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Real Estate Photography

Why is Styldod the Best Option for Your Real Estate Photo Editing

Property Image Enhanced by Styldod

Why are Photos so Important in the Real Estate Business?

In the real estate industry, presenting each property in the best manner is of prime importance. An essential component is to include as many quality photos as possible. Research suggests that 88% of prospective buyers search their property purchase online and the first point of contact with the property is through the images showcased online.

These statistics indicate that quality real estate photography is critical in selling a property. Therefore, creating the right first impression of your property among prospects is crucial in preparing your property for sale.

The Role of Styldod

Styldod has been helping real estate agents for over two years by providing hassle-free, quick and inexpensive virtual staging solutions. We are an end-to-end solution with several image and video editing services like to help real estate agents sell their properties farter and at a higher price. Every month, Styldod helps solve 600+ photo related dilemmas, deliver 1500+rooms designs, and render 20000+ 3D images.

Services Provided by Styldod 

1.      Virtual Staging: Styldod virtually stages your real estate listing photos to take your marketing to the next level. Virtual staging is usually economical than real home staging. According to the client's requirement, virtual home staging services from Styldod digitally furnish homes with furniture and décor. Currently, virtual staging is a huge trend and realtors are embracing the movement in a big way.

2.      Image enhancement: We create professional-looking, high-quality real estate photos that are proven to increase the sale price. Correcting the discoloration of an image will result in a brighter and crisper image. Adjusting the balance will allow white objects to be seen as white in the picture and show your listing in a professional light. This is an essential process in ensuring that your images have a professional finish and top quality. Sharpening the picture will emphasize the textures and improve the overall quality of your image.

3.      Object removal: Clutter and unwanted items in the property distract potential buyers and refrain them from seeing a property's full potential. Styldod removes the clutter and unwanted objects in just $8 per photo within a quick turnaround time. Our virtual decluttering and object removal service removes items and furniture that are distractions in an image or a setting and replaces them with beautiful and trendy furniture pieces.

4.      Occupied to vacant: A room which is overcrowded with decoration, furniture, and furnishings looks cluttered and small. More often, potential buyers are not in favour of seeing cluttered spaces while scouting through property pictures. Expert photo artists at Styldod can virtually remove decoration or furniture from homes to make it look vacant and spacious.

5.      Day to Dusk: When it comes to putting out a home listing for sale, excellent quality and pleasing photographs are the most important. This also reflects on the sale price. The soft glowing light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon gives a perfect setting to capture images of your property and provide pictures with an aesthetic appeal. Capturing this can be difficult, but Styldod digitally changes Day-to-Dusk to give the property a great look.

6.      Floor plan: This service transforms rough sketches into stunning, three-dimensional renderings that will help property owners realize their property's potential on the market. Styldod's 3D floor plan services will help potential buyers or renters decide by seeing what the finished product will look like.

7.      360° Virtual tours: Showcase your property in a 360-degree virtual tour tailored to your audience's tastes. Magically turn your floorplan photo to an immersive 3D walkthrough for your clients. A panoramic virtual tour allows the potential buyer to have an almost real and live experience of visiting the property.

Reasons to Use Styldod                                         

  • Cost-effective: We aim to offer our clients the best services are the most affordable cost. They are tailor made and suit every budget and requirement. Our rates are flexible to suit different clients' different needs. Styldod can provide you with high-quality premium solutions at the lowest prices. 
  • Fast Turnaround time: Styldod usually deliver all tasks within 24 Hours. It has the quickest turnaround time.
  • Unlimited revision: The design process is a very personal experience. We provide you with a 3D style editor to create an unlimited number of changes. You can also give our team feedback so that we can keep those things in mind while we do the next iteration.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction: We have experienced and skilled editors who are committed to delivering excellence. They are well-versed with the latest technologies and utilise advance software and tools for the edits and renders.
  • Usually delivered within 48 hours: We endeavor to always provide our clients with the fastest turnaround times possible. We aim to provide our clients with quick and efficient virtual staging services. All our clients can rest assured that we will always deliver their virtual staging solutions on time and within budget.
  • PayPal secure checkout: Styldod provides secure PayPal Checkout. This enables the shoppers to pay with their preferred payment option without leaving your website. Integrated anti-fraud protection, payments sent and received with PayPal are entirely secure and confidential.
  • Faster customer support response: You can comment on your dashboard, and we will get back to you as soon as we can within 24-48 hours or contact us at hello@styldod.com for any queries/issues. 

Get more from your real estate photos and boost your real estate sales by getting your real estate photos edited by Styldod.

Rahul Agrawal

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Styldod

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