factor of trust for your clients.
  • 5. Have a Community Presence

    Staying in touch with your local community is one of the best ways to get real estate listings, as it helps develop your offline image and make you more noticeable in the locality. This pushes more leads toward you and helps people remember your name more often whenever they need your help related to real estate.

  • 6. Ask Previous Clients for Referrals

    There's never been a marketing strategy more effective than word-of-mouth marketing. People are more likely to trust a business their friends, family, or anyone close to them recommended to them than they would trust an advertisement. Nielson's Global Trust in Advertising report recorded that almost 92% of consumers globally put their trust in referrals from people they're close to. The figures are never going to lie! Referrals are known to work for most businesses in every industry.

    Ensure you connect well with your clients even after you finish working with them. This way, they can refer you whenever their friends or family need help in real estate.

  • 7. Deliver Great Listing Presentations

    Fame and a good reputation don't make a cut for every deal. Some clients need more persuasion, and listing presentations are your chance to convince someone to become your client. These presentations answer questions such as:

    • Your background
    • What kind of similar homes have you sold before?
    • How will you price the client's home?
    • What's your marketing plan for the house?
    • What plans do you hold for the open house?
    • Do you have any expertise in photo editing and photography?
  • Get a Professional Headshot and Listing Photos

    A lack of a professional headshot can make you lose a potential client because you may appear too unprofessional, ineffective, and untrustworthy.

    Also, Apart from the headshots, you need great listing photos taken in good lighting and amazing staging features.

    Say goodbye to cluttered and messy listing images, and welcome uncluttered and tidy images with our Virtual Staging service. Transform any vacant and boring room into a fabulous dream-come-true space, starting at just $16! Try it For Free!

8. Get the Best Deals with Open Houses

The last piece of advice for anyone wondering how do real estate agents get listings and maintain their reputation within the community is that hold as many open houses as you can. While the main focus after getting a listing is to impress the potential homebuyer, an open house can be your key to unlocking this potential! And not just that, this will even help you maintain your reputation and may even help in gaining referrals.

We hope these eight practical and effective tips on the best ways to get real estate listings helped you in any way. There are no hard and fast rules for attracting leads as long as you keep expanding your knowledge and serving your clients with the best customer service.

Rahul Agrawal

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Styldod

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