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Real Estate Marketing

REALTOR® Branding: 9 Ways to Brand Yourself as a Real Estate Agent

It gets tougher to attract buyers and sellers in a competitive industry with a real estate agent on every other corner. But staying relevant to run your business successfully is equally essential. This is where branding comes to play. REALTOR® or real estate agent branding is how you can achieve recognition and trust among your real estate clients to grab more leads in your sales funnel!

What is Real Estate Agent Branding?

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about a brand? The colors, fonts, logo, and website might pop into your head. These elements are there to convey a message and not just merely exist for decorative purposes.

So, ultimately, the branding of anything combines these elements that sum up the experiences and feelings of the individual associated with the industry. This goes for real estate branding as well. Elements like brand fonts, logos, and colors mixed with other important aspects like reputation, values, unique value proposition, and processes work together to create your real estate brand.

This guide will be a helping hand in building your real estate business.

What are the Benefits of Building a Strong Personal Brand?

Building a powerful brand for REALTOR® is essential, especially in this cut-throat competitive market, where attracting and retaining clients is getting harder. Here are some major benefits of building a brand:

  • Have a steady stream of retaining clients
  • Hold a higher value
  • Build greater credibility in the market
  • Leverage your network to build partnerships
  • Become more identifiable in person and online
  • Grow your business stronger
  • Have control over your brand image
  • Get recognized and hold more prestige in the industry
  • Make your goals more achievable

How to Brand Yourself as a REALTOR®?

Yes, REALTOR® branding is important. But, how to begin with the process? Let's explore in detail the entire process of succeeding at building your brand as a real estate agent.

  1. Decide Your Value, Mission, Vision

    Before you begin to establish your brand as a real estate agent, you need to get the basics clear! Every personal branding starts with defining core values that position you in the market and to your customers. If you are not yet clear on what values, vision, and mission you want to stick to, that's perfectly fine! You can decide it along the way as you grow in the industry.

    Start thinking deep. There must be something that makes you passionate about working in the real estate field. Make that your mission.

    Next, consider the values you want to follow to pursue your mission. For example, you might want honesty as one of the most significant values to give your clientele. This will benefit your customers as they will be able to put faith in you. And voila! You have your value, mission, and vision to incorporate into your business plan.

  2. Create Realistic Timelines

    Setting realistic and achievable timelines is one of the most important elements for any REALTOR® branding. Look how we are stressing the realistic word here. That's because setting timelines are easier, but creating goals that are humanely possible to achieve in that particular business stage is harder.

    Set monthly and quarterly goals that pressurize you enough to keep you motivated but not drain you out. Give yourself time to settle into the industry because building a brand is not easy and definitely doesn't happen overnight!

  3. Get a Professional to Design a Memorable Logo

    Learning to do things on your own is always good, and you should, in fact, know the basics of graphic designing to help further to create marketing materials. But, it is always better to appoint an experienced designer when it comes to a memorable real estate logo!

    Although logos seem to be such a small piece of design, they are the face of your brand through which you will be remembered. It gives your brand a personality. Moreover, you have to display them everywhere, from your social media, emails, and business cards to print and digital ads! So, make it an outstanding element!

    Outsourcing design companies or professionals will become more cost-effective than learning to design a real estate logo. Moreover, logos are not easy, and a professional knows what they are doing.

  4. Capture a Real Estate Headshot

    Without adding a real estate headshot to your marketing strategies, real estate agent branding is incomplete. Several agents attach their headshots to marketing materials like flyers, websites, and social media platforms to build trust and familiarity with their clients.

    Ensure your headshot is professional and not too informal. And if not marketing materials, at least include them on your website and real estate social media marketing strategy to add a face to your brand.

  5. Make a Real Estate Website

    According to the 2022 Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report by NAR, 95% of homebuyers took the help of the internet to search for homes. It was further reported that among all the generations of home buyers, excluding baby boomers, the first step to search for the perfect place began on the internet. So, are you still wondering why a real estate agent needs a website?

