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Habits of Highly Successful Real Estate Agents That Lead to Success

Having good habits can take your real estate career to new heights, while bad habits can hold you back. This post highlights eight habits that many successful real estate agents have incorporated into their daily routines. These habits, some old and some new, can help you excel in the competitive world of real estate.

It's worth making the effort to adopt these habits as they can become a natural part of your life as an agent. Remember, once established, good habits are hard to break, so make sure to make them a part of your routine and you'll never want to let them go.

How to be the Best Real Estate Agent

1. Maximize Your Marketing For Every Listing

When the real estate market is booming, it can be easy to overlook the importance of marketing your listings. However, cutting corners on your marketing efforts is a bad habit to get into. Our research showed that during a hot market, many agents chose not to include a floor plan or virtual tour with their listings, even though they are highly desirable features for buyers.

Highly successful agents never let up on their marketing efforts, regardless of market conditions. They understand that exceptional marketing is crucial for attracting interest and creating bidding wars, even during bullish times. They maintain a standard of excellence in all they do and understand that marketing a property is also marketing themselves. They know that the way they present their listings is a reflection of their personal brand.

Therefore, it's important to never cut corners on your marketing efforts. Get in the habit of always striving for excellence, as it will lead to excellent returns in the long run.

2. Know Your Neighborhoods In and Out

Being knowledgeable about a certain street, neighborhood, or area is crucial in the real estate business. When someone asks you a question about a specific location, it's important to be able to provide information on the current listings, recent sales, and the overall market status of the area. It's also important to be able to quickly suggest properties in that area without having to look them up.

Being an expert on your specific market is a major aspect of being a successful real estate agent. Knowing the market inside and out sets you apart from others who may only have basic knowledge about the area.

3. Keep Up With Local Market and Industry Trends

Are you a real estate agent looking to stay ahead of the game? Keeping up with the local market and industry trends is vital to your success. Luckily, technology is here to help! Imagine being able to showcase properties in their best light, without breaking the bank on traditional staging or renovation. Virtual staging, virtual renovation, and 3D rendering allow agents to do just that.

Plus, with AI-powered image enhancement tools like Styldod's free tool, you can easily improve the quality of your listing pictures and share them on various platforms to attract more buyers. Don't get left behind, harness the power of technology to boost your real estate career today.

4. Never Stop Networking

Networking is an essential practice for real estate agents, and it can be divided into two types: professional and public. Professional networking involves building relationships with local professionals whose work relates to the sale of property, such as lawyers, building inspectors, and other service providers. These referral networks can be valuable in both hot and cool markets as they can provide a steady stream of clients.

Public networking, on the other hand, involves building relationships with people in your daily life who are not associated with the real estate sales cycle. This could include anyone you meet in life, and it is less formal than professional networking. It involves listening to people's needs and finding ways to genuinely help them, whether it's showing a friend's sister around town or helping a friend sell their house.

To be successful in public networking, it is important to make listening and helping your priorities, rather than pushing your business card on people. Being too pushy can damage your reputation and make it harder to network in the future.

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5. Fully Utilize Social Media

Having an active and engaging online presence through social media platforms is a crucial part of building and maintaining your personal brand. It's important to show your clients and prospects a glimpse of your personal life and interests, as this will help them connect with you on a personal level.

It's also important to remember that how you communicate and interact with others online reflects on your brand, so make sure to always respond professionally and in a timely manner. In the field of real estate, it can be difficult to separate your personal and professional life, so use your social media accounts to your advantage and make sure they align with your brand.

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6. Ask Past Clients for Reviews and Testimonials

If potential clients can see that your past clients have had positive experiences working with you, they will be more likely to have confidence in your ability to guide them through their own transactions.

One effective way to establish social proof is to ask your past clients for reviews. These can be in the form of written testimonials, video testimonials, or even online reviews on platforms such as Yelp or Google. By sharing these positive reviews with potential clients, you can demonstrate that you have a track record of successfully helping people navigate the real estate market. This can be particularly powerful when it comes to overcoming objections or addressing concerns that potential clients may have about working with a real estate agent.

7. Set A Goal-Based Schedule And Stick To It

Being a real estate agent can be a great career choice but it also comes with its own set of challenges. One of the major pitfalls is the freedom to be your own boss, which can be both a blessing and a curse. Many new agents fall into the trap of focusing too much on the freedom and not enough on the responsibilities that come with being self-employed. To be successful, it's crucial to develop a schedule and stick to it with discipline, planning, creativity, and the ability to self-motivate.

For new agents, it's important to set work-based goals, rather than just sales targets. This could include things like

  • Calling a certain number of expired listings
  • Door-knocking a certain number of houses
  • Sending a certain number of prospecting emails
  • Reading new articles on virtual property marketing
  • Posting on social media.

These goals should be challenging enough to push you but not so difficult that they are impossible to achieve. The key is to form good habits that will help you achieve results in the long run.

8. Invest in Housewarming Gifts For Your Clients

One way to differentiate yourself as a real estate agent and stand out to potential clients is to invest in housewarming gifts for your clients. This can be a small, thoughtful gesture that helps to build a positive relationship with your clients and show that you care about their experience.

Some ideas for housewarming gifts could include a plant, a gift card to a local home decor store, or a personalized piece of art. Additionally, you may want to consider offering a concierge service to help your clients settle into their new home, such as arranging for cleaning services or connecting them with trusted contractors.

Final Thoughts

Real estate agents who are highly successful have habits that lead to greater success. They understand their local market and stay up-to-date with industry trends, they invest in marketing and technology, they use effective communication skills, and they prioritize building relationships with clients. Ultimately, these habits can help real estate agents achieve greater success and reach their goals. Take the time to focus on cultivating these habits and you will be on the path to success.

Rahul Agrawal

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Styldod

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