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Floor Plans

Floor Plan Rendering: Benefits for Real Estate

Computer graphics are advancing. Today, everything that you can't express through words or drawings can be rendered into 3D illustrations. One such blessing is the floor plan rendering technology, a perfect weapon for every real estate professional!

Let’s see what it is and understand the hype around it.

Floor Plan Rendering and Its Types

A rendered floor plan presents the best way humans can use a space. It is a home layout designed to present details, including furniture and rooms.

Real estate agents and other housing professionals provide floor plans to home buyers to develop their visual understanding of the project. It allows easier communication with the client and eliminates misunderstandings about the available space. They help conceptualize designs and let buyers decide on a budget accordingly.

Floor plans are created with floor plan software that makes the early design stages more streamlined.

There are two types of rendered floor plans:

  • 2D Floor Plan Rendering: It is a graphic drawing that includes measurements of walls, windows, surface areas, doors, etc.
  • 3D Floor Plan Rendering: It is a fully furnished 3D layout of rooms on a floor, deck, and garden.
house floor plan

What is 3D Floor Plan Rendering?

A 3D floor plan rendering is the 3D representation of a 2D rendered floor plan. The 2D version holds information about floors in a basic black and white projection. While the 3D floor plan rendering adds easily readable markings and visuals of spaces that will be built in the home.

Interior designers, home builders, and real estate agents use these to show their clients how they can utilize each space in the home. They can envision their future home better with 3D floor plan rendering.

In general, 3D floor plan rendering includes paint colors, walls, windows of each room, doors, flooring details, decoration, and furniture. It also contains a detailed look at the garden and deck.

To render 3D floor plans, you need 3D floor plan rendering software. Draw a 2D floor plan and select an angle and floor you want to showcase. The software will generate the 3D representation. Or you can opt for rendering services.

3d floor plan
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5 Benefits of 3D Floor Plan Rendering

Have a clear picture of the 3D floor plan rendering? Do you want to know the several benefits they give out? Read on.

1. High-quality Visuals

A 3D floor plan rendering can create high-quality floors that are worth a double-take! For home buyers, this is important to visualize floors with colors and textures alongside furnishings and decor.

2. Realistic Layouts

Rendered 3D floor plans provide a finished look of the property. This is great for buyers to visualize windows, room size, doors, and storage space.

3. Great Advertising and Marketing Material

You’re going to impress tons of buyers with 3D floor plans. They build a strong impression and display the property in its best form. With space flow and volume of rooms, buyers can decide furniture, paintings, decor, etc. It gives a sense of the interiors.

Moreover, you can send floor plans through mobile apps and emails. You can show them on roadshows, third-party websites, trade events, etc. Get ready to ace your promotional game with these!

4. 360-degree View

3D floor plan rendering provides buyers with an overall view of floors and rooms. A 360-degree panoramic view gives an accurate idea of the space. This is a great technique to attract investors and buyers.

5. Affordable and Convenient

Cutting down on costs wherever possible is every real estate professionals’ dream! If this is you, floor plan rendering is a perfect choice. Minimize materials and maximize space utilization. You can also eliminate errors in the development process – all while staying within budget!

For architects, this saves money on materials needed for redesigning. Real estate can rope in more buyers and investors through realistic images.

Styldod’s 3D Rendering Services for Real Estate

Planning and knowledge of the techniques are everything you need to add a professional touch to the floorings! Consult the best rendering services, Styldod, for top-notch results.

Styldod brings out the real beauty of your listings by providing high-class 3D floor plans and 3D renderings! We offer site overlays, site plan renderings, and elevation renderings for:

  • Remodelers
  • Real estate developers
  • Homebuilders
  • Commercial architects
  • Interior designers
  • Design build contractors
  • Home renovators
  • Interior decorators

Spot yourself on this list? Let us make your work easy! Contact us today to learn more about our 3D rendering services.

Rahul Agrawal

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Styldod

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