    Today, maximum searches begin online, at least for the millennials and gen z. And making your real estate agent website rank on the search engine only opens opportunities and gives you more exposure. Think of it as your online office where you welcome your clients, explain to them what you serve, and build your credibility as an agent.

    Moreover, when you have a clean website with easy navigation, your clients will appreciate you as a tech-savvy and modern individual that keeps up with the industry trends.

  6. Build a Written Real Estate Agent Branding

    Having a recognizable visual identity is only the first half of your battle to brand yourself as a REALTOR®. Even a written identity matters as much as creativity does. This branding identity includes a well-written listing description and agent biography. It is your introduction to your clients. Hence, make it impactful, well-thought, and informative.

    Don't confuse your audience. Give a clear and crisp introduction of yourself and your company. Be authentic. Use words that actually describe you, not what people want to hear. Make your written tone match the way you speak in real life. Add your passion for working in the industry. What excites you the most about work? Add that enthusiasm to your description. Moreover, use the written material to build a customer-centric story around your brand, team, service, and listings that end with happy sellers and buyers!

  7. Create Promotional Materials

    As you see your real estate brand growing, tweak and develop branded collateral that aligns with your marketing needs. Watching what others are doing won’t help because what strategies worked for one might not work for your style, goals, audience, and plans. So, create promotional materials that align with your goals. This can include social media graphics, GIFs, stickers, or flyers!

    Real estate flyers are one great way to promote your service because they:

    • Attract more buyers to your listings
    • Catch mid-stage home shoppers to influence their decision
    • Establish you as a go-to neighborhood real estate agent

    Download Free Real Estate Templates!

  8. Use Social Media

    Every type of business has become increasingly important to include social media in its branding strategy. Especially for branding REALTORS®, social media platforms are a great way to create a presence in the crowd and sometimes even generate new leads and increase sales!However, begin your real estate social media marketing with a proper social media strategy that works for you. We recommend using the popular EAT framework to create an organic social media presence. It stands for:

    • Engagement: Post regularly on your social media and engage with the comments on your posts. Try to be as active as possible and create a buzz by asking your followers meaningful and interactive questions.
    • Authenticity: Be authentic in the content you post. Tell your real experience in the buying and selling process and share about the real estate market in general.
    • Thought Leadership: Several real estate agents use social media to display their industry knowledge. This is important, especially now when the competition is soaring high. You need to show your authority in the industry and tell how knowledgeable you are in your field, and social media is an excellent tool for that!

    Moreover, there is a growing trend of using videos to promote your brand these days. In 2008, 52% of US adults watched online videos. Cut to 2022; the numbers saw a whopping increase to 82%! According to a statistic, 73% of homeowners preferred going to a real estate agent who uses videos in their marketing material. That’s a considerable figure to ignore.

    If you are confused about where to begin your video-making journey, we can help you get started! With Styldod, you can create real estate videos and share them on your social media for free!

    Get Started!

  9. Don't Forget Your Offline Presence

    As you build efforts to make your presence more prominent online, don’t forget there’s a whole world outside the computers. Offline real estate agent branding still comes with thousands of new opportunities to grow and generate leads. There’s nothing wrong with going the traditional marketing routes through billboards, yard signs, sponsorships, and booths at local events. Your local market is still valuable and can establish you as a leading real estate agent in the community!

  10. Remember, the Experience Matters as Well!

    Amid building your brand and creating a powerful identity as a real estate agent, remember your client’s experience with you matters the most! No one can market you better than your customer base. So, ensure you provide them with top-quality service. Do something different than your competitors to stand out from the crowd. Maybe bringing a thoughtful gift to celebrate closing the deal can be one way to communicate that you value your clients. This way, they’ll remember you and might even return to you for real estate services again!

Rahul Agrawal

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Styldod

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