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Styldod for Real Estate Agents: The Ultimate Guide

Tired of using multiple platforms to stage your listing images? As a real estate agent, you know that a picture is worth a thousand words. One glance at a listing image can make or break a sale and can either convince the client for a walk-through or make them completely averse to the home you are selling. We all understand the importance of virtual staging and enhancing your listing images, and how it is more cost-effective, convenient, manageable, and feasible as compared to real-life staging and open houses. However, using tools to enhance your listing images, videos, and virtual tours can be very confusing, as you have to pay for various services on different platforms, all with their separate systems and features. So why not shift to one platform that takes care of all your virtual staging needs?

Enter Styldod. We at Styldod offer an extensive list of virtual staging services and tools to real estate agents to help them virtually transform their listings into havens for their potential clients. We take your and the client’s vision, and help you create an ideal space that could be your potential buyer’s new home!

Why Does Every Real Estate Agent Need Styldod?

So, why Styldod? Before you even show your client the listing in person, you will have to ensure that the home sells itself at the initial first glance. As a real estate agent, you need to revamp every space into a perfect home for your potential buyers, so that they can visualize themselves living there and form an emotional connection to the listing. The first impression is the most important, and instead of hiring stagers, designers, and professional renovators, you can employ the services of a platform like Styldod to remodel and remold spaces into something that transcends expectations and helps you get that ever-important sale! Furthermore, it is cost-effective, hassle-free, and allows you to make as many changes and customizations as you wish, until you are 100% satisfied with the outcome. So the question begs, why not Styldod?

How Does Styldod Help Real Estate Agents?

Styldod is the #1 virtual staging service in the USA for a reason. We have several features that will help you enhance your listing and make it seem more attractive to your buyers. We will help you bridge the gap between a nay and a yay! Some of the various offerings of Styldod’s vast arsenal are listed below so that you can use this to enhance your listing and showcase it to its fullest potential. From virtual staging to 3-D rendering and visualization, to virtual tours and photo and video editing, we offer you every service you may need to showcase a listing perfectly to a client, all in one platform.


1. Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is a simple and effective method of staging a listing virtually to ensure that you can convey its maximum potential to your prospective clients. Rather than spending time, money, and effort in staging and decorating a property in real life for an open house, you can employ this solution to transform an empty listing image into the home of someone’s dreams. At Styldod, we help you utilize various design styles, 3-D furniture, and photo-realistic imaging to give you an extremely authentic and cost-effective virtual staging image that is perfect to wow your clients! We also offer two kinds of virtual staging services apart from home virtual staging, namely:

Commercial Virtual Staging

Commercial virtual staging is nothing but virtually staging 3-D furniture in an image of an empty commercial space using computer programs. This helps buyers visualize the potential of the commercial, industrial, or office space and how they can transform it after purchase. Styldod gives you a competitive edge, as not only is commercial virtual staging more cost-effective, but you also have different design templates and furniture options to choose from, which will help you appeal to a larger audience and expedite sales.

Matterport Virtual Staging

A Matterport virtual tour is simply a 3-D virtual tour of a property, which is from the POV of the buyer, where the buyer gets to explore the various features and nooks of the property virtually, almost like they are walking through it. At Styldod, we help you elevate your virtual 3-D tours by adding attractive virtual furniture and tasteful decor to transform the bland listing tour into an interactive experience that fully communicates the potential of the space to the buyer.

Explore Styldod's Virtual Staging: Transform empty listings into dream homes with 3-D furniture and photo-realistic imaging. Wow your clients effortlessly!

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2. 3D Visualization

3D Rendering

3D rendering is the process of creating 3D models into 3D representations. These renderings are created using our sophisticated computer software which simulates real-world textures, lighting, and physics. Additionally, these 3-D renderings will give buyers an idea about how their new construction or renovation will turn out even before they have even started making any major changes! This rendering is a visualization of the ideas that the buyer or client may have and brings them to life in a photo-realistic manner.

Virtual Renovation

Virtual renovation with Styldod takes you one step further towards showcasing the ideal home, as it will allow you to make structural and architectural changes to the listing image, and completely re-imagine and renovate it! This is not just adding furniture, but this is transforming the solid elements in the image like the ceilings, floor, drywall, structural focal points, etc. This will help you prepare a listing for different generations of potential buyers with different tastes and design style preferences.

Virtual Tour

We at Styldod also offer immersive simulated 3-D virtual tours of listings which will help your potential buyers completely experience the effect and admire the various features of the home, and allow you as a real estate agent to save time and money you would have spent on an actual walk-around, and hence, help you sell properties faster and more effectively.

