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Real Estate Marketing

7 Most Effective Real Estate Marketing Ideas & Tools for Home Builders

Selling even a stunning, high-specification property can be full of challenges if home builders and real estate agents do not use the right marketing strategies. On top of that, the impact of COVID-19 on the housing market has significantly increased the need for online marketing. Along with all the traditional means and word of mouth, digital marketing done strategically is just as important. This is because the buyer market is dominated by tech-savvy people who prefer shortlisting properties online and visiting only the best ones. 

When marketing any property, home, or listing online, it is imperative that you keep in mind the essential tools needed to bring success to any marketing ideas for home builders and real estate agents. These tools will not only help you show your listings in the best light but also help sell them faster and at better rates. 

Table of Contents

1. 3D Floor Plans

A 3D home floor plan offers a bird’s-eye view of a virtual model of a property, in which the focus is laid on dimensions and property specifications. A 3D floor plan is an effective real estate marketing tool as it helps a layman understand difficult architectural aspects of any layout with ease.

Here’s why a 3D floor plan is a great tool to help you market your real estate listing and how it will benefit your potential buyers:

  • It will help potential real estate buyers better understand the space and volume of your property. 
  • It will also help them understand the connectivity between rooms easily and help them visualize the movement between each space of the listing. 
  • It allows the listing to be presented in a singular view, which is great if your potential buyer is looking to add extensions or renovate the existing structure. 

A well-planned 3D floor plan not only helps when you want to help your potential buyer get clarity on the listing, but it also helps in attracting buyers if you display the plan on your website or share it on social media. 

3D floor plan
3D floor plan
Showcase Your Property With the Perfect 3D Floor Plan Now. 

2. Virtual Staging

Virtual home staging has become a revolutionary force in the real estate industry. It allows real estate agents and interior designers to stage properties virtually and showcase the true potential of any listing without cutting a huge hole in the pocket. With virtual staging, not only do you save money on the renovations, redo’s, furniture, and accessories, but you also have the leverage of showcasing the same property in different styles – all based on the prospects you want to attract. 

Here’s why virtual staging can be very profitable for you when you’re trying to market and sell a listing faster and for a higher price:

  • A fully staged property looks more like a home, which attracts potential buyers and gives builders and real estate agents an edge above others. 
  • It saves furniture costs, transportation, and other costs associated with traditional staging
  • It allows experimenting with different design trends to attract buyers with different tastes.

Most importantly, it helps your buyer visualize themselves in the property and draw a connection – helping you sell your property to the right buyer. 

virtually staged bedroom
Virtual Staged Bedroom
Get a Lead in the Real Estate Market With Styldod’s Stunning Virtual Staging Services

3. 360° Virtual Tours

If you want to one-up your real estate marketing game, 360° virtual real estate tours are the way to go. A virtual tour can act as the ultimate tool and an excellent idea for real estate marketing. It is a dynamic virtual representation of a property that is designed to help viewers feel as if they are walking through the home. 

As published on realtor.com, listings with virtual tours get 40% more clicks than listings without virtual tours. This is because virtual tours give potential buyers the feel of a home without having to physically visit the property in person.

Here’s why 360° virtual real estate tours can be super helpful in marketing and selling your property right:

  • Virtual tours on real estate websites keep the visitors engaged, which means reduced bounce rates. And low bounce rates directly translate to improved search engine rankings and a boost in website traffic.  
  • They add the ‘wow’ factor to your listings, helping them stand out of the crowd. 
  • They get you qualified leads, which means people who are actually interested in buying the property and not the people who are just curious after seeing the pictures. 
  • Eye-catching virtual tours have a huge potential of going viral on social media, which will again positively reflect on your website traffic. 

Moreover, virtual tours will save you the time and cost of driving back and forth to show listings to people who might not even buy from you. 

Visit Styldod to Have the Most Stylish Real Estate Virtual Tours Created.

4. A Website

A website is usually the first stop buyers make and something that you can’t imagine online marketing without. It works as a portfolio; if you put enough thought into it, you can make the best first impression. Here’s why a single property website plays a critical role in marketing real estate businesses, establishing a client base, and increasing clients’ ease:

  • A website allows you to make your listings very detailed with pictures, specifications, virtual tours, 3D floor plans, maps, and neighborhood details – a perfect way to build transparency between you and your potential clients. 
  • It creates a foundation of trust since you can showcase the testimonials and reviews of existing clients on your website, just like word-of-mouth marketing. 
  • It’s a one-stop destination where your clients can learn about you, the services you offer, and the current and upcoming products.  
  • Good search engine optimization on the website makes it easy for your potential clients to find you when looking for real estate properties online. 

Hire a professional to do the job and make sure your website has an attractive look & feel, easy navigation, contact information, and sign-up details for visitors to receive updates. 

Single property website
Single Property Website

5. High-Quality Photography

As per a study by the National Association of Realtors, homes with one photo spent an average of 70 days on the market compared to houses with 20 photos that spent an average of just 32 days on the market. 

In a highly competitive real estate market where buyers can easily find properties based on their price, square footage, and location preferences, high-quality photographs make your property stand out. In addition, it allows you to highlight the most beautiful features of your properties, such as spaciousness, natural lighting, aesthetics, etc. 

On the other hand, amateur photos can make your property look cramped, dark, and unattractive. This is the reason professional real estate photography is an excellent investment. 

Here are some important photography tips from our real estate photography guide to help you showcase your properties better:

  • Take advantage of aerial photography.
  • Capture overcast pictures of the exteriors.
  • Capture rooms at wide angles.
  • Show off details, such as fancy faucets and doorknobs.

6. Social Media Marketing

According to a study conducted by The Close, a real estate website, 44% of agents said they could gain a new client during 2020 through social media. Social media is an excellent way of not just showcasing listings, home tours, and neighborhood details. It also allows agents and builders to create hyper-local content and emerge as market leaders in their target communities. 

Attract Clients From Your Socials With Eye-Catching Real Estate Flyers!

Here’s why social media is a great marketing tool for your real estate business and listings: 

  • It encourages quick sharing of content, which means a single picture or video can reach thousands of new people that you aren’t even connected to. 
  • With a minimal ad spend, you can target niche audiences and get a higher reach. 
  • It makes you easily accessible and helps you grow as a brand, which is critical for establishing trust and a loyal client base. 

Social media helps you showcase your brand in the best light and gain a positive reputation, which is the cornerstone of success in the real estate market. 

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Real estate marketing is a great way to establish solid public relations and credibility among clients. So, make sure to also take advantage of print media and billboards. Collect testimonials, reviews, and experiences of your clients and showcase them on various platforms to gain new clients. Finally, and most importantly, market with the intention of becoming the best and most trustworthy brand there is. 

Styldod is a one-stop destination for real estate agents and home builders for everything you need to market your real estate listings efficiently. We can help you with everything, from excellent 3D floor plans to virtual staging and 360° house tours.

Contact us today and place your order. 

Rahul Agrawal

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Styldod

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