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Art Director-turned real estate broker Malcolm Louis Adam's keen eye for design, creative thinking, problem solving, and strong business acumen has helped him make a mark on the real estate industry. We recently caught up with him for a chat on his learnings and advice for new agents. Malcolm’s advice to new and existing agents is to connect with your clients on a personal level. "When you connect with the target audience deeply, you are much more likely to understand their requirements, resolve their problems, and create a sense of mutual understanding," he says. In this video, find Malcolm's client retention strategies and advice for real estate agents.

Real estate client retention strategy by a pro

“I can relate to people unrelated to real estate; I try to create a genuine bond with a person,” says Malcolm speaking about how he keeps client relations alive. To maintain a loyal clientele, Malcolm makes sure he sticks to a robust client retention strategy.  In this video, he talks about the tactics that have worked for him, how he relies on the power of interpersonal connection and why the old school way of calling still works.

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Keen to learn more? Check out this blog feature that summarizes the highlights of Malcolm's interview here. Watch his full interview here.

Styldod is a design-tech company that aims to simplify real estate marketing and help agents present homes in their most favorable light online by reimagining and automating the listing photography process. Having begun as a virtual staging company, today, Styldod has affordable and best-in-class products and services for every facet of real estate marketing and photography. Styldod’s suite of services include virtual staging, image enhancements, floor plans, virtual renovation, 3D renders, 360 degree virtual tours, and Matterport virtual staging, to name a few. We're trusted by over 10,000 realtors from all over the US and from companies like ReMax, Coldwell Banker, Keller Williams. Know more about us at https://www.styldod.com.

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