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360 virtual tours

How to Make Effective 360 Virtual Tours for Real Estate Listings?

What Is a 3D Virtual tour?

3D virtual tours are also known as 3D tours or 3D walkthroughs. They allow buyers to virtually tour a for-sale home. In these tours, the property is shown through a series of panoramic images, usually along with other multimedia elements such as voice narration, text, and sound effects. The 3D virtual tours show the online property in the most realistic and engaging way, enabling viewers to feel like they are actually present at the home.

Benefits of 3D Virtual Tours for Real Estate

The top five benefits of creating virtual tours for your properties are:

1. More Accurate than Photos

When looking at the property via virtual tours, buyers see it from different angles and perspectives. Virtual tours are a great addition to your marketing strategy.

2. More Engaging than Photos

Virtual tours are more interactive and user-friendly, allowing viewers to explore the property the way they want and from wherever they want, allowing inquiries from people in other countries or cities. Moreover, virtual tours help your services stand out from other competitors.

3. Minimize In-Person Showings

Virtual tours are true saviors during social distancing due to COVID-19. They allow you to reduce in-person showings during difficult times.

4. Appeal to Larger Audience

Thanks to the interactive nature of virtual tours, they can grab the attention of people faster than lengthy descriptions or static images. They effectively create the illusion of presence and attract a broader audience,.

5. Tell a Full Story

Virtual tours highlight the best features of the rooms and spaces. You can promote the listing by creating a visually-appealing story. Highlighting the best aspects of the property with text, sound effects, and narration thrown in, you can create a compelling story that’s easy to consume.

How to Create a Virtual Tour for Your Listings?

1. Show what your audience wants to see

Your 3D tour should be relevant to your market. Place your camera to shoot the details that would interest your audience. Don’t forget the objective behind the shot and what value you want to communicate to your audience.

2. Don’t show what your audience shouldn’t see

Avoid showing distracting details of the property to your audience. If your 3D virtual tour has unwanted images, it can negatively influence your audience, pushing them away from the listing.  

3. Prep the property before shooting

Prepping the property before creating the virtual tour helps to make the tour more efficient, attractive, and smooth. A great virtual tour should allow people to see what they are looking for and not get distracted by unwanted objects and clutter.

4. Keep the equipment handy

Consider the following equipment for creating 360 video tours for your properties:

  • A smartphone or a 360-degree(or HDSLR) camera
  • A boom mic if you have a  lower quality smartphone
  • A tripod with a panoramic head

5. Create an easy to navigate 3D virtual tour

Make it easy for your audience to find what they are looking for in your virtual tour.

6. Keep your camera low

How you hold your camera affects the floor-to-ceiling ratio of the images. If you are shooting panoramas, it is better to keep the camera at a low level. This will help you capture attractive photos that communicate the space better.

7. Keep your gear steady

A tripod can affect the visual quality of the virtual tour: An unstable tripod can make your images look blurry and imbalanced. It can also make your virtual tour look poorly stitched or fused.

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What to include to make your virtual tour for real estate engaging?

Include the following to make your virtual tour engaging:  

  • A real view of the home
  • Clear and high-quality pictures
  • Clutter-free shots
  • Highlights of the home’s best features
  • Pictures that show the room in its entirety
  • Compatibility with desktop, laptop, and mobile
  • Smooth navigation, allowing the user to easily move to different rooms and pan 360 degrees
  • Ability to walk through, go back, and freeze the frame

Check out some of 360 degree virtual tours and 3D virtual staging work done by Styldod.

Are you looking for a 360 degree virtual tour for your next real estate listing? Write to us at hello@styldod.com.

Are you looking for a 360 degree virtual tour for your next real estate listing? Write to us at hello@styldod.com.

Rahul Agrawal

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Styldod

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