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6 Kitchen Staging Ideas That Buyers Will Love | Styldod

Kitchens rank very high on a homebuyer's priority list. Your kitchen's condition is a deal breaker – it helps decide whether the buyer puts in an offer or walks away.

Expectations for kitchens run high, and homebuyers are looking for kitchens with spectacular features. If your kitchen doesn't meet these expectations, your house can linger on the market for months. For a quick sale, you must stage the kitchen before placing your home on the real estate market. You don't have to do a complete kitchen makeover. A few fixes and a few tricks could be all you need to make it ready for the competitive real estate market.

Here are our favorite staging kitchen for sale tips to make this room of your house speak straight to a buyer's heart (and their checkbook, too)!

1. Clear off the countertops

Buyers love to see uncluttered kitchen countertops. So, this should be the first thing to do before putting your home on the market. Leave just a few decor pieces on the countertop; the rest of the small appliances, such as a blender or a toaster, should be kept away in a cabinet.  

2. Bring in some color and elegance

A few simple pieces of decor can provide some style and contrast, making it feel newer and inviting. Some easy kitchen counter staging ideas include:

  • Place a vase of flowers or a live plant on the counter.
  • Use elegant oil and vinaigrettes bottles of varying shapes and heights to create a tempting vignette on the kitchen counter.  
  • Place a tea set, glass bottles filled with herbs, etc., on a tray.
  • Make sure your kitchen workstation has proper task lighting.
  • Consider placing apothecary jars filled with materials such as noodles or beans.
  • You cannot go wrong with displaying colorful fruit in a pretty bowl or basket.
  • Place a book stand with an open cookbook set in it.

3. Give cabinets a facelift

If you want to give a feel of a brand new kitchen for a fraction of the cost of a full kitchen renovation, consider these kitchen staging ideas:

  • If your kitchen cabinets are in good condition but look a little dull or worn out, consider a fresh coat of paint. Paint them to match your countertop. White, gray, and beige colors are trending and look elegant.
  • Make sure that your countertop is in good condition; if not, replacing it would be a smart move.
  • Invest in pretty doorknobs for your kitchen cabinets.

4. Organize the cabinets

Unkempt and cluttered cabinets can be a put-off. So make sure you organize the pantry and all the shelves to show off the storage and make the place look more organized and appealing.

5. Update the lighting fixtures

If the house has outdated lighting fixtures in the kitchen, like fluorescent lights, switch them to more classic or contemporary choices. This change can instantly make the kitchen look new and modern. It's wise to stay away from bulbs that cast a yellow glow on the space. Choose daylight-style bulbs to make the space look clean and large.

6. Set the kitchen island/bar

If your kitchen has an island or a bar area with bar stools, you can make it more inviting by putting out place settings for each seat. Also, bring in a pop of color by placing colorful placemats. If you do not have a kitchen island, here are some ideas to set up an island:  

  • If you have plenty of floor space and a single wall of kitchen cabinets, get a wood-top rolling cart with storage underneath.
  • Get a free-standing butcher block table. Ensure that you have at least three feet of space to maneuver around an island.

How to Make a Smaller Kitchen Look Big

Want to create an illusion of a larger kitchen? These small kitchen staging tips might help:

Don't clutter the space. Limit the decor items on display.

  • A flower pot or fruit bowl on the countertop is good enough.
  • Avoid using patterned flooring or wall tiling. Patterns make space look smaller.
  • Use open or floating shelving to expand the space.
  • Keep the cabinets and walls of the same light color to make the space look larger.
  • Paint a low ceiling white.
  • Use a neutral color on the walls.
  • Match the electrical outlets with the color of the walls.
small kitchen staging idea

Common Mistakes Most Home Sellers Make

This list outlines the most common and expensive mistakes home sellers make in the kitchen:

  • Leave dirty dishes in and around the sink.
  • Leave the dish rack on the counter.
  • Leave dish soap bottles, soap dispensers, scrub brushes/sponges, and washrags at the sink.
  • Hang greasy dishtowels and potholders.
  • Cover appliances with fabric.
  • Leave smelly trash can out.
  • Leave daily dishes on the counter.
  • Leave mail, documents, kids' school work, etc., on your kitchen counter.
  • Leave food crumbs on countertops
  • Decorate the tops of cabinets.
  • Leave chargers plugged in everywhere.
  • Leave photos and magnets on the front and sides of the refrigerator
kitchen staging

Getting kitchen staging done physically with real furniture and decor items is a time and cost investment. If you are looking for a less time-consuming and cheaper alternative, virtual kitchen staging can be done for $16 per image at Styldod. With virtual staging, you won't need to arrange the furnishing and decor of the kitchen physically. Our interior designers can transform the interiors and get any kitchen design you want. How easy is that? Talk to our experts now!

Rahul Agrawal

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Styldod

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