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Real Estate Flyers Guide | Download Free Templates | Styldod

Any astute real estate agent worth their salt knows that marketing is mandatory for business success. One of the best marketing strategies real estate agents have been using successfully is creating and distributing real estate flyers. That's right – the same old flyers – there's just something about this hold-in-your-hand, hard copy, printed on the paper flyer that will always stay relevant and work like magic even in today's digital age.

Real estate flyers are popularly used in direct mail marketing. High-quality real estate flyers with high-resolution photos, realistic visuals, and detailed descriptions are perfect for promoting current residential and commercial listings, upcoming sales, house tours, open houses, or any other relevant real estate events. If you are not convinced about investing your marketing budget in real estate flyers, this guide is all you need to make an informed decision.

Why Should Real Estate Agents Use Flyers to Promote Their Business?

Listing flyers not only helps you to market your properties successfully but also allows you to remain top of mind with potential buyers and local home sellers. The three reasons why real estate flyers should be a part of your marketing strategy include:

  • Attract more eyes to your current listings and increase exposure
  • Catch early and mid-stage home shoppers who have just begun their hunt but are not yet ready to buy.
  • Get established as the go-to neighborhood real estate professional to attract home sellers looking for a local real estate agent.
real estate flyer sample

What is Real Estate Prospecting?

Real estate prospecting is the process that involves direct outreach and outbound communication strategies to generate new clients.

Real estate marketing strategies focus on sending out promotional messages and waiting for potential customers to contact you, but prospecting is different. It counts on you to make the first contact.

Real estate prospecting allows you to identify people that might not be actively searching to sell or buy but can be convinced after you speak with them. By sending real estate prospecting flyers, you can find and convert new prospects into buying customers. Some benefits of sending real estate prospecting flyers include:

  • Establish yourself as a real estate expert
  • Build trust
  • Establish a connection with your prospects
  • Reach out to prospects that might not be actively searching to buy or sell

How do Real Estate Flyers Help Generate Sales?

If done correctly, real estate flyers can generate a massive amount of leads and sales for real estate listings because of their characteristics. Listed below are some of the characteristics of real estate flyers that can help sell a property:

1. Tangible Marketing Tool

What do you do when someone gives you a flyer as you walk on the street? You take it. Right? If you like what you see and feel, you take it home. If you don't, it ends up in the trash bin. Either way, the flyer's goal is accomplished.

Real estate flyers are created to attract the target audience's attention, engage them, and encourage them to respond to your promotional message. The best part of these flyers is that they cannot be ignored, unlike emails and online ads. When somebody hands over a flyer to you, you have no choice but to take it, touch it, and read it. And touch is a powerful sense that these tangible flyers offer. With the potential to tap into the recipient's emotions, these flyers can drive tangible results for you.

2. Engages Your Target Audience

Real estate flyers, if tailored to your target audience, can help get maximum response. When you understand your target audience and the current trends well, with the help of a couple of innovative ideas and creativity, you can create a flyer that your potential clients will love. Impressively-designed real estate flyers will not only capture the recipients' attention but also convince them to take positive action.

3. Makes for an Interesting Read

Real estate flyers make a luxurious, eye-grabbing appearance, prominently showcasing a property with a few catchy words printed with large fonts. The content on the real estate flyers is very easy to read and consume as it speaks directly to the readers.

4. A Visual Treat 

Humans are visual creatures. We consume visual content easily and willingly. The technological advances in design and printing have helped in creating stunning, customized, and personalized flyers that can convey your whole message to your prospects in one go.

5. Generates Leads  

Sending real estate flyers to potential buyers is a traditional marketing strategy to create opportunities, expand your network and reach new customers. This form of marketing is more likely to be shared and read by more and more people who could be your potential customers.

6. Affects Buying Decisions

Real estate flyers are a tried and tested marketing strategy that reflects your professional capabilities. High-quality, attractive real estate flyers can help build a positive perception of your brand in the mind of your prospects, increasing your chances of positively affecting their buying decision.

7. Saves Time and Money

Real estate flyers have high lead generation potential without needing a high budget nor much time to order and get them delivered. Some providers can deliver them in an hour, while some may take up to 24 hrs or a couple of days. However, make sure you engage a professional and reliable service partner to get your real estate flyers done the way they should.

House for sale Flyer

How to Use Real Estate Flyers?

Depending on your marketing strategy and business plan, you can use the following ways to distribute the real estate listing flyers:

1. Mail them directly to your target market

About 21% of buyers use a direct-mail flyer, newsletter, or postcard to look for a real estate agent. Although this technique is old school, it is an effective and economical method of marketing a listing.

2. Send them by email

Email real estate flyers to your network that consists of buyers, other agents in your area who represent the buyers, and anyone in your sphere of influence who can spread the word.

3. Offer them at private tours

More than 79% of home buyers find it extremely important to attend a private tour. You can consider leaving your real estate listing flyers for home shoppers visiting with their agents. You can enhance the buyer's experience by sharing a listing flyer professionally done just for them.

4. Attach them to the yard signs

You can display the real estate marketing flyers by attaching them to the yard signs for all to see in the neighborhood. This increases your chances of the flyer being passed around to a friend or family member looking for a nearby home.

5. Distribute them at open houses

Greet potential prospects at open houses with listing flyers. A hard copy flyer of a property at an open house keeps you and your listing on the top of their mind.

6. Share them on social media

Create a PDF or JPG format of your real estate flyer and upload it on social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where your potential clients can see and take action.

What Makes a Great Real Estate Flyer?