3. Photo Editing

Image Enhancement

Styldod's AI Image Enhancement online tool can help you improve your image quality by adjusting digital images within seconds! You can sharpen details, reduce noise, adjust color contrast, saturation, and brightness, and ensure that you have the highest resolution and highest quality listing images before you upload them on social media or your website.

Day to Dusk

We can help transform your daytime listing images into magical dusk images. We can transform your exterior brightness and interior lighting, to make it seem soothing but professionally shot. Additionally, we offer High Dynamic Range image editing services as well, which gives depth to an image making it more realistic, and portrays the image as you would see through your own eyes rather than through the camera lens.

Object Removal

You can now get rid of unwanted objects and distracting items from your real estate listing images before virtually staging them without compromising picture quality! How, you may ask? It is easily and seamlessly possible with Styldod’s Object Removal AI, which will give you natural and HD results, which are downloadable in many compatible formats.

Occupied to Vacant room

Just like we can help you add virtual furniture to a listing room, we can also help you remove real-life furniture from the images! To make the space more ideal for a sale, removing personal effects, furniture, and paraphernalia is the first step to staging a listing, whether it is virtual or not! We can help you make a listing look vacant so that you stage it virtually to make it the ideal fit for potential clients, rather than look like some second-hand home that belongs to someone else.

Transform your images with Styldod's AI tool! Enhance photo quality, remove objects, and switch day to dusk easily.

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4. Video Editing

Property Video Editing

We help you stitch together various listing images and clippings and create a high-end and sophisticated real estate video that will strategically showcase the home you are selling and help you attract more clients by creating a virtual walkthrough, and will have important details like the features, listing price, agent address, and area in square feet.

Drone Video Editing

We can also help you stitch together and edit raw drone footage to create a real estate movie that rivals ones on the big screens, as it will help you show an aerial and dynamic view and perspective of your listing.

5. Listing Descriptions

Property Description Generator

Our AI-based listing description generator helps you capture the interest of your potential clients with powerful headlines, logically ordered selling features, and adherence to guidelines, all in a perfectly succinct and effective length of 250 words! This will be the compelling force that sways your client’s decision in your favor when selling and staging a property.

Content Rewriter

Our AI content rewriter will help you generate effective and impactful content that is fresh, engaging, and structured, and will be the tipping point between a no and a yes for a sale.


Apart from the various features to enhance your listing and your brand, we also boast several additional marketing materials and tools that you can harness to elevate your brand and your self-marketing, along with helping you create a thorough dossier to display the listing in the most attractive way possible. Some of these tools and materials are listed below.

Floor Plan

A house floor plan is a custom representation of how the house or property is organized, providing valuable insights into space, functionality, and convenience. We at Styldod offer services for rendering 2-D basic, color, and color furniture floor plans, along with 3-D ones of the same categories. We also offer renderings of site plans, to give an overall picture of the property and the adjacent surroundings.

Personal Branding Video

We at Styldod will also help you create a personal branding video to showcase the face behind the brand, create trust and reliability as an agent among your clients, and introduce yourself and your various listings to prospective buyers.


Our range of attractive free templates and designs will help you create a dynamic and eye-catching flyer for your listing and showcase your brand in a hassle-free manner.

Agent Bio Writer

Our smart AI agent bio writer tool will help you craft your story into a compelling narrative, which will be structured and creative, to fully communicate your bio and your skills to clients.

Email Generator

Our AI-based email generator tool is the perfect assistant for generating effective marketing emails with result-oriented keywords, goal-oriented information, eye-catching headlines, and compelling subject lines, which will surely help boost your marketing to another level!

Social Media Caption Generator

Our social media caption generator will give you trending, succinct, and effective captions with relevant hashtags that are attractive help generate virtual traffic to your website or social media page, and ensure you can reach your target audience. An example of a Twitter caption for a new real estate agent looking for clients is given below, generated using Styldod’s AI caption generator tool.

“New to the game but ready to make your real estate dreams come true! Let's work together to find your dream home 🏡 #realestate #newagent #clientswanted #dreamhome #househunting #realtor #homebuying #homeselling”

Styldod is not just the #1 real estate virtual staging service in the USA, but so much more. We offer you a composite set of services, tools, and materials that will help you make that sale, no matter what the challenges! Our range of services can help you transform any listing into the home of your buyer's dream, all with our smart AI-based tools and various computer software, all at the most cost effective and affordable prices! So, tap into Styldod’s various features and enhance your brand and your listings, to maximize the potential of your brand and every home you sell.

Shital Gohil

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Styldod

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