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Home Staging

The Power of Property Staging in Attracting Quality Renters

Though property staging is often associated with selling rather than renting, landlords and property managers shouldn't dismiss it entirely. It's a simple way to make your property more appealing and might attract reliable tenants who take good care of your rental. Sounds good, doesn't it?

In this article, we'll explore everything about staging rentals—its meaning, advantages, tips, and whether it's a worthwhile investment or not.

What Exactly is Staging a Property?

Property staging means setting up a property in a neat and practical way to show potential tenants how great it could be. The goal is to make the property look its best. We focus on the good things about it and arrange the space to be really useful.

A crucial part of getting rental properties ready is called priming. Priming uses subtle messages to influence people's thoughts without them even realizing it. For instance, putting out a welcoming doormat and cozy signs helps potential tenants picture themselves living there.

When we combine staging and priming, it makes renters see your property in a positive way. Taking the time to do these things can attract more tenants and reduce the time your property stays empty.

Tips for Staging Your Rental Property:

1. Take the Personal Touch Out of Your Home

This is important if you're trying to rent out or sell your house. A simple trick like this can make a good impression on someone looking to rent. Take down family photos, certificates on the wall, toys, and other personal stuff that might make the person feel like the home is still lived in. Also, get rid of anything that shows your political or religious views. If you don't do this, it might make renters feel less connected to the home.

Your home should look like a blank canvas so that the person looking at it can imagine it as their own. Nowadays, people start looking for rental homes on the internet. That's why it's really important to remove your personal stuff before taking pictures for the listing.

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2. Choose Suitable Furnishings and Accessories

Pick furniture and decorations that match the people who might rent your place. If your rental is in a busy city or a trendy neighborhood, your tenants could be young professionals or a busy couple. To make the house attractive to them, use furniture that fits their lifestyle, like a relaxed dining set and an open entertainment space. Add small touches like nice cabinet handles or stylish switch plates to make the house look better without spending much. Also, be open to changing the decorations and accessories based on the season.

3. Make Each Room Easy to Understand

Every room should have a clear purpose that's easy to figure out. Use furniture and decorations that match what each room is for. For example, if it's a home office, put in a desk, chair, bookshelves, and maybe some art or pictures for a cozy feel.

Also, when you pick the right furniture style and set it up well, people looking to rent your place can better see how big each room is. It's much clearer than having an empty or mostly empty room.

By changing up some furniture and putting in new pieces, you might be surprised at how it brings a fresh vibe to your home. It helps show what each space is meant for in a much better way.

4. Choose the Right Colors

Choosing the right colors for your home before putting it up for rent is essential. It's not just about using neutral colors anymore. The colors you pick can make your home more attractive to potential tenants. In the past, people thought painting everything white was the best way to go. But things have changed.

Nowadays, using a mix of colors that go well together can make your home look more appealing when you're preparing it for rent. These colors shouldn't be too flashy so that tenants can pay attention to the whole home, not just the walls or ceilings. However, there's a special case. If you want to attract artistic tenants, you might think about using warm and creative colors or trying something different. But be careful not to use too many bold colors because what looks good to one person might not to another. If your rental property is in an artistic neighborhood, this could be a good idea to consider.

5. Using Virtual Staging for Your Property

If you're not sure about going through the trouble of buying and moving furniture to stage your rental property, virtual staging might be the solution. Companies like Styldod can digitally add furniture and decorations to your real rooms. This makes your empty property look fully furnished and welcoming, all without the hassle of dealing with physical furniture when tenants move in and out.

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6. Showcasing Your Property's Best Features for Tenant Appeal

Show off the best features of your property when setting it up for potential tenants. If there's a fireplace, make it stand out with the right lighting. If you have built-in bookshelves, showcase them by arranging books or accessories neatly. But keep things tidy – you don't want tenants to focus too much on decorations. The goal is to highlight the possibilities of the space.

If you've got a spacious master bedroom, don't leave it bare. Use a big bed and matching furniture to show off the extra space and comfort. Just remember, it's hard for people to visualize room sizes or furniture arrangements when a space is empty.

Also, as mentioned earlier, consider your location. If your rental is in a tech hub near downtown, promote a small bedroom as a potential office space. Understand your market and present your property in a way that appeals to potential tenants.

7. Focus on the Curb Appeal

Remember to make your rental property look appealing from the outside too! Even if no one is living there right now, it's essential to keep the outdoor areas neat. Just like when you sell a house, the first impression matters for renters too.

When you're getting the house ready to show, don't forget about the outdoor spaces. Ask someone to trim the bushes, pull out any weeds, cut back overgrown branches, plant some pretty flowers, and tidy up the outdoor lights. If your place has a nice patio or balcony, pick out some suitable furniture and decorations to show how they can use the space for relaxing or having friends over. A welcoming wreath on the front door is a friendly touch for potential tenants. Making the outside look good is a great way to attract people to rent your property!

8. Think of Yourself as the Tenant

Put yourself in your tenant's shoes by taking a stroll through the property as if you were looking to rent it. What catches your eye? Is there enough light? Do the rooms feel welcoming or a bit plain? Is everything clean and well-lit? Do the rooms seem too small or just the right size? Check the kitchen—do the fixtures look old? Are there any appliances that could use an upgrade? Keep in mind that potential tenants might be looking at many different rental options, including yours.

Benefits of Staging Your Rental Property

1. Makes Places Look Inviting

When you stage a place, it looks welcoming to people who might want to rent it. Renters can see how rooms can be used, especially when they're set up in a way that shows their potential. For instance, if there's space in the kitchen for both cooking and hanging out, staging can highlight that.

2. Boosts Marketing

When it comes to rental property marketing staging is a big help. It makes your rental places look great in photos used for marketing. Since most people start looking for rentals online, having staged photos ensures they see how awesome your places are right from the start.

3. Stands Out from Others

Getting renters' attention can be tricky, especially in areas with lots of rental options. Staging sets your properties apart. Not all landlords bother with staging, but doing it showcases your place in a special way. So, if you're in a competitive market, standing out with staged rentals can make a big difference.

4. Higher Rental Income

Making a place look nice with staging can make people think it's worth more to rent. When renters see a property as well taken care of, good-looking, and ready to move in, they might be okay with paying more for these extras. So, spending money on staging could help get a place rented faster, decrease the time it's empty, and possibly bring in more rent money over the long run.

Closing Thoughts

And there you have it – a guide to making your rental property shine with some cool staging tricks. It's not just about making your place look good; it's about creating a vibe that makes tenants go, "Yep, this is the one." So go ahead, give your property the spotlight it deserves!

Shital Gohil

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Styldod

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