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Virtual Staging

How to Stage a Bedroom to Add More Value

Staging a bedroom is important to ensure potential buyers can envision themselves living in the home.

A report by NAR stated that 51% of homebuyers think staging the bedroom is necessary and hold it in second place after the living room. Yet it is the most ignored area while selling.

In today's article, we will discuss nine essential bedroom staging tips to enhance the area's appeal. Further, we will also explore how Styldod offers a cheaper and more efficient alternative to traditional staging.

9 Bedroom Staging Tips

A tidy, clean, dusted, and vacuumed bedroom can attract major attention and sell the home faster than a cluttered and messy property with random things thrown on the floor. Staging the bedroom can help you make it attractive by cleaning corners and arranging everything nicely.

Here are nine helpful bedroom staging ideas and tips to get you started:

1. Keep it Simple

One of the major secrets of a well-staged bedroom is simplicity. Your priority should be to have a blank canvas for the buyers to imagine their space the way they want. The buyer's attention should be driven to the bedroom instead of the furniture.

2. Declutter the Mess

Bedrooms, especially unused ones like guest bedrooms, can become grounds for dumping random items like clothes, bedding, or accessories. To make the space appear more attractive, it's essential to take care of the area by decluttering the mess. Remove the items that are not necessary and might distract the buyers when showing them the property.

3. Have a Focal Point

Another great bedroom staging tip is to create a focal point in the room. Typically, the bed is the main attraction of any bedroom, so position it where it fits right. An additional piece of advice is to avoid pushing the bed against a wall, as that will make the room look more cramped. If you want, you can fit necessary furniture like a lamp, side table, or chair. But if it makes the room more crowded, remove the unimportant things.

4. Style the Bed

As mentioned earlier, the bed is the focal point of your bedroom. Hence, it's essential to style it per the room's aesthetics. Here are some ways in which you can pay attention to the bed for a stunning bedroom staging:

  • Keep the bed placement in mind: The foot of the bed should be kept away from the door so that anyone who walks in the bedroom pays attention to the bed.
  • Add extra pillows and crisp linens: Pillows make any space appear lush, so don't be afraid to throw some extra sets on the bed! Moreover, change the bedding with new and crisp linens for added glamor.
  • Keep it simple with a headboard: Sometimes, it's easier to stage the bedroom with something as simple as a headboard. Change the blandness of the space with an attractive headboard if the bedroom lacks visual appeal.

5. Place a Rug

Adding an area rug in your bedroom adds a splash of color, texture, and warmth to the space and instantly lifts the décor. If you're under a tight budget for staging a bedroom, placing an area rug can enhance the interior without spending a fortune.

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6. Paint the Walls Neutral

Since bedrooms are private spaces, they are mostly painted in personal colors. For instance, the owner will probably paint their bedroom in one of their favorite colors. And sometimes, this choice can be too offbeat for a buyer.

Even though the paint is the easiest thing to fix in a room, some buyers don't want to take the hassle on their heads, or some cannot imagine the space in a color they prefer. To avoid this, give the bedroom a makeover by coating it in a neutral color that is a perfect blank canvas for potential buyers to imagine the space efficiently.

6. Paint the Walls Neutral

Getting a window treatment can change the entire look of a bedroom. A window treatment is where you modify the windows of a space to enhance the look of the room.

To get started with the window treatment, hang sheer drapes on the window to impart a feeling of privacy and added elegance. But make sure you don’t block the beautiful view of the window with heavy curtains. Allow more natural light inside the space to make the bedroom appear more elegant.

Another great bedroom staging tip is to tone it down with the nightstands. Keep them simple and add fun elements like a candle or showpiece to make them pop. Don't go overboard with colors or patterns near the nightstand to avoid making it look cluttered.

9. Incorporate Greenery

Lastly, the secret to a beautifully stagged bedroom lies in adding lots of plants to the space. The greenery can instantly lift the vibe of the area while also freshening the air around. A splash of botanical accents can bring natural appeal and a pop of color.

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Virtual Staging with Styldod – An Affordable Alternative!

Bedroom staging or just staging the entire home comes with tons of perks, like better impressions and higher offers when compared to homes that are not staged. But it's worth mentioning that traditional staging needs a heavy investment to enhance a property's appeal.

The costs majorly include:

  • Professional stagers
  • Repairs and upgrades
  • Rental furniture and décor items
  • Photographers for professional listings
  • Marketing material for selling the property

An industry estimate of the cost of staging is between $500 to $2,500, and sometimes even more, depending on the number of rooms. This is not a valid option when you're working under a tight budget or when you're working with sellers who want to cut their costs down.

So, what's your solution? Virtual staging!

Reap the benefits of staging but at a lesser expense with Styldod's Virtual Staging services.

  • Get a property staged by professionals at $16 per image
  • Save bucks on professional staging while still getting professionals on board to stage a home

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h2 id="bedroom-staging-before-after">Bedroom Staging – Before and After

Check out how Styldod virtually staged the below bedroom to enhance its appearance:

  • Before Staging
Before virtual staging of bedroom

What was wrong in this room:

  • Messy racks
  • Unattractive bedding
  • Bed placement that ends up making the room look cramped
  • Visible wires
  • After Virtual Staging
After Virtual Staging of Bedoom

How did the professionals at Styldod transform the appeal:

  • Changed the position of the bed to make it a focal point
  • Got rid of the visible wires
  • Styled the bed in neutral colors to highlight key features in the bedroom
  • Decluttered the space
  • Removed the closet to make the room less crowded
  • Placed a rug, stool, furniture, and painting to add personality

Styldod also offers various designs and styles to ease the visualizing process for potential buyers by selecting their choice of style.

Here's an example of an empty room that was staged by the professionals at Styldod:

Empty room
Before Virtual Staging
Virtually Staged Bedroom
After Virtual Staging

Why Virtual Staging?

According to a survey by NAR, approximately 97% of homebuyers begin their home search journey online. With the increasing internet usage in the real estate business, it only makes sense to use its potential to the maximum with virtual staging.

Virtual staging allows you to choose from different design styles without being costly. So, get started with Styldod's affordable virtual staging services!

Rahul Agrawal

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Styldod

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