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Floor Plans

Why Choosing a Right Floor Plan for Your House is Important

About Floor Plans

The Zillow survey found that nearly 80% of buyers expect to view the house's floor plans on the list that interests them, and over 70% say dynamic house plans help them determine the right home to purchase.

A floor plan measures the rooms in a property and other areas and shows each room with accurate measurements. It also indicates the property's flow – what rooms lead to what, how the doors are connected, etc. Additionally, it helps you understand the relationship between different design elements - what will each area look like after adding furniture, artifacts, accessories, etc. 

Real estate agents have discovered that home buyers want to see floor plans before showing interest in any property. For both the seller and the buyer, floor plans help save time. With floor plans, the buyers don't have to waste time viewing properties that won't suit their needs, and the sellers don't have to waste time showing the property to people who will not be purchasing the property. Floor plans help buyers get a general idea of what the home or property will look like. They are what pique the buyer's interest and encourage them to visit a listing. 

Picking the right floor plan – why it's important

When you're looking at listings to buy a home, it is important that you study each floor plan before investing time to get in touch with the real estate agent, doing your research about the location and neighborhood, or physically visiting the property. Keep in mind that the home you buy, you will probably live in for years to come, so investing time, in the beginning, to examine the floor plan and matching it with your requirements is super important. It needs to be right for you, your family, and your lifestyle.

A well-made floor plan can enhance your home by maximizing space, light, and airflow while creating a natural flow between rooms. With visual drawings, 2D or 3D floor plans, architects and homeowners can track the various materials to choose from for each room when the correct and the best floor plan is picked. 

To better understand the importance of choosing a good floor plan and know how to choose a floor plan that is right for you, here are a few points:

1. Choose the floor plan that fits into your lifestyle

Your floor plan should suit your lifestyle. Therefore, think carefully about how you live and what you love before making a choice. If you enjoy cooking and having fun, a large kitchen with an open living area may be ideal. If you have to walk through the bedroom and the house to get between the kitchen and dining area, you probably won't use it that much. Similarly, evaluate each part of your house when deciding on a floor plan. Keep in mind the needs and requirements of all family members.  

2. Choose the floor plan that allows versatility and flexibility

When choosing the right floor plan, you need to consider how your needs and lifestyle will change over time. Are there enough bedrooms? Can you turn your home office into a playroom if you need to? Can you turn the extra entertainment room into a guest bedroom if the need arises? Never misjudge the importance of evaluating your requirements and considering all possibilities that you might run into. 

3. Choose the floor plan that considers how the rooms are positioned

There are no hard and fast rules, but it is generally recommended to keep a little space between your living room and bedroom. You may also want the kitchen and living area close together so your child can watch TV. Placing the bathroom is also very important because you want to keep it for maximum privacy. For instance, no one wants to use a toilet that opens directly into the dining room at dinner!

Choosing a floor plan may feel overwhelming, but trust your instincts! Work on this as a group activity where you involve your entire family. Prepare a requirement list for your home, jotting down what each member wants and desires. Next, think of the various ways you could possibly want to transform any space in your home in the years to come. Finally, sit together with your architect and contractor to finalize Once all of this is sorted, get in touch with us at Styldod, and our experts will turn your home dreams into the most incredible 2D or 3D floor plan. 

Rahul Agrawal

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Styldod

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