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Real Estate Marketing

Tips for Real Estate Agents to Stay Busy During the Holidays

The holiday season is right around the corner, and so is the "looking like a dry desert" calendar of a real estate agent. As winter approaches, you don't have many meetings to attend, leaving you with no new calls or open listings. So, you might wonder how to stay busy during the season?

How to Increase Your Leads in Winters

A lot of you might get skeptical about it, but the holiday season is indeed the best season for generating some exceptional leads for your real estate business if you play your cards right! Here are some ways to help you stay busy during these cold months.

  • Remind Homebuyers 'Tis the Season to Buy a House

    We all know how competitive the real estate market is all year round; even your competitors know that. However, your clients might be unaware of this fact. This is why the holiday real estate market is filled with exceptional deals but lesser people to attract. And that's where you come into the picture, to remind them how winter can be the best season to buy a real estate property!

    Market yourself in a way where you can position yourself as a leader. You can do this by emailing your previous clients or leads, stating facts about the local winter real estate market and why it is an ideal time to invest in a property. Moreover, create content like blogs, ads, or social media posts covering the topic. Whatever marketing tips you use for your real estate business, make sure to include relevant facts and figures to support your theory and further convince your audience.

  • Reach Out to Your Old Clients

    Referrals are amazing! You don't know how influential word-of-mouth marketing is until you sit and analyze your client records. So, don't shy away and pitch your old clients to help you generate more holiday real estate leads. Since they have interacted with you face-to-face, they know how you work, and if they are satisfied with your work style, their reference can prove to be the best marketing strategy.

    However, when you approach your old clients, ensure you take the time to draft a simple but meaningful message that doesn't seem too salesy or selfish. Ask them how they are and whether they are enjoying their new home. Then, proceed to tell them you are open to work during the holidays and are willing to help anyone who wants to see some listings.

  • Make Sure Everyone Knows You are Open for Business

    Having said about reaching out to older clients, we also recommend informing buyers and sellers that you are available to sell properties.

    If the real estate market you work in stays vacant during the winter, most buyers and sellers would be tired of making constant phone calls to agents and get disappointed for receiving no answers. Grab this opportunity and dive right in! Make your leads know you are available by resuming your real estate marketing efforts.

    Continue posting content on your social media and website, send emails, and don't let the newsletters pause. Mention at every chance you get that you are available. You can go a step ahead can offer seasonal deals or incentives.

  • Keep the Networking Going

    Even if the market slows down during winter, don't let that slow down your networking. If you are available for more time than usual, spend it wisely on building connections. Keep an eye out for real estate events in your locality, and attend them, as these events are great for getting to know more people from your industry and spreading your business.

    You can set appointments with your potential leads and explain to them how you work and your expertise. Even though they are not yet ready to close the deal with you, this is a great opportunity to get your business out in the world and let more people know about you. If you continue this, you might have a chance to push them into your sales funnel for spring or fall!

  • Develop Your Marketing Skills

    Got more time in hand than usual? Why not make good use of it rather than cribbing about it? This is the best season to apply your newly learned marketing tricks and even go further to explore more amazing never-known marketing tips for your real estate business. Every entrepreneur or solopreneur knows how important it is to get exceptionally good at marketing because, let's be honest, a business is not complete unless you market it the right way. Hence, honing your marketing skills proves to be one of the most beneficial tools, especially for a real estate agent.

    Moreover, one of the biggest mistakes a real estate professional makes during the spring and fall season that makes them stay vacant during the winter is sidelining the marketing. Since you get busy chasing leads and increasing the value of a property during spring, you forget to market yourself. This dries out your sales pipeline, leaving you with no client for the winter. So, make sure you don't make this mistake and continue marketing yourself all year round.

Catch a Breath!

Winter is the perfect time to breathe, organize, and prepare yourself for the next busy year. Since you will have more time in hand, enjoy this by connecting with your old clients, planning the next year, sharpening your marketing knowledge, and building more connections!

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Rahul Agrawal

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Styldod

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