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Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing Myths and Lead Generation Ideas

Real estate marketing and myths are a combination that is more common than they should be. Many agents believe marketing their real estate services is about posting on social media, building a website and creating online ads. But that's just the beginning! In this blog, we will talk about the five most common myths related to real estate marketing and share some tips on how to generate real estate leads.

What is Real Estate Marketing?

Real estate marketing includes marketing strategies to promote the unique selling point of your business to your target audience to establish a brand presence, gain loyal customers, and increase your sales.

Marketing your real estate business is especially important for newer real estate agents searching for ways to get into the community, create a good reputation and form connections because, ultimately, the main purpose of marketing is to generate real estate leads!

However, all of this requires hard work and time as it is never easy to create leads that can convert into customers. And today's competitive market is not making it any easier for new agents to break into the industry. Most real estate agents follow the same old marketing strategies to attract customers. And if you tag along the same pathway, it might be one of the main reasons you are not able to attract the right leads! No matter how tempting it gets to follow the industry leaders, that does not mean you should because what worked for them might not work for you.

So, what exactly is going to get the leads flowing? To get quality real estate leads, you need to understand the realities of what will convert them into your long-term clients. In this article, we will debunk some popular real estate marketing myths and give tips to improve your lead generation and management strategies.

Debunking Marketing Myths to Get Real Estate Leads

Employing a successful real estate marketing strategy, distributing content, and creating a fantastic online presence is just one step closer to reaching your conversion goals. But, there's still a half battle left to be conquered. Getting real estate leads needs more than just your online presence. It requires correct application of a customized marketing plan.

There are so many marketing tips available out there. With the amount of choice, you will get confused about which techniques deserve your effort, time and money. To make your job easier, we have compiled a list of popular myths and tips to counter them for the best ways to get real estate leads.

MYTH #1: Ranking on the search engine is easy

It's just a search engine result page. How hard can it get to rank your content?

Well, to begin with, it is tough to make your website rank for the right reasons and even harder to generate leads for real estate agents! And if your website is new, there's already a swarm of competitors with heavy traffic, ranking on the first page. So, unfortunately, ranking on top for both organic and paid results is not easy and requires plenty of effort.

  • Tip: Apply a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and stick with it for the best results!

Just because it's not easy to rank does not mean you cannot rank at all! Marketing is a mix of trial and error, where you cannot just blindly follow what everyone else is doing because that's possibly not going to work for you.

Every business idea is different, and so is its marketing plan. For example, some might employ strategies to get real estate seller leads, while some apply to get buyer leads.

Marketing strategies vary depending on your goals, purpose and audience. If you want to rule the search engines, begin by looking for the relevant keywords you want to rank for. Take the help of tools to understand which key phrases your competitors are ranking for. Then you can gather the best ranking keywords and create a strategy for using them in your content. Later, distribute it on various channels that align with your marketing goals.

If you want more real estate marketing ideas to get you started, check out our blog, an in-depth guide of tips and strategies you can try and test yourself!

MYTH #2: Visitors are only interested in you

Of course, they will care about who you are and what you provide, but not immediately!

Prospects visiting your site have a specific purpose they want to fulfill. And when their search intent is satisfied, they will check out your website to get to know more about you. But, if you don't provide the right information, resource or tool they are searching for, they won't have a reason to stay and will move on.

  • Tip: Refrain from making the website solely about you!

A perfect real estate website should be a combination of your information and content that establishes you as an industry expert.

Generating real estate agent leads is not just about making the entire website about you. So, instead of spamming your website with your information, add a separate "About" section that only talks about you – your name, educational background, work experience, your picture and expertise. This makes your website look human and makes the visitors feel welcomed!

But your face shouldn't be the most prominent thing on your site. Create helpful content, add user-friendly tools that can make home search and selling easier for them and integrate strong call-to-actions for turning readers into leads.

Moreover, you can even create a single property website to attract more homebuyers to your site! These websites are great for showcasing current listings and generating leads.

MYTH #3: Lead generation is more important than lead management

Not just real estate agents, every business owner who lacks digital marketing knowledge makes the mistake of improperly managing leads.

Generating leads is just one-half of creating sales. The other half of the efforts go into managing them so that they can get converted into your clients. For example, if you have 100 leads and only 10 of them convert, your conversion rate is 0.1%. So, in short, conversion rates indicate your lead management skills. The lower your conversion rates are, the more you need to focus on managing the real estate leads you get.

  • Tip: Carefully guide every lead into the conversion funnel!

Make sure you convert the right lead into a client by guiding them carefully into a well-crafted conversion funnel.

For example, when a prospect visits your website, ensure you have the right tools to utilize and collect their contact information. And once you collect their details, segment them properly with location, source, interest, what buying stage they contacted you, etc. Once you segment these, create a communication list targeting each segment.

MYTH #4: Social media is not effective for producing quality real estate leads

Social media is known for attracting a bad reputation. However, when used correctly, you can take advantage of these widely-used channels!

  • Tip: Use the right channels and target the correct audience!

Did you know that when you use the correct social media platforms, they can benefit you greatly?

Although social media seems like you cannot gain retaining clients, what you need to know is that these channels are great for identifying your target audience and converting them into your clients. But this only happens when you properly use social media as a way to get real estate leads. A study by NARS revealed that almost 99% of millennials begin their home search online, and 47% of real estate agents said that social media gave them high-quality leads as opposed to other sources!

In other words, social media is a gold mine of lead generation when used with a goal in mind and social media marketing strategies in your hand.

MYTH #5: Virtual staging does not help to sell homes

One of the biggest myths around the real estate agent community is that virtual staging does not work wonders.

  • Tip: Take the help of the right virtual staging service!

Statistics have repeatedly proven that virtual staging is more than effective. In fact, real estate agents have noted that staged homes are proven to sell faster and at higher prices compared to non-staged empty properties. It increases your listing's visibility and creates exposure that provides a great buying experience. Properly edited listing images are vibrant and more attractive to look at. They are effective in catching a buyer's attention, and using these images on your listing website is the best way to get real estate leads! Moreover, virtual staging is an excellent cost-effective and time-saving alternative to traditional staging.

If you are an amateur in virtual staging and are having difficulties understanding where to get started, Styldod can help you! We understand that to sell a listing, the imagery must be strong enough to capture attention! And that's why our staging services are quick, easy and inexpensive!

Edit, enhance, remove clutter and virtually stage beautiful homes with us! Our services include:

  • Virtual Staging and Renovation
  • 360-degree Tours
  • Architecture Planning
  • Image Enhancement
  • 3D Rendering
  • 2D and 3D Floor Plans
  • Real Estate Video Editing and more!
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Real Estate Lead Generation Begins with Great Marketing!

Converting prospects into leads is a tough job. But it's not impossible when done right! You just need a correct marketing plan to get you started with lead generation. Moreover, lead management is also an integral part. So, ensure you don't get too busy creating leads that you forget to manage them!

Rahul Agrawal

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Styldod

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