When done correctly, a great real estate flyer helps you build your own personal brand, gain new prospects and sell your listed properties. Here's how you can make a flyer that converts:

1. Use High-Quality Images

If you want to make your listing pop, a high-quality picture on the flyer is a must. Images on the flyer can actually make or break the sale of your listing. Take time to hire a professional photographer to take great pictures of the property. A better option would be hiring a virtual staging company to make your real estate images look like million bucks without investing much time and money. Don't forget to include a call to action below the photos to increase brand recognition and drive more traffic to the website.

2. Describe Your Listings in Detail

Next to the photos, your flyers should contain the actual description of your listing. Make the listing stand out from the competition by highlighting the home's best features in an easy-to-read format. Place this flyer prominently in front of the listed home. It's likely for potential buyers to pick up the flyer as they drive through or around the neighborhood.

3. Include Personal Contact Information

A listing flyer without your contact information is a lost opportunity. Once you start distributing your flyers, they are bound to reach many people. You want these people to contact you to know more about your listing. If they are not yet interested in buying, they may save your contact information to use at a later date. Also, don't forget to include your contact information on all your social media accounts.

4. Sign Off With a Solid Call to Action

All real estate flyers should end with a solid call to action. Tell your potential buyers what they need to do next. A call to action could be to call or text you, visit your website, or follow you on social media - whatever action you want your potential buyers to take, make sure it's clear.

Fore sale flyer sample

The Must-Haves: 9 Essential Elements to Include in Your Real Estate Flyer

Include the following elements for a success-ready real estate flyer:

1. Headline

The headline should be strong enough to capture the attention of the reader. Write something that will pique their interest.

2. Sub-headline

A headline is for grabbing the attenton, and the sub-headline is to reel in your audience. It's a great way to add a little more detail about your listing. Examples of a sub-headline are "A One-of-a-Kind Modern Home," "Just Listed," etc.

3. Address

It's important to include the property address for the buyer to know where exactly they could be living.

4. Price

Unless the property is selling for a great price, most real estate agents prefer not to put the listing price on the flyer. They want the buyers to contact them for the Information. That said, whether you decide to put the price or not, the choice is yours. However, make sure your flyer mentions what the buyer needs to do if they want to know the property's price. For example, you can include something like this: "Price is available upon request" or "Contact_____for current price."

5. Property Description

This step offers you the opportunity to sell the home. Get straight to the point on what the flyer is all about in the first sentence itself. For example, your first line could be something like this: "You'll love this 4-story home located just 2 blocks of Central Park in California." Now that you've nailed the opening line get down to emphasizing the best features of the listing. Is the listing newly renovated, or does it have vaulted ceilings? This is where you should brag about the finer features of the listing to capture the buyers' attention. However, be mindful of overpromising and avoid the following:

  • Using all caps to describe the property
  • Abbreviating words that readers won't understand. For example, 2BTH, 3BDR, W/VLTED, etc.
  • Writing a long description

6. Bullet Points

Use a bulleted list to mention features like the number of bathrooms and bedrooms and the square footage. However, make sure that your bullet points are not to be confused with the property description.

7. Photos

If your flyer doesn't have photos, it'll be easy for the buyers to lose interest in the property. Choose high-quality, professional-looking listing photos and use them creatively on the flyer. However, make sure that you don't go overboard with the photos. The idea is to pique the interest of the buyer, not to confuse them with unnecessary, random shots of the walls and the floor.

If your best photos do not stand out or aren't as colorful and bright, take the help of the image enhancement services to make them look beautiful.

8. Contact Information

If your buyers are impressed with the real estate flyer, they need to know who they need to call to take the next step. So, include a headshot of yours with your contact details so the buyers can reach you for Information.

9. Advertising Disclaimer

The disclaimer protects you from being sued and is typically placed at the bottom of the flyer in a small font.

How to Choose a Real Estate Flyer Design?

There are three things to consider while designing your real estate flyer.

  • specific to the market,
  • style of home, and
  • target home shopper.

First, figure out the home features you want to highlight and then select the template that works well to market that home. Here are some ideas to help you choose the right real estate flyer:

  • Luxury homes: Use image-heavy templates to showcase stunning, luxurious homes with excellent views and natural light.
  • Homes in attractive neighborhoods: If the property is close to popular amenities like shopping, hospitals, parks, leisure, etc., choose a template that highlights them.
  • Homes in top school districts: If the listing is close to a top school district, choose a real estate flyer template that has space to include information on the school district.
  • Homes with private backyards: If the property has a private outdoor space such as deck, yard, and patio, choose an image-forward format that can use drone photos to highlight these features while showcasing the property's proximity to other homes.
  • Homes with short commutes: Pick a template with formats to include commute times to nearby business parks, business centers, and public transit routes.
  • Homes in low-crime communities: Choose a template that can include the local crime rate in bold and other unique neighborhood features such as neighborhood watch groups and gated access.

Most Used Real Estate Flyer Templates (Includes Free Real Estate Flyer Templates)

Below are the most commonly used real estate flyer templates. Each of these templates focuses on different aspects of a listing, thus promoting your listing and helping you win business.

1. 'Just Sold' Flyer Template

Right after you've made a sale is actually the best time to market your business. Distributing 'just sold' flyers helps you establish yourself as an expert real estate agent in your neighborhood and collect leads in your area. Try out this 'just sold' flyer template example:

Download Template

2. 'Just Listed' Flyer Template

'Just listed' real estate flyers help you promote new listings, build trust and establish yourself as an expert real estate agent in your area. Here is a sample 'just listed' home for a sale flyer template free for download:

Download Template

3. Open House Flyer Template

Open house flyers encourage people who are planning to find a new home to attend the open house. Check out this beautifully designed free open house flyer template:

Download Template

4. Commercial Real Estate Flyer Template

Commercial real estate flyers provide a snapshot of available properties that can be shared with prospective investors and users. Here's an example of a commercial real estate flyer template free for download:

Download Template